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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 145


Chapter 145

Chapter 145 ’’The Good-Oh Step Brother’’

Indeed, of all the nobilities who attended the Grand Martial Hall, this boy does have the assets to stand out among the rest. Fair skin with handsome features, every part of his outer appearance was pleasing to the eye.

Aside him, there's also another who came along who didn't pale in comparison.

Dressed in an ink black robe with wavy patterns, the second man may appear easy going on the outside, but those eyes were bottomless when screening the crowd.

Towards their arrival, the audience became restless with only Ling Yue being the exception. Forming a grin, she tightly grips her hand into a fist where a small layer of sweat was coming off. Not due to nervousness though, but because the anticipation boiling up inside her heart could no longer be contained.

The people of the House House is finally here...

For a while there she was honestly worried about figuring out their whereabouts inside the school, but it seems her worry has been for nothing.

Through the investigation of her Ghost Sect she founded, most of the information regarding the members of the Hong House had been handed to her. The only exception being the old Marquise that's always in secluded training.

Of those who still attended the Grand Martial Hall from that hateful family, there's only the eldest son and daughter of Hong Fang - the bastard child of the old marquise. As for the youngest daughter Hong Ming Yue, that girl has been drafted by a martial sect due to her exceptional talent and remains perennially away from home.

Based on the accuser's face who had similarities with Ling Yue herself, this boy must be Hong Yu Long, the younger step brother of hers.

Unlike Yu Zhao who's only a lackey in this place, Hong Yu Long was more commonly known as one of the ’’four gentlemen’’ in the school due to his background. As nice as that naming scheme may sound, the eyes coming off of the boy didn't resemble anything like a gentleman. There's so much contempt and disdain there, anyone not mentally challenged could see it.

In reality, this Hong Yu Long had long been in the school when the whole argument started and knew Yu Zhao was setting Liu Cheng up with the coin purse. Not like it matters to him though. Stuff like framing the kids without noble lineage was a common occurrence here. In his view, this form of harassment was just deserved until his own people gets bitten back.

’’Sir Qing, big brother Hong, you must get justice for younger brother here.’’ Despite being the same age as Ling Yue, Yu Zhao ends up calling a boy younger than himself ’’big brother’’. The favor currying attitude was self-evident.

In truth, if they went back and looked at their status, Hong Yu Long wouldn't be any higher than Yu Zhao in status, let alone be called a ’’big brother'. As the son of a bastard, this Hong Yu Long had no right to inherit anything from the Hong House if things went unchanged.

Just that, thanks to Hong Fang's achievement, being the tutor of the crown prince and favored by his father and the king, plus his youngest daughter's been scripted by a powerful sect, Hong Fang's status have gradually exceeded the main son of the Hong House in recent years.

’’Don't panic Yu Zhao, as long as I'm here then I will have your back,’’ he shoots a glare over to Ling Yue. ’’You just said only the sheriff and the garrison can search his body? Well that only applies to those outside the Grand Martial Hall. Here, we have our own rules. Even if you bring the matter up with the Court of Justice, the results will be the same.’’

’’Brother Hong is right, we have our own rules here. The strong rules the weak. I am a lower celestial martialist, far superior to this Liu Cheng. If I want to search his body then it's justified.’’ Hearing the argument swinging his way, Yu Zhao's face brightened up immediately.

Whether or not they find evidence of the crime matters not at this point, the humiliation will be done and this Liu Cheng wouldn't have the face to return again afterwards.

’’I didn't steal it. You people are too much by slandering me!’’ Even for an honest person like himself, Liu Cheng simply couldn't take it anymore. Out of anger, he cleanly strips his outer wear off for all to see.

This left Yu Zhao dumbfounded because the expected coin purse was nowhere to be found.

’’Brother Yu, no need to be impatient, don't you see there's another one here? Maybe they are in cahoots and hid it on her body instead.’’ Those feminine eyes of his swept over to Ling Yue, sending the audience into an outcry.

It's one thing to search Liu Cheng for he's a big man, but to search Ling Yue was another matter. She's a lady and the second miss of General Lan. The implication will be huge if not properly taken care of.

Snickering deviously, several of the students gathered up and began circling around Ling Yue.

As a man, there's no way these boys would say no when there's a fine beauty in front of them to molest.

’’You people are going too far. She's a woman, how can you people search her body. Sir Qing, please help us and say something.’’ By now Feng Xue was about to lose it from her own anger. Never in her life did she witness something so shameless.

The man she calls Sir Qing was the companion that came with Hong Yu Long.

From the beginning till now, this individual had never once said a word;instead, his slender eyes only had playfulness in them when watching the scene.

Sir Qing was the son of Marquise Qing, a title that originated from one of the founding officials of the kingdom. Whether it be the king himself or the four leading Marquises leading the noble faction, they all have to show some face to this clan due to their vast influences and control over the waterways.

Though Feng Xue had pleaded for help out in the open, but she herself didn't hold much hope because she knew this Qing clan had always kept themselves impartial to all political strife. In terms of a neutrality, they were one of the few rare ones that took a stand.

Just as Sir Qing was about to refuse the request, he suddenly noticed Ling Yue's expression.

This woman, is she laughing?

That smile was but momentary, but the small time frame in which it existed was enough to dazzle anyone who manages to catch sight of it.

’’So its Sir Qing is it? I'm assuming your status is the highest here.’’ Ling Yue's pair of deep dark eyes were powerful like an unspeakable force that strong-armed a nod from the young man.

’’Then I'll have to trouble you to be the judge overseeing this. As someone over there said, the Grand Martial Hall has its own rules. If you want to search my body then come if you got the skill!’’ Her voice so cold that the air around her felt like its freezing up.


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