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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 144


Chapter 144

Chapter 144 ’’The Finest of the Privilege Class’’

The person making trouble here goes by the name of Yu Zhao, a boy around sixteen years of age. Dressed well with a nice face, he's the young son of the Minister of Rite in the kingdom. By relying on his father's position in court who controls the allocation of all fourth rank or lower officials, Yu Zhao's action thus far in the school had been ’’arrogant’’ to say the least.

Take Feng Xue here for example. Finding the girl with some beauty to her face, Yu Zhao had attempted to molest the poor girl with his words only to be caught by Feng Xue's childhood sweetheart Liu Cheng.

The scholarly boy may not have much talent when it came to martial art and the kind, but Liu Cheng did have a sharp tongue. Sending the arrogant Yu Zhao packing with his humiliating words, that's how this feud between both groups began.

At first things didn't get so intense due to the different demographic of their social group, but this all changed once Liu Cheng enrolled in the Grand Martial Hall a few months back. About every other day, Yu Zhao would show up and make trouble for the scholarly boy whenever possible.

’’That Liu Cheng isn't even a lower celestial martialist, what right does he have to win the favors of a woman,’’ he murmurs this inside his head. A sense of jealously surged inside Yu Zhao after noticing the two beauties circling around the boy.

’’Feng Xue, you and that newcomer better not get in my way. I just lost my coin purse and I suspect it's Liu Cheng who stole it because he's been sneakily tailing me when I was on my way to school. I'm sure I don't need to say why when we all know how poor his home is.’’ A revealing frost shoots out from Yu Zhao's gaze when he looked at Liu Cheng.

’’You are speaking nonsense, I... I didn't steal your coin purse.’’ Hearing another was slandering himself, Liu Cheng went so mad that even his face had gone red. Wanting to go reason with the boy over the unreasonable claim, Liu Cheng ends up being manhandled by Yu Zhao instead.

Using his better strength and higher stature, Yu Zhao grabbed his target by the collar and lifts the boy up like an eagle grabbing a chicken. Sending several slaps and kicks along the way, he subdues the boy in preparation for the body search.

This didn't go unnoticed by Feng Xue of course. But when she wanted to step forward and help, several of the friends that came with Yu Zhao stepped in to barricade the girl.

Things were going perfectly smooth for the troublemaker up to this point when the unexpected happened. Just as his filthy hands were about to make contact, the new girl that had just arrived today suddenly bypassed everyone and forcibly stopped Yu Zhao's hand in its track. Her gesture was but a brush of the skin, but that's enough to cause an unnatural numbness on the wrist.

’’Hold on, who are you, and on what right do you have to search him?’’ the clever looking new girl asks.

Finding a newcomer would purposely intervene on Yu Zhao's good deed, the rest of the people present were taken aback by the bluntness.

’’And who are you to meddle in my business. Don't think for one second that I won't hit you just because you are a woman.’’ Due to his inability to recognize the girl and what sort of backing she had, his tone remained moderate during the threat.

’’Whoever am I is none of your concern. What, do you think you are the sheriff, or do you take yourself as the city garrison?’’ According to the laws of Da Xia, only the city sheriff or city garrison are permitted to lawfully search another person. Therefore, Ling Yue's question immediately left the troublemaker stumped in his words.

’’My father is the Minister of Rite. Since when does my business have to do with you, now f*k off!’’ At that, he attempts to push the girl away.

’’Yu Zhao, don't you dare get physical with her, she's the second lady of the Lan House! Are you not afraid of Lan Caier coming to make trouble for you afterwards?’’ In her moment of urgency, Feng Xue blurts this out and sidestepped in front of Ling Yue in a protective manner.

’’The Lan House? And here I was wondering where the rabid dog came from, so it's the second miss the Lan House dragged out from the gutter. No wonder you are so impudent. A low born is a low born, always rough and unruly in their demeanor. Let me warn you, your sister is already kicked out of the school, do you want to follow in her footsteps on the first day?’’ Yu Zhao and his friends are all privileged individuals from various families, therefore it's not difficult for them to catch wind of the many gossiping secrets in the higher circle.

Long before today's encounter, there's been a rumor going around that the second miss was in fact an illegitimate child the general conceived with another woman outside of his wife during a drunken night. Then through fate or by sheer luck, the general somehow recognized the girl during his exile and had her entered into the family lineage book.

An illegitimate child, plus her father only just transferred back from exile, there's no way these lords and ladies would recognize her status.

But who's Ling Yue again? Someone that would never take an insult lying down. Next second without announcement, a foot was already against Yu Zhao's chest, sending the boy back in utter pain.

’’Bitch, you dare hit me!?’’ he never expected the one to attack without premonition would the be weak looking new girl.

’’And why wouldn't I dare? You got some nerve. Based on what can you insult my father. He's the invincible general of Da Xia, personally titled by the king himself. And you? You are but a young lord of a noble house. One, you are without title. Two, you hold no post in the kingdom. If you continue to sully my father's name then see if I won't go report you to the Court of Justice!’’ Her confident voice echoes across the training field, sending those who held her in contempt back into silence. Even Yu Zhao didn't dare to retaliate at this point.

They thought a low born illegitimate girl would cower in humbleness when shoved, but clearly they had misjudged the girl. She's clearly a carbon copy of her elder sister Lan Caier, an unreasonable and brutish girl!

’’You!’’ Wanting to attack and couldn't, Yu Zhao redirects his focus back on the scholarly boy, ’’No matter what, I did lose my coin purse earlier. The matter can't be pushed aside like this.’’

’’You keep claiming Liu Cheng stole your coin purse but have no evidence. If he didn't steal it, then what?’’ Sneering, her words strong and intense.

’’True or not, we will know once he's searched.’’ While Yu Zhao was stuck in his indecision, a voice cuts in from elsewhere.

The new entry was a fair looking teenage boy with a captivating presence that drew the crowd's focus onto him the moment he arrived. When glossing over Ling Yue and the rest with those pure dark eyes, a flicker of disdain clearly took hold in those pupils as if the very sight of them would sully him.

’’Oh no, it's Hong Yu Long.’’ Seeing the arrival of the fair looking boy, Feng Xue's anxiousness rose to its peak.

’’Hong Yu Long?’’ The name of the man caused Ling Yue's attitude to turn glum.


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