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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 142


Chapter 142

Chapter 142 ’’A Crow or a Phoenix?’’

The wife that's within my grasp... she's flying awayyy~ In his small little head, only this pitiful idea kept reverberating inside without dissipating.

The one in question was no different from a chickling in size. Black all over, even its claws and beak were black! That's right, this creature that's black from head to toe was the offspring of the phoenixes they encountered in the marsh.

Twitching in a corner of her mouth, Ling Yue and her friend Big Yellow had to spend a good minute idling there in order to believe their eyes.

Can someone please come tell me whether or not this is a phoenix or a crow? Or did those two phoenixes mixed their egg with someone else's?

In her memory, Ling Yue had heard of certain bird species who likes to secretly replace other's eggs with their own in order to save the trouble of egg sitting. But something like that can't possibly happen to a phoenix, right?

Anyways, she herself have never once heard of, or seen, a phoenix with feathers as black as the ink she uses in calligraphy.

To make things worse, this phoenix didn't have a clue on how to fly after coming out of its shell. Like a chickling, it only knows how to run around on the ground like a child. Once tired, it would go around to the rainbow creek to sip some water. Its behavior gave off the impression that it's very familiar and comfortable to be in their presence.

First going over to sniff at little phoenix, then back to Little Squeak whose still in a coma, even Big Yellow felt a deep sympathy for his boss who was still twitching on the ground.

’’Squeak~’’ After half an hour later, the poor little guy finally comes out of his shocked state.

But when he opened his blue murky eyes, the first image to come into his view turns out to be the one thing he didn't want to see the most: little phoenix. Feeling the indignation overwhelming his soul, Little Squeak dashed into Ling Yue's embrace and cried a waterfall.

From his intermittent sobbing cries, Ling Yue approximately understood his meaning.

What beautiful and se*y phoenix wife, its all gone, all goneee~ WAHH!

I don't want to marry this charcoal phoenix. Wait a minute, that's not right! Not a phoenix, a little crow!

Just like that, the naming for this little black phoenix became known as ’’Little Crow’’.

’’Little Squeak, don't cry okay? I've checked Little Crow already, she's indeed a phoenix. Maybe it's due to some reason that she went through a mutation. As the saying goes, don't judge a book by its cover. Perhaps Little Crow has a lot of skills that we don't know about.’’ Using her persuasive words, Ling Yue pushes Little Squeak over to check Little Crow out for hidden talents.

As the descendant of Ice Phoenix and Fire Phoenix, there's bound to be some hidden talent tucked underneath that appearance, right?

’’Squeak?’’ Hearing there's hope still, Little Squeak found his spirit being uplifted from the abyss. Then looking over to the one responsible for his misery, Little Squeak was perplexed to find Little Crow eyeing him in return after filling her belly with water. Those black dotty eyes radiated curiosity.

Regardless of their differences, Little Crow was after all hatched by Little Squeak;therefore, a natural bond between the two cannot be avoided.

Going forward, Little Squeak calls out curiously at Little Crow, his meaning to show me some stunts.

Born ugly isn't an issue, being strong will do too.

Apparently Little Crow didn't understand his meaning based on that oblivious face.

’’Squeak?’’ This time Little Squeak asked her to sing, hoping the voice would be a heavenly one.

Sadly, Little Crow didn't get it either. Stretching out her head, she intimately rubs against Little Squeak's fur.

’’Squeak!’’ He jumps away instantly, fully unhappy about the interaction.

Can't even sing! What, is she a mute?!

Finding how disliked she was, Little Crow started to grieve. With tears swelling up in the eyes, she shrank into a ball and started to sob on the spot.

’’That's enough Little Squeak, Little Crow is still small so let's wait for a while before we try again.’’ Unable to keep watching this, Ling Yue went over to comfort the chickling.

Personally, Little Squeak didn't want to give up so quickly, but since his mistress was speaking up in person, he can only leave it be. It's not like he's lacking time.

Now that the egg has hatched, much thanks to Little Squeak's effort, Ling Yue's promise to the phoenixes have technically been partially completed.

After dealing with the matter inside her dimensional space, the day was already well into the evening with the sun setting over in the horizon.

’’Ling Yue, great news, I've finally found a suitable restaurant to take over! In another few days I will be hiring workers and organizing the renovation. Oh yes, I heard from mother that you will be reporting to the Grand Martial Hall tomorrow, am I right?’’ Due to the matter with the restaurant, the girl had barely gotten any sleep and was ecstatic when she barged in on Ling Yue just now after getting wind of the news.

’’Have some water first before speaking. And before we talk about me, I have a gift for you.’’ Beaming a smile, Ling Yue brings out one of the pills she received from Longyu.

’’Yellow Patterned Cosmetic Dan Pill! Where did you ever get your hands on something so nice?’’ Among the many benefits of being an alchemist, the one thing that Lan Caier envied the most had to be the fact that they can make their own cosmetic products. For any woman of age, it's unavoidable that they would need health care products to retain their youth and beauty. Fortunately for the girls here, they are still young.

’’I snatched it from Master Longyu specifically for you and mother's use.’’ Towards the kindness given to her by the entire Lan family, Ling Yue had a lot of gratitude inside that she wishes to express.

Master Longyu, cosmetic pills?

In the capital city of Da Xia, there aren't a single womanly soul in this city that aren't aware of Longyu's big name and his amazing cosmetic products. Therefore, it came as a great shock when Lan Caier learned of Nangon Qinglin's bullying through her sister's mouth. Slapping the table, she became outraged.

’’Nangong Qinglin... Ling Yue, I won't let this slide so easily. To hit my sister, humph! If it becomes known that others are free to hit my sister then those girls will start gloating over their heads.’’ Her words definitely startled Ling Yue because it sounded like the big girl had prior grudges between them.

Digging deeper, it turns out one of the adversaries Lan Caier had was the girl in question. A while ago, back before the Lan family moved to Glass City, she had openly taught some of the kids from the noble faction a lesson. Seizing that opportunity, Nangon Qinglin's father, General Goldsword and a bunch of his goons in court, jointly accused Lan Ying Wu of poor discipline at home.

Afraid his daughter might arouse more trouble in the Grand Martial Hall, Lan Ying Wu can only pull his daughter out of school, thus leaving a black mark on Caier's history sheet.

’’No need to rush sister, the truth is they didn't gain any benefit over me. In fact, it was I who had the upper hand by killing her pet. Even her flying artifact ended up in my hands. Here, look at this.’’ Once Ling Yue brought out the gold sword she picked up at Longyu's place, most of the temper deflated from the big girl's face.

’’Then that's good, but that's not what I'm here for tonight. Now that you are the second miss of the Lan family, its unavoidable that those brats siding with Nangon Qinglin will pick on you upon entry. Do be careful when you go to the Grand Martial Hall tomorrow,’’ she sounds worried for her sister.

’’Big sister, you worry too much. If anyone dare pick on me then I'll have them walking in and crawling back out.’’ Ling Yue's ruthless tone left no room for doubt that she will do just that.


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