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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 14


Chapter 14 ’’Dimensional space upgrade’’

There's no questioning a very deep bond has been established during this period of interaction between Ling Yue and the cute little fox. Every day the baby fox would wait for the meat, this has become a daily habit and a strong sign of fondness.

But following Ling Yue's disappearance for past three days, the poor little guy has been suffering in starvation due to the lack of food.

No roast meat, no favorite girl to feed him, the baby fox has been anxiously making circles around the place.

Then finally locating Ling Yue after much hardship, the baby fox dashed up to her without a second delay, a layer of wateriness filled its eyes as if it had just been abandoned.

’’Little fella, I'm sorry to have forgotten you. Here, I'll get the fire going so it won't be long until the meat is ready.’’ Ling Yue flushed a little out of embarrassment. Taking out her flint, she began to work through the fire.

Following the savory scent of meat roasting over the bonfire, it didn't take long for her to get everything done, and very soon, the baby fox was digging into his meal. With a pudgy belly and a satisfied face, the little guy burped and stayed where he was without returning into the white mist like how he usually does.

’’Squeak.’’ The cute baby fox came up to Ling Yue's body and began sniffing her. Suddenly, it stretched out its tongue and began licking her knee.

Back in the ridge, Ling Yue's run in with the metal armed ape was perilous and life threatening. As a result, it's only to be expected that her knee would be scraped here and there. Without liniment and the like, Ling Yue couldn't do much anyways, plus it didn't bother her. However, this wasn't the case for the baby fox.

After having her wound licked by the baby fox, Ling Yue found that the area became a little numb. Could it be the little guy was worried about her injury?

Feeling really warm and sweet inside, Ling Yue can finally say everything thus far was worth it.

’’Little fella, I must go now.’’ Ling Yue pats the baby fox on the head.

As if able to understand Ling Yue's sentence, every strand of hair on the baby fox's body puffed up.

’’Squeak-squeak-squeak-squeak.’’ In a panic, the baby fox bit down at her skirt from an angle and shrunk into a little ball, afraid she might disappear for many days again.

After spending nearly a month with Ling Yue, the baby fox has grown quite attached to her.

’’What's the matter with you?’’ Seeing the baby fox's appearance, Ling Yue became confused.

With watery eyes and a bit of hesitation, the baby fox finally made its decision.

Suddenly opening its mouth, it took a bite down at Ling Yue's knee and drops of blood began oozing out of the corner of the fox's mouth.

Following the union of Ling Yue's blood and the fox's blood, two hexagonal stars appeared out of nothingness and began fusing together to form an ancient contract array.

Forgetting the pain, Ling Yue's sight was focused solely on the mysterious blood array, her mind coming up to one conclusion.

Can it be, this is the so called spirit contract that mother mentioned?

Splitting into two parts, the first half of the blood contract shot into Ling Yue's body and the other into the baby fox's.

In coherent to this bond, the dimensional space Red Mist Sky also went through some major changes. What used to be but a plot of land surrounded by clouds of mist suddenly expanded, and now, a whole acre became visible to the naked eye.

In addition to the field becoming larger and the Yuan energy in the air growing thicker, there also appeared two neighboring straw houses, one south and one north.

Did this place just get an upgrade?

She's fully aware, if not for the spirit contract that just occurred, this Red Mist Sky wouldn't have undergone so much change.

’’Squeak-squeak.’’ After forming the contract, the baby fox became exhilarated and began jumping back and forth. Though Ling Yue can tell the little fella was trying to convey something, she simply couldn't understand it.

It's true the cute little fox was a spirit beast, but it was too small to manage human tongue. Fortunately Ling Yue spirit contracted it, thus allowing the two to do simple soul communication.

’’Little squeak, are you telling me to have a look inside the straw houses?’’ Walking towards the two buildings, Ling Yue can only presume the structures were somehow related to the original owner of this place.

Based on the outer appearance, she can tell they haven't been tended to for many years.

Entering the one on the left, the inside only had a simple bed, basic necessities and some books.

Well, most of the contents inside were books with one codex named Red Mist Codex, written by someone named Red Mist, the Immortal Alchemist.

After reading the codex, Ling Yue suddenly came to a realization.

This so called Red Mist Immortal Alchemist wasn't only the original master of this place, he was also the owner of the black cauldron currently inside Ling Yue's hand.

In order to live in seclusion with his lover, the Venerable Poison Hand Jade, Red Mist Immortal Alchemist used his treasured black cauldron to create this outer world dimension.

They were both famed individuals on the mainland back then. One was known for his kindness to save others, while the other was famed for being cruel and a notorious murderer.

Yet it was exactly these two polarizing individuals that became life and death lovers. After they became determined to live in seclusion, their time of peace had been short-lived. Because of their different opinions, a quarrel broke out and changed this pair of lover into a pair of resentment.

Out of anger, Venerable Poison Hand Jade even left this dimensional space, and of course, it didn't take long for Mr. Red Mist to feel remorseful. In a hurry to chase back his lover, he also left this place and from then on, both of them never returned.

As for ’’Little Squeak’’ here, this fox was a spirit beast adopted by Poison Hand Jade back then. After the two left, Little Squeak has been sealed in here for a thousand years that was until Ling Yue accidentally unsealed the cauldron and trespassed into this place.


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