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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 138


Chapter 138

Chapter 138 ’’Accidental Trespassing’’

There wasn't much time to get a closer look at the thing prior to being shuttled off into the air, but it was enough to let Ling Yue get an approximate image of the sword.

Standing at no bigger than a finger in length with the name ’’Black Gold Sword’’ etched along the handle, this tiny thing was in fact a black class weapon, one level higher than a yellow. If one underestimated this sword due to its appearance, they will most certainly pay dearly with their life when it runs through their flesh.

As the daughter of the famed General Goldsword of Da Xia, Nangong Qinglin was bound to have some sort of trump card in hand as a life saving measure. As it so happens, this tiny gold sword was it. Gifted by her father and infused with the energy of a Dan realm martialist, it will slice down its foe as if the general himself were present.

Normally this would only be used as a last resort when her life's in danger, but Nangong Qinglin was determined to get payback here and now. Besides, in her mind she's certain a newcomer from some countryside can't possibly have any chance of survival.

Seeing their friend going as far as to bring out the family heirloom with the intent to kill, the girls that came with her were all starting to get the cold feet. ’’Qinglin, why don't we stop here. If you keep going then she might really die.’’ One of the girls in the back tries to persuade her friend.

It's one thing if they played around just now because the most that could happen was some injury. That can easily be covered with some compensation from their family. However, if someone dies due to their actions and the alchemist association learns of this, even their family will be implicated.

’’What are you all afraid of, she's nothing but a village girl. With a few coins everything will be settled. My house can afford such a small sum, humph.’’ Turning cold in her voice, Nangong Qinglin gives the command and sends the sword out in a bee shot. In its wake, a trail of golden light gives proof to its trajectory.

With her back against the open sky as she climbed the rock slabs, only a distressed instinctive alarm brought Ling Yue to the sword's presence. Well, the whistling sound of something slicing through the wind helped too.

Swinging her head around, she immediately saw the hurl of golden light coming up fast.

Turning sharp in the eyes, Ling Yue wasn't out to play games anymore either after deducing the attack will be lethal. That's what she gets for being patient with someone.

Just as she's about to whisk her sleeve to throw the demonic ghost miasma out as a counter, a strange sound caught her attention from an earshot away. Looking up, her nose tensely jerked at the sight.

Only a few inches away in front, literally smacked dabbed in her face, a triangular head had popped out.

At first glance Ling Yue mistook the thing for that of simple python, but upon closer inspection, she realizes it wasn't that simple. Standing at five meters long with a barb like horn protruding out its forehead, the creature had brownish-yellow scales covering its body from head to toe. A sword will have a tough time finding an opening to penetrate that armor.

Based on the current location of her altitude, Ling Yue figured she must have climbed to the area between the thirteen to fourteenth floor of the tower. As such, it's easy to deduce the creature belonged to either one of these floors.

Wrapping its massive body around the tower, a chilling humanistic light reflects out of those green pupils as it eyed the gecko like intruder girl.

’’Where did this fly come from to dare make a ruckus on mister's turf,’’ the booming voice creates an echoing hum in Ling Yue's ear, shaking her whole body as a result.

A horned snake that can talk, wouldn't this mean it's a sacred beast?

Jolting to the realization, Ling Yue went into a motionless state, afraid she might incite its ire.

It's obvious at this point the sole reason this creature came out of its den was due to the ruckus caused by her and the girls on the ground.

Without another word, the serpent swoops its tail over and snatched Ling Yue into a bind while at the same moment swallowing the golden sword that drew too close. Finishing its snack, it then headed for the window on the fourteenth floor in quick succession.

Seeing how the horned serpent appeared out of nowhere like a whirlwind and then disappearing with the wrench and her precious family heirloom in the next, Nangang Qinglin could feel the blood leaving her face.

’’It's the fourteenth floor... Oh crap, we're done for now. I forgot that floor belongs to Master Longyu!’’ Losing her precious sword right under her nose, Nangang Qinglin can only describe her emotions as being bled from the inside out.

It's no secret among the alchemist association members that Master Longyu has a horned serpent with powers equal to a spirit beast of the sixth or seventh rank.

Master Longyu was among one of the few alchemists residing in the tower that holds a position of extreme height in the association. As a nine-cauldron alchemist with an eccentric personality, others tend to find him moody and hard to interact with. That's not all though. If someone were to rashly intrude upon his territory without prior approval, it's a damn given he will send the intruder packing, regardless of who appeals for them. Not even the president of the whole association can sway his mind by then.

’’Qinglin, I say leave it be. Now that the girl's been snatched away by Master Longyu's pet, I'm sure she won't get off easy. I remember Master Longyu's been spending the last month brewing up some Dan pills alone in his floor. To disturb the old guy now would be no different from asking for death.’’ The girls in the back tries to appease Nangon Qinglin in order to stop this before it gets out of hand.

’’Humph, don't let me meet you again you wrench, otherwise it will be your death next time,’’ she swears with a vicious tongue. In all the time she's been with the alchemist association, Nangong Qinglin have never experienced such a heavy loss before. Losing a winged wolf and her precious family heirloom, for what? A lowly newcomer! No matter what she can't swallow such an outcome.

Regardless of her unwillingness, Nangong Qinglin can only move along now that Ling Yue was out of her reach. Along with her friends, she and the rest climbed the tower together to complete today's cultivation.

Meanwhile back on Ling Yue's side. She's been stuck in a bind by the blasted creature after it curled into a comfortable position at a corner of the room. No matter how she struggled, her body simply won't budge under that mass.

It's dim in here with very little light from the outside. As dark as it may be, her eyes eventually adapted to the surroundings.

It's a cave...

Well, that's one way to describe this floor. Aside from the faint light coming off from the lamp with barely any oil left, everything else was covered in dust. Clearly it's been some time since the floor had a good cleaning.

As she scanned the surroundings for more detail, Ling Yue's eye eventually fell upon the cauldron at the center of the room. The aromatic smell of medicine constantly wafting out of the holes on the lid made it perfectly clear someone's brewing some Dan pill in there.

’’Little horn, I thought I told you to eat the troublemakers outside, why did you bring one back instead?’’ The grave voice greatly startled Ling Yue by how sudden it came out.

There's someone in the room?

Not waiting for her to figure out the source of that voice, the horn serpent that's been lazily lying in one corner begins to move. Tossing Ling Yue out of its entanglement, it then opens its jaw in preparation to swallow the prey.

In the critical moment with no forethought whatsoever, Ling Yue whisks her sleeve at the creature. Gushing out without impedance, the demonic ghost miasma swarms out to hinder the serpent's eye.

Roaring in annoyance, the snake shakes it head back and forth in an attempt to avoid the miasma.

This didn't go unnoticed by the unknown entity of course, ’’Eh?’’

Taking advantage of all the chaos, Ling Yue hurries to pull out her Dragon Saliva Needles and stabbed them into the numbing points of the creature.


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