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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 137


Chapter 137

Chapter 137 ’’I'll Let You See Blood’’

Now this was quite the unexpected surprise. To think one would require a flying artifact to get up the building. Pondering for a solution, the only item Ling Yue could come up with were her tiny Dragon Saliva Needles.

That thingy was good as a weapon, but to fly with it... now that's a bit difficult.

’’Sister, it can't be that you still don't have a flying artifact do you? How about this, you can ride on my pet. Don't worry, he's very obedient.’’ Nangong Qinglin casts a sideway glance at Ling Yue. Figuring the girl must be lacking a proper flying artifact based on that poor attire, a glimmer of scheming light crosses her eye.

Not giving the opportunity to be denied, she then orders her pet to squat down in front of Ling Yue. It's appearance seemingly docile.

Watching this all happen in the background, the extras that came with Nangong Qinglin all chuckled in unison.

Another dumb newcomer girl, let's see if she will break a bone or scar or her face this time.

This Nangong Qinglin may look kind and sincere on the surface, but in truth, she's a femme fatale that loves to bully the new and beautiful girls without background.

Like Ling Yue, the majority of the newcomers are faced with the same predicament when they arrive for the first time. They don't know how to climb the tower before them.

Then often at this moment, Nangong Qinglin would step in at the right time and flaunt her attentive words and flying artifact. Once determined the other side didn't have the means to get up there, she would then carry out her plan by offering to lend a hand. Almost always, the latter would immediately be fooled.

Newcomers, they are always this stupid and ignorant.

Without deviation from the plan, this female alchemist from the country side fell for her trick and mounted the winged wolf.

’’The reception hall for the newcomers are in the sixteenth floor. I'll have my pet send you up there.’’ Giving the command, Nangong Qinglin gives the order and causes the animal to stretch its wings out. Raising a windy gust with its flapping, Ling Yue and the animal takes to the air.

It wasn't long before the two reached an altitude of thirty meters in height.

Of course, Nangong Qinglin's suspicious action didn't go unnoticed for Ling Yue. The sole reason she didn't burst the bubble was because she wanted to see what sort of trick the girl was playing.

Seeing it's about time based on how high Ling Yue had gone, this femme fatale then reveals her true nature. Making a malicious smile, she issued a signal in the form of a whistle. From the original docile appearance, the eyes of the winged wolf flared into a reddish shade.

Sensing the change under her, Ling Yue suddenly found the wolf making a growling roar as it barrel rolled in the air. Dropping her body in the process under midflight.

She's currently thirty meters up in the air. If she falls now...

Exactly as they wanted, Nangong Qinglin and her scumbag friends that were watching the entire scene unfold on the ground began to gloat and laugh.

Hearing the laughter at her demise, Ling Yue's temper flared into a blaze. This group indeed wanted to harm her.

To fall from this height, even if not dead then she will still become a cripple. What a vicious bunch to scheme something so cruel on a first meeting.

After the winged wolf tossed Ling Yue off its back, it immediately wanted to return to ground where its mistress awaited. But it's a mistake to underestimate someone. Although Ling Yue's body was in rapid descent, it didn't hinder her from creating a suction force with her hands at the wolf.

Running her jade flower hand technique in full force, Ling Yue slams the creature into the wall of the towering structure and sent the thing into a daze. Then taking the opportunity to pull her body up to the wolf, she performs a high kick with a somersault and sends the animal plummeting.

By this point Ling Yue had already fallen several meters from her original altitude, but that's not a problem. Using her suction force again with her hands, she propels herself up to the wall and fixed her body against the building. Like a gecko, falling no longer became an issue.

’’What's the matter? Wing wolf, come back!’’ Finding the sudden changes occurring up in the air, Nangong Qinglin and her followers all had a change of expression on their faces. Due to the high position Ling Yue and the wolf were in, it becomes rather difficult for those on the ground to get a clear picture at what had transpired. The only image they could make out were the wolf suddenly slamming into the wall while the girl remains clinging to the building.

’’Want to harm missy here? Then I'll return the favor and have you all taste blood.’’ Firmly affixed to the tower's wall, Ling Yue could only spare one hand to summon a blood dagger.

With rage burning in her eyes, the blood dagger flies out under her command and grazed over the winged wolf's throat. Instantly, blood squirts out from the neck's wound followed by several more cuts across the wolf's body. Before long, the creature had reached the bottom of its descent and became a pile of mush due to the impacting fall.

’’You little bitch, you dare hurt my pet! Just you wait and see how I will deal with you!’’ Rather than harming her target, Nangong Qinglin ends up on the receiving end and loses her spirit pet instead. Anger gripped her heart as the rage overflowed her veins.

This pet held a special meaning for her. After she earned the four-cauldron mark from the alchemist association, Nangong Qinglin specifically begged her father to purchase the creature at a high as a reward for her success. This occurred merely half a year ago. If she returns with this horrible news, its unavoidable her father would scold her afterwards.

’’Only a brain dead would stay and wait. Farewell and let's not meet again you bunch of dumbasses!’’ Too lazy to continue the fray with a bunch of snobby brats, Ling Yue begins her climb for the sixteenth floor.

’’Everyone come, get that bitch for me! If anything happens then I will bear the aftermath.’’ Witnessing their friends pet being killed in plain sight, the other girls in the group all took out their flying artifacts in preparation to attack Ling Yue.

The flying artifacts were relentless as they assaulted their target from all direction. Originally the girls on the ground thought it would be an easy task to knock the blasted girl off the wall and force a fall, but the unexpected happened. Not only did Ling Yue not panic at the overwhelming odds against her, she retaliated!

’’Blink shield!’’ Condensing her spirit force into a rotating disk shield, the blink shield constantly moves at rapid speed to deflect the incoming attacks with clear precision.

Her method worked. Problem though was that the blink shield consumes way too much energy. At this rate it won't be long before she runs out of juice.

Like Ling Yue, the girls at the base of the tower weren't doing so well either.

Controlling flying artifacts wasn't an energy friendly maneuver. It's one thing to control an artifact to fly around in the air, but to attack? That's a whole different story then.

’’Qinglin, we can't keep going anymore, we have to retract our artifacts.’’ None of these ladies of the various noble houses are willing to put themselves into an exhaustive state because doing so can be dangerous. At that, the flying artifacts all returned at their master's command.

’’Humph, I don't believe I can't deal with a simple country girl.’’ Glaring flaming daggers at the girl clinging onto the building wall, she refuses to let this slide. Then making a dark chilling smile, Nangong Qinglin pulls out her own flying artifact. The golden sword from earlier.


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