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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 135


Chapter 135

Chapter 135 ’’The Art of Poison’’

Upon learning how incredibly easy it was for Ling Yue to establishment the Ghost Sect on her own, the reaction varied differently among Lan Caier and Yanche.

’’Now you are just too mean Ling Yue. If you are going to be a sect leader then you can't forget about me. At the very least make me the deputy sect leader.’’ Finding the name too be quite majestic, she also wants to join in and get a grand title for props.

’’Sister, the matter with the ghost sect is just a momentary splurge. If you like, I can give you something more interesting to do in the business field.’’ Sounding secretive, Ling Yue muttered something into her friend's ear and sent the girl jumping with jubilation.

’’I would've forgotten if you haven't mentioned it. It's about time we opened a Drunken Immortal in the capital. Alright, tomorrow I'll go look around to see if there's any restaurants that wishes to change ownership.’’ Now that she's back in the capital, it's unavoidable that Lan Caier would bump into An Ming Xia and her gangs eventually.

While back in Glass City, An Ming Xia would often shame Ling Yue by calling her a country bumpkin and had even plotted against them both in the Dream Cloud Marsh.

As individuals that likes to hold grudges, plus they now have the wine and produces from the Red Mist Sky, there's no doubt in their minds that they can topple the ’’Fairy Square’’ restaurant owned by An Ming Xia's mother.

As for Yanche, after learning Ling Yue intends to throw the children through a rigorous training regiment, and turn them into assassins, he not only didn't oppose the idea, he favored the motion faster than anyone else.

’’Sect leader, we have a saying in the central plains that goes like this, 'be your own fish then be others fish'. Now that I'm going to be protecting sect leader, I can no longer look after the kids. Therefore, they must learn to protect themselves if they want to survive.’’ Yanche may appear dull and unimaginative at times, but he's very transparent when it came to seeing reality for what it was.

In the moment he swore to protect Ling Yue for the rest of his life, he no longer belonged to himself, he belongs to her. As such, anything Ling Yue decides can only be right. If she decides a man deserves to die then he must have done something to warrant death.

After taking Yanche under her wing, Ling Yue then took the time to settle the kids in some safe location until she can test them in the coming days. If among them there are those who have an aptitude for learning the spirit force or martial art, she will divide those individuals apart for further training.

With everything set and done, it was time for home. As one can imagine, the shocking reaction can't be low for the general and his wife when the girls returned with a big stunning hunk by their side.

Fortunately, both seniors are open-minded individuals with a righteous heart. After learning how Yanche and the orphans were leading a miserable life in the streets, plus they determined Yanche looked honest enough, they figured it's worth a shot and allowed the big guy to stay.

’’Father, mother, I have another favor to ask. Yanche still have about a dozen kids with him that are without registry, meaning they can't find work in the city. I and sister have discussed it and plan to let some of them work at the Drunken Immortal when we open it. So, I hope father can help us handle the paper work for the kids.’’ Whether it was externally or internally, Ling Yue had always called the couple her parents after entering the capital. This had left the two elders feeling very gratified knowing Ling Yue looks to them as much as her real parents.

’’That's easy to do. The official in charge of the citizen registry is an old friend of mine. I will go find him tomorrow and have the certificates handled. Also, if I got some free times in the week I can also teach them some martial art.’’ Full of promise, General Lan have seen through Yanche's personality by this point. Well, more like he's seen through the guy's muscle actually.

They all say those from the central plains are fed wolves milk, and he's gotta admit, this guy sure was bulky.

Look at those arms! Look at that height! If I can snatch him into the army he'll be the perfect vanguard charger!

His marveling eyes didn't go unnoticed of course. At that drooling face, the girls didn't know whether to laugh or to get angry over the man's silliness.

’’What a shame, boy, you must have passed sixteen this year right? If only I found you a couple of years earlier, I would've personally taught you martial art myself if I had the chance. Too late now. Your age is past the ideal period to learn Yuan energy.’’ He exhales a sigh, lamenting the missed opportunity.

In Da Xia, whether it be an alchemist or a martialist, the ideal period to awaken their talent stands at the age prior to reaching sixteen. If beyond this age, the odds of grasping the inner workings of either power becomes negligible. This had been proven through trial and error after generations of testing.

Hearing he couldn't cultivate Yuan energy in this life, Yanche's eye dimmed somewhat.

He knows it himself. After exchanging blows with Lan Caier today, he became aware of the crucial need to improve himself. That's where Yuan energy came into the equation. The original plan was to learn the power after joining the general's house so he can better protect Ling Yue. Sadly, the general's word squashed the last glimmer of hope for him.

Not missing the disappointment in Yanche's eye, Ling Yue dived right into the topic after returning to her quarters. ’’Yanche, are you frustrated with yourself knowing you can't learn Yuan energy?’’ Her words hit the bullseye.

’’I'm only frustrated because I won't be able to better protect your ladyship.’’ As a simple person, his emotions were clearly printed on his face.

What he saw and heard today made him realize that there's always someone better than him out there.

’’You are wrong, to be invincible one doesn't have to learn martial art or Yuan energy. I happen to know a special method to bring the human body's potential to their limit. However, you must endure the immersion of a thousand toxins to your body.’’ The special method indicated by her was a form of training created by Lady Jade Poison Hand and was heavily detailed in the poison manual.

By immersing the human's flesh and bone to outside elements, the body will gradually transform and grow until it reaches its physical limit. Whether it be strength or speed, the final product wouldn't lose out to an upper celestial master in any way. In fact, they will likely surpass this level and be on par with a Dan level master after they form a poison core in their dantian. Problem though was that this method requires three years to complete and the pain and suffering involved by using poison to stimulate the cells are not something most human can handle. Mentally or physically.

’’Sect leader, are you saying that I can become an entity equal to General Lan?’’ A flicker of hope grabs onto Yanche's eye.

’’The correct term is more powerful than he is, but I can't guarantee this will work because I would need a thousand poison ingredients, something I don't have right now. Regardless, there's no doubt that your body will grow stronger in the coming three years if you are willing to go through with it.’’ In truth, Ling Yue can't be certain whether her decision today would be correct or dreadfully wrong

But according to the records left by Lady Jade Poison hand, the poison people created by her out of boredom was immensely powerful. Even when facing her husband, Mr. Red Mist, the poison people can hold their own without falling down too quickly.

’’Sect leader, I want to become stronger. As long as I can become stronger I won't care about the suffering involved.’’ Yanche flatly declared this without the slightest indecision in his voice.

’’Very well, I will prepare the poison ingredients for you starting tomorrow,’’ she nods in acknowledgement.

Both are not blind to their situation. In order to gain a foothold in this place where the weak becomes fodder for the strong, the only path open to them was to become stronger themselves. Only by doing so can she complete her plan of exacting revenge on the Hong House and make that scumbag of a father regret being born into this world!


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