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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 133


Chapter 133

Chapter 133 ’’Ye Ling Yue's Grand Plan’’

’’I won't hit a woman, and you can't beat me either.’’ Yanche first looked at Ling Yue, then back at Lan Caier.

He prefers the little one over the big one because the former likes to smile at him with those pretty eyes rather than make mean faces at him like the latter.

’’What, I dare you to say that again. I can't beat you?’’ Now it's on. Lan Caier's unreasonable temperament just got lit.

As the daughter of a general, she's learned how to fight long before she even learned how to walk. To think there would be an idiot foolish enough to claim she can't beat him. That's just asking for a beating from her!

’’Big girl, return from where you came, I won't take your money.’’ Yanche obviously didn't want to face the woman. Picking up his stall, he readies himself to leave.

’’Where do you think you are going. I am Lan Caier of the Lan House! Today I will have you learn what it means to look down at me.’’ In a flash, the money that's in the tray were swiped away by her quick hands.

As soon as Lan Caier proclaimed her identity in open public, the observing crowd all fell into cold sweat for Yanche.

Her name was simply too infamous in the capital. If there's a girl courageous enough to beat up even the crown prince of the kingdom, it's a certainty the mass populous would catch wind of the name.

’’Hey, that's robbery, hurry and return them.’’ Seeing his hard earn coins being snatched away, Yanche also grew anxious for its his life-saving money.

Totally unreasonable, Lan Caier stamped her feet to steady her body and then performed the Lan family's signature move: Tablet Breaking Hand. Aggressive and overwhelming, this technique was more suitable for the male se* to learn then a girl;however, due to her long years of training from a young age, she has made it her own by mixing the Yin energy of the female constitution into the normally Yang nature of the technique.

(Note: Imagine the Taichi diagram of Yin and Yang. The black Yin part is usually meant for the female and the white Yang part is usually meant for the male. Mix Yin and Yang together and you get a more powerful effect)

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Although she's been angered by the se*ist words coming out of Yanche's mouth, she's not crazy enough to forget the guy was but a dull common folk incapable of using Yuan energy. Therefore, in her strike just now, she didn't insert any of her powers and only relied on physical strength.

But as soon as her hands came into contact with Yanche's arm, she was shocked when he gave her the slip like a slithering loach.

Yanche had full advantage at that moment due to the opening he created, but as per his claim, he didn't hit her. Instead, he only grabbed onto Lan Caier's shoulder to keep the girl at a distance.

Now this was a real shocker for Lan Caier. She honestly never expected the kid to be capable of slipping out of her hands when using her family's signature move.

She can die but she can't be shamed.

Flushing red with annoyance, she invokes the Yuan energy from within her body and directs it all into her hand until a golden layer of light wraps around it like a glove. Then turning his hand into a claw shape, she aims straight for Yanche's lower abdomen area.

Immediately, a burning pain overtook Yanche's belly after having his clothes ripped apart by the energy enforced strike.

Only ripped the clothes?

Lan Caier originally thought her second attack would be enough to warrant retaliation from the big loaf, but not only did she fail, she also felt a mysterious force sucking in the momentum of her punch just now when she made contact with the guy's stomach. Now she can't even retract her hand because the big guy's ab was so hard that it's keeping her fist in place!

’’So painful.’’ Yanche's pupil shrunk at the pain. As someone that's born with an abnormally strong physique, he's inherently more resilient to outside interference. As such, the punches and kicks from those thuggish servants from earlier equated to nothing more than tickles and scratches.

However, Lan Caier here was a totally different story. As an upper celestial martialist, her attacks may not be enough to injure Yanche for good, but it's still enough to cause the big guy to make a heavy grunt due to the impact.

’’Let's stop here now shall we.’’ Seeing neither of the two can come out on top, Ling Yue shakes her head and breaks them apart with a whisk of her hand.

’’You are very good.’’ Nauseated by the shock to his stomach, Yanche rubs his belly to sooth the discomfort. On his somewhat dirty face, an approving expression takes hold.

’’You are not bad either, barely qualified to be my sister's bodyguard.’’ Lan Caier temperament was the typical type where she would make a friend by getting into a fight. Although she didn't settle the match with the big loaf, but Lan Caier knows full well she honestly couldn't come out on top.

If the foe doesn't even have Yuan energy to fight and can still stand on equal grounds, then no doubt this Yanche does have some talent aside from just being all muscle.

No wonder, my father always say my eyes are inferior to Ling Yue's.

Picking the string of silver coins out of her friend's hand, Ling Yue hands it to Yanche.

Despite his obvious desire for the money that's dangling in front of him, Yanche kept his pose and denied it with a shake of his head.

’’Aigh, I say big dummy, why are you being so stubborn for? Ten silver a month is not a small offer. If I use that fund I can easily hire a lower celestial martialist instead.’’ Now Lan Caier was starting to get annoyed again because she never expected this dull and silly big loaf would know something like bargaining.

’’Ten silver, not enough to eat.’’ Yanche's voice grew weaker when he said this. At the same moment, a loud grumbling sound came from his stomach.

Based on this alone, it's highly probable that the big loaf was enduring the beatings while he's on an empty stomach.

Leaving both girls speechless, they can only find a local noodle booth to solve Yanche's meal problem before continuing.

One bowl, two bowl.... Eventually a mountain of bowls were piled up on top of the table. By now the girls have come to the realization that feeding Yanche would become a major issue that they must solve if Ling Yue wishes to employ the big hunk.

’’Twenty-three bowls of noodles, are you a man or a pig?’’ Dumbfounded, Lan Caier almost couldn't believe her own eyes despite seeing this first hand.

’’Have you had enough?’’ Although Ling Yue was also astonished by Yanche's appetite, but compared to the guy's godly physique, this was nothing much.

’’Full enough.’’ He could actually eat some more, but even he felt embarrassed to ask for more.

’’If you want to eat more then go ahead, I got more money still.’’ Ling Yue then pulls out a silver ingot and places it on top of the table.

I love having money so much! It solves all the small problems.

’’Then can I have another fifty bowls of noodle?’’ Making a pitiful expression, Yanche had a lot of similarities to a certain individual currently busily hatching a certain egg somewhere.

Another fifty bowls....

By this point both girls have finally got it. So this was the reason why the big hunk didn't join the army or have a wealthy family employ him as an escort.

With that kind appetite, very few people out there could honestly afford to keep him. If not for Ling Yue's recent windfall, even she couldn't afford to employ him otherwise.

But this time though, instead of digging in as soon as the noodles arrived at the table, Yanche found a wheelbarrow and began transporting the food towards the suburbs.

Surprised and perplexed by the move, both girls followed from behind to see what's up.

Unlike the bustling core of the city, the suburbs had poor roads with a lot of soil pavements everywhere. Despite the confusing arrangement, Yanche went through the maze-like terrain with ease like he's very familiar with the area.

Eventually the cart stopped outside a shabby looking shack. When the residence inside heard Yanche's voice, about a dozen kids ran out to welcome him.

There are boys and girls among the group that ranged from two to six years old. Like Yanche, they all had tall statures with blue eyes, clearly of foreign heritage.


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