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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 132


Chapter 132

Chapter 132 ’’Dull and Clueless Bodyguard’’

’’Sister, let's have a look first,’’ dragging Lan Caier with her, Ling Yue grew interested in the big hunk.

’’Ten coppers and I can give you a punch? Hehe, mister here likes the idea. I've been itching for a while now. Here, seventy coppers to buy seven punches.’’ Following behind this rudely sounding person were two other fellows.

’’They're servants from Marquise Wei Meng residence and its well known by now this group likes to harass the weak here. A no-good bunch if you ask me,’’ Lan Caier clearly didn't like these people. Aside from making an almost scowling expression, she's also worried for the big hunk's safety.

Marquise Zhen Yuan, Marquise An Gou, Marquise Wei Meng, and Marquise Chang Ping, these four comprises big four noble houses of Da Xia. Aside from the Hong house of Marquise Zhen Yuan, which Ling Yue hailed from, the house of Marquise Wei Meng was ranked the third lowest among the four mentioned here.

(Note: these names only represent the Marquises names, not their houses. Also, there are other Marquises in the story but these 4 make up the core of the noble faction in the court.)

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These four Marquises are all of noble birth and enjoys a hereditary status to their name. Whether it be the young lords or ladies of their house, servants or maids, all of them looks poorly at the common civilians like they aren't human at all.

Finding cases of people from these houses murdering others in open daylight was a common place, but due to the influential might of the four families, the incidents would always be pushed away like it never happened.

Clearly out to make trouble, these fellas only brought out ten coppers each and started to swarm the big hunk with overwhelming numbers.

As a prerequisite, one must have at least some level of martial art in their foundation to become a worker at a marquise's home. Therefore, these men are not new to making lethal punches.

Not uttering a single word at first, the big hunk took over eight punches with ease before abruptly grabbing one of the attacker's hand.

’’You guys gave seventy coppers only, meaning seven punches. If you want to continue then add more.’’

As soon as these thuggish servants heard this statement, all of them started to curse because they've been accustomed to bullying others.

’’Where did this piece of shit come from to dare ask us for money. Humph, do you even know where we are from? We are from Marquise Wei Meng's place. We have no money left, but we got plenty of punches for you still!’’ The instigator went ahead and threw another punch;however, instead of landing it, his wrist became broken after being snapped.

’’Beating is fine, but no insults.’’ Angered by the rudeness, the big hunk swung a hand out and directly sent the tiny dude flying like swatting a bug.

Watching this, the other thugs present would of course not back down afterwards. Taking advantage of their numbers, one of the guys locked the big hunk into an arm hold from behind while the rest aimed for the stomach.

Yet, things didn't go as expected. When landing their punches, these men felt like they were hitting up against a wall. Screaming, all of them backed away with injured hands.

Unbeknownst to these people until now, the abs from the hunk wasn't just for show, it's as hard as steel. Not only did they not get away with their despicable act, they instead hurt themselves in the process.

Making a giant roar at his assailants, the hunk's aura instantly changed and took on a ferocious air. Then in one fell bump, he flung the bastard that's still clinging onto to him from behind like a ragged doll.

Just like that in merely a few short exchanges, the thuggish servants that came to make trouble were either lying on the ground now or crying out in pain due to their broken appendages.

’’Just you wait and see. Don't think for a second that you can keep making a living here in the capital after offending us from Marquise Wei Meng's house!’’ After leave this warning, the tiny servant that started it all fled with his cronies like beaten dogs.

What a surprise this kid is. Only a few blows and he managed to easily beat a dozen of those men.

Amongst the many that are present in the crowd today, quite a few have been bullied by this very same group. As such, a round of applause broke out for the big hunk in return for his retaliation.

If they can't get justice for themselves then it's still good if someone else does it for them.

’’This kid sure is a surprise. Either he is innately strong in his physique, or his strength is astonishingly high.’’ Lan Caier was also dumbfounded by the whole thing. Originally, she thought the kid would only last a few punches. What a waste of her worries.

’’Sister, this time it's your mistake,’’ a gleam of light sparkles in Ling Yue's eye.

Rummaging through her pocket for a money loop, she tosses it into the big hunk's tray on the ground. On the string, there's over ten silver coins attatched to it.

Stunned for a moment by the sudden reward, the big hunk looks up and was flabbergasted by the beautiful young lady standing before him. Embarrassed, he blushes at his own shyness.

’’I cannot accept your money,’’ the bug hunk scratches his head.

Upon closer inspection after coming up to the guy, Ling Yue realized the guy before him was much taller than she expected. Not only was she only at the guy's chest in height, the muscles were also tyrannically buffed to the point where she can easily make out each lump.

Take her own legs for example. Compared to the man's bulky arm, her legs looked scrawny in comparison.

No wonder those little servants of Marquise Wei Meng would be so easily fended off. Who wouldn't be against those muscles?

’’Why not?’’ Ling Yue laughed, finding it hilarious as her eyes curved into a pretty crescent shape.

’’Hand... hand will hurt.’’ The big hunk points to the sign which stated the calling price. Then pulling out his hand, he started to count with fingers: ’’One punch for ten coppers, twenty for two, and ten silver will mean you can hit me for life. If you use those tiny arms of yours, you will hurt yourself...’’ Making a frown, the big hunk may not be very bright in the head, but even he knows how to be tender with the opposite se*.

This big loaf probably mistook Ling Yue's reward as payment for beating him.

’’Haha, this is too funny! I only thought your head isn't very good, never did I expect you to have a tender side too when seeing a beauty.’’ Holding her stomach due to the intense cramp, Lan Caier nearly started to cry tears of joy at this point.

’’I won't hit you. What's your name?’’ Ling Yue motions for her friend to stop teasing the poor man.

’’Yanche, seventeen this year,’’ the kid's voice carried with it a powerful accent.

’’Yanche, I want you to be my bodyguard, and these silver coins will be your first month's salary.’’ Ling Yue had taken quite the liking to this big hunk.

God mother is right. If I am to live in the capital from now on, I must first adapt to the rules of the jungle.

As the second miss of a general now, it's imperative that she brings along some people with her at all times. One for her safety, the second for appearance.

’’Ling Yue, you plan to let him be your personal bodyguard? That won't do.’’ No longer laughing, Lan Caier immediately bulked at the idea after hearing this.

This kid may be a bit strong in the physical department, but as an ordinary person that never learned martial art, there's no way he could be a proper guard.

It must be mentioned this place was the capital of Da Xia. Even at random, you can easily find a passerby capable of killing several upper celestial martialists at once if you tried.

’’Ling Yue, are you really going to buy this kid? He looks very dull, and more importantly, he doesn't look like he's from around here.’’ Lan Caier believe that if one were to find a slave or servant to bring home, they must be clever enough to command. Although in this case, Yanche may be big and strong, but there's a lingering sense of dullness in his action.

Like her friend, Ling Yue was also giving a scrutinizing look at the guy. Tall like a knife, he's clearly not born in Da Xia based on those blue eyes.

If her speculations are correct, Yanche should be from the central plains where most people are either practitioners of the dark arts, or they are from some barbaric tribes that were forced off their land. The latter being very difficult to teach and adjust while the former being extremely dangerous to employ.

’’His eyes are very clean,’’ Ling Yue have always believed in her own judgement.

’’That won't do either. You never know what's underneath. Unless the kid can beat me, otherwise I will never permit him to be your personal bodyguard.’’ No matter what, Lan Caier refuses to approve of Ling Yue's decision.


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