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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 131


Chapter 131

Chapter 131 ’’Departure to the Capital’’

Two days later, the new governor to replace Lan Ying Wu finally arrives at Glass City and thus begins the process of moving to the capital. For the occasion, the Lan family organized several carriages for the load.

Without exception, the entire Ye family - Ye Huang Yu especially - came to see the group off.

’’Grandfather, mother, everyone, you can all go back. I'll be fine and take care of myself.’’ Getting on the carriage, it didn't take long for the image of the city and her family to disappear from her line of sight.

There's definitely sadness at their separation, but there's also excitement in Ling Yue's heart for a new road awaits her ahead of this.

Fourteen years ago, as a baby still, she came through this very same road with her mother in endless shame back to the Ye family. And now, fourteen years later, she returns once again alone this time, but not in shame, instead it's to exact revenge for herself and her mother.

Hong House, Hong Fang, Zhu Ge Ruo, I Ye Ling Yue swear, will turn your house upside down!

There are thousands of miles from Glass City to Da Xia's capital, thus they needed to change rides several times during their journey. Finally, after half a month later on the bumpy road, they arrived at their destination.

The capital of Da Xia was an old and rustic city in this kingdom with a thousand-year history;therefore, it didn't take much for the towering gates to come into Ling Yue's sight when they reached the outskirts of the city. Guarded by heavily armed soldiers, there were plenty of patrols along the front entrance.

’’Capital, I Lan Caier have returned like I said!’’ After riding inside the stuffy carriage for so long, Lan Caier took advantage of changing point of the gate to jump out of the vehicle for some stretching.

When the Lan family left the capital before, most of the nobles here thought they would never see their rise again. Yet who would've guessed that Lan Ying Wu would made a breakthrough into the reincarnation realm in that tiny place like Glass City.

’’Madam, you take the girls back to the general's mansion in the northern district first, I need to make an appearance in court before coming back.’’ As soon as Lan Ying Wu came out of the carriage, he immediately changed into his armor and rode for the palace while his wife did as instructed and led the way to the governor's estate.

When the Lan family's carriages passed through the gate, several paper cranes of various colors also took to the air in differing directions.

’’Lan Ying Wu is back?’’

Inside the mansions belonging to some of the capital's biggest nobles, these influential figures all became aware of this news as soon as possible.

’’Have our men spy on the general's estate and Marquise Wu's place. If anything happens in this period, report back immediately.’’

Due to Lan Ying Wu's return, the struggle for power between the aristocratic faction and the commoner faction once again had its curtains unfolded.

The mansion that Madam Lan headed to was their former estate prior to leaving the capital, and inside remains the many old servants that they had employed prior to departing the capital before. To smooth over the introduction, Madam Lan immediately brought Ling Yue to her side to introduce the girl to everyone.

’’This is here Ling Yue, the lost daughter that I and your lord lost years ago. This time we were lucky to find her. Therefore, from now on she's the second miss of the house. Be sure to treat her as you would to Caier.’’

Second Miss?

The old servants were all somewhat displeased over this because it's only been one year since the governor and his wife left the residence. Why would there suddenly appear another lady of the house?

Then having another look at this second lady, jade like skins with a beautiful womanly feature, rather than calling the second miss like the general, this young girl was more like the madam with a mild temperament to their eyes.

’’Second Miss,’’ all of the old servants of the estate called out in unison to acknowledge Ling Yue. Henceforth, every member of the general's residence has learned that no longer does the general have one young miss, he has two!

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Gifting every servant with a hundred copper upon their meeting, Ling Yue did the smart thing and instantly won their hearts. In return for the bribe, the word that went around was that the second miss was a clever one instead of a brutish one like the elder sister.

That night after Lan Ying Wu returned from the court, the four enjoyed a joyous meal together for the first time in the capital. And by next morning when the general went out for his duties, Madam Lan called the girls over to discuss something.

’’Caier, since there's only some old servants here in our home right now, I'll have to bother you two to get us some new ones for the family. Bring Ling Yue with you to the slave market too and have a look. If you find some clever little girls then buy some back to help.’’ At that, Madam Lan hands over five hundred silvers worth of bank note.

Despite being a lady of the Ye house, Ling Yue never experienced the catering treatment of having a servant at her side at all times due to her habits. This also applies after she gained the favor of Ye Gu later on in their relationship, which was clearly demonstrated by the lack of maids accompanying her for the ride to the capital.

Not missing this point, Madam Lan had to do something. After all, unlike Ling Yue's former background as a merchant's daughter, her identity now was a general's daughter. To fit this image, she had to bring along some maids to be presentable.

Madam Lan was thoroughly thoughtful. Anything Caier had, Ling Yue will have. Whether it be maids or living quarters, everything will be prepared in short timing.

Also, in the not so far future, she intends to bring Ling Yue with her to attend the various formal gatherings so that the girl can gradually meld into the lifestyle of the capital.

Lan Caier grew ecstatic. As a lively individual, it's been far too long since she went out to prowl the busy streets. Coming out of the estate, she first brought Ling Yue to have a stroll around the main market in the city before leading the way to the slave district.

In Da Xia, free citizens are free to sell or buy people that's fallen into slavery.

This was a first for Ling Yue to visit a place like so. Bustling with life, there are plenty of stewards from powerful houses making a scene here. For those less fortunate, there are families currently in the middle of selling their children because they are unable to support themselves.

Towards this level of treatment where others would treat a human being like livestock, Ling Yue honestly never experienced something so cruel.

’’Da Xia's capital is like this. There are people of all types here, but only the strong and influential gets a say. After you stay here long enough you will also get used to it’’ She explains to Ling Yue, worried the girl might be turned off by the scene.

Despite making a full round around the market, both girls couldn't come across an agreeable target for purchase.

Just as their patience was running thin, a commotion up ahead drew their attention.

At the entrance way of the slave market, there are plenty of people making a living here - mostly vendors and street performers.

But today the one to ring the gong was an unkempt hunk, a rarity considering his face.

Waiting until the crowd had gathered around himself, the hunk then took a sign out with several words already written on it. ’’Ten copper for a punch, one silver for unlimited punching.’’

Clearly this was a lowborn commoner that relies on being ’’beaten’’ by others to make a living.

Towards this sort of performance, Lan Caier personally didn't favor it all that much. In the past, she had witnessed it firsthand how a man had done something similar and met his end after being beaten to death by a bunch of thugs. A disgusting experience for any lady.

No questioning about, the hunk had some very strong abs to showcase his willingness to tackle any form of beating, but that's only on the surface. Without the fluctuation of Yuan energy around the hunk's body, this guy was but an ordinary person.

In a place like the slave market, it's not uncommon to find people dying left and right due to these extreme acts, and in most cases, their corpse would be simply left to rot in the streets afterward.

Tugging at Ling Yue to move along, Lan Caier didn't want her sister to see something that might bring bad luck to themselves right after arriving in the capital.

Just as Ling Yue was ready to turn away, she noticed something and halted in her footsteps. Under the hunk's hair, those eyes are...


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