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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 130


Chapter 130

Chapter 130 ’’Stay at Home Daddy’’

After leaving empty handed, plus she can't honestly be a mother hen herself, Ling Yue left the problem alone until she suddenly noticed something critical when the idea nearly passed her mind after some time: Little Squeak's missing!

Not inside the Red Mist Sky, not in the courtyard, not in the kitchen, she even went as far as to ask her mother and Granny Liu to no avail. As a last resort, Ling Yue actually dragged Big Yellow over for inquiry and got nothing still. That's when things got worrying.

Thinking back to the day when they came out of the pet store, Ling Yue recalled that's when Little Squeak started to go missing.

The little guy had the tendency to be very clingy towards others. Whether it be playing or eating, it's always with someone. So why? What's going on here?

It can't be that because he's saddened by the fact that they couldn't hatch little phoenix and decided to go into hiding to mope right?

Following the last ’’first love’’ incident, Ling Yue honestly feared the little fella would do something ’’stupid’’ and cause harm to himself.

No other options left, she can only use her spirit senses to slowly scour the estate. Eventually, after much searching, Ling Yue located Little Squeak inside the warm room inside their wing.

The so-called warm room was simply a room specially used by Granny Liu to store away the various clothes, blankets and utilities for winter.

Since its midsummer in Glass City, the temperature inside the room can easily reach over forty degrees during peak hours.

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If not for Ling Yue's ability to use the spirit force, even she wouldn't be able to locate the little fella in this secretive hiding spot.

As for the reason why Little Squeak would seclude himself in this room, she honestly didn't have a clue until she saw what's going on in person

He's actually trying to incubate the egg!

That's right, incubating in the heated august month without an ounce of breeze inside this room!

Wrapped in over seven to eight layers of bed sheet, fluffy little him used his body to gently press against the phoenix egg like how a mother hen would.


So what happened was that after that day when Little Squeak overheard the shop owner mentioning the possibility of ’’artificially’’ incubating the egg, he decided to take it upon himself to see it through.

If there's no bird then I'll rely on myself!

Ling Yue couldn't understand the logic running through Little Squeak's head, but seeing the determination and desperation, she can only submit and recognize it.

It didn't matter anyways. In Ling Yue's view, the little guy would likely give up after a couple of days and come crying knowing his personality.

In order to prevent Little Squeak from suffocated or getting a sunstroke, she transport the entire façade into the Red Mist Sky. This way around, he can take his sweet time slowly incubating it.

However, to Ling Yue's astonishment, Little Squeak was more determined than she took him for. Not only did he not fall into temptation of the roast chicken legs that came his way, he firmly took his stance in the nest without retreat.

Just like this, over seven days had elapsed in a flash.

On this day, the Ye family got a sudden visitor by someone familiar.

Since that day when the ghost emperor massacred the Mountain Sea Gang, maybe she got stimulated by the feat, but Lan Caier's been hard at work to train herself without rest.

If not for this sudden visit today, Ling Yue thought the girl wouldn't come out the door again until she broke through to the Dan Realm.

’’Ling Yue, my visit today is to tell you something. Father received a letter from the capital last night stating he's been reinstated to his old post due to his meritorious service to Glass City. As for I and mother, we will be leaving this place in a couple of days.’’ Lan Caier's news greatly surprised Ling Yue.

Sister Lan's family needs to return to the capital?

Its unavoidable that Ling Yue would miss them inside.

After all, Lan Caier was her first good friend in the true sense of the word.

’’Ling Yue, the truth is I'm here today to consult on your opinion. Would you come with me to the capital?’’ Lan Caier had a straightforward personality. Not wishing to be apart from her good sister, she bluntly stated what's on her mind to her parents and requested this.

Sure enough, Lan Caier's parents agreed immediately without hesitation.

In Lan Ying Wu's view, a girl like Ling Yue who had extraordinary talent would be wasted in a small place like Glass City.

Like her husband, the governor's wife also wanted dearly to take Ling Yue with them and promised to treat the girl like her own daughter.

Leave Glass City and go to the capital?

Startled by the idea, Ling Yue became heartfully touched inside. Now she knew, the Lan family truly took her as their own.

’’Ling Yue, did you not want to exact revenge for yourself and your mother? Only by going to the capital will you be able to meet the people of the Hong House. Only there will you become more powerful. My father is a pupil of Marquise Wu so you can join the Grand Martial Hall of Da Xia in the capital. Also, our family will support you in anything you do.’’ Lan Caier knows, this sister of hers seeks revenge even in her dreams so she didn't hold off in the suggested benefits.

’’This matter, I need to discuss this with my mother first.’’ Ling Yue understands it herself, there's no reasoning for her stay here at this point if she wants to continue to exact her revenge.

After devouring the remaining forces of the Mountain Sea Gang, plus the support of the alchemist association and the local garrison, the Ye family today can be described as a mountain, steady and firm. Therefore, the only thing left that Ling Yue couldn't leave behind was her mother, Ye Huang Yu.

’’Ling Yue, I have promised the governor and his family already to let you go with them. Don't worry about me and Granny Liu, we will take good care of ourselves in your absent.’’ Just as Ling Yue was hesitating over the decision, Ye Huang Yu and the governor's wife walked in on them.

When Lan Caier made the visit, her mother also came to see Ye Huang Yu.

The matter of leaving Glass City was discussed thoroughly half a year ago, but at that time Ye Huang Yu didn't agree to it back then.

Now that six months have passed, especially after her daughter made such obvious progress, she's come to face reality.

Ye Huang Yu may be reluctant to leave her daughter, after all, Ling Yue was only a child still. But as her father Ye Gu said, Ling Yue's their one and only hope for the family and its time to let go.

She knows she has delayed her child long enough. If none in the Lan family says anything, the public will never know Ling Yue was in fact a discarded child of the Hong House.

’’Mother, I...’’ Tears filled Ling Yue's eye as the emotional two looked at each other.

Watching this scene, the governor's wife also got teary and pulled Lan Caier away to leave some space for the pair.

’’Ling Yue, mother knows you've long wanted to venture out into the world. Don't worry about mother and the family. Now that the Ye family have taken root in Glass City, we will do just fine. I promise you okay, mother will make a visit when the time is ripe.’’ Caressing Ling Yue's head, her eyes only had tenderness and care in them at this moment.

I'm such an irresponsible mother. I've never properly cared for this daughter and now I have to entrust her to others too.

’’Mother, I be sure to send for you after I'm capable of becoming independent in the capital. Don't worry, I won't get impulsive and do anything rash when facing the people of the Hong House. I will leave them be for you to clean up one by one.’’ Ling Yue sounded cold in her determined words.


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