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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 13


Chapter 13 ’’Hundred fruit wine’’

Screaming crap inside over this misstep, Ling Yue never expected this ancient tree trunk would be hollow inside.

Out of urgency, she instinctively held her head with both hands and began rolling down into the darkness.

Fortunately Ling Yue was already at the third stage of the constitutional domain. With skin as durable as copper, her little fall didn't cause any big injury so she only needed to wait until her footing reached soft ground before loosening her hands.

The bottom of the tree hole was flat with noticeable hints of pine scent. The only issue was that the light remains dim, difficult for her to see the surrounding. Fortunately she still had the flint lighter. With a little work, she got a little torch going.

(Its not really a flint but rather a small tiny bamboo lighter in a tubular form. Once lit and covered with a small cap, the smoldering burn will remain up and would become big again if the user blows some air at it.)

Lighting up the surrounding with the light from the mini torch, what came into sight was some kind of makeshift storeroom at the bottom, scattered remains of animal bones and rotten fruits of unknown origin littered the floor.

Hmm, seems she accidently hid herself in the ape's den.

Looking around the place with the light, Ling Yue soon discovered several jars of unknown content covered with banana leaves on the left corner.

Curious and intrigued, she opens the jar to find a wafting aromatic smell overflowing out of the nectar wine and permeating the entire cave hole. For someone like Ling Yue who had no experience in drinking, even she found herself salivating at the alcohol.

What's weirder, with only several inhaling puffs of the wine smell, the Yuan energy in her dantian began to rapidly recover!

This wine is something good!

Shining in her eyes, Ling Yue didn't wait and directly dunked her face into the jar and began gulping down the wine.

Sweet and fragrant, she unintentionally ended up consuming half the content.

By the time her head became dizzy and tipsy from the alcohol, her body was already at the limit. Not even two steps out, she unsteadily plopped to the ground and lethargically passed out. While unconscious, her body began discharging large amounts of black impurities.

What Ling Yue didn't know was that this wine was called ’’Hundred Fruit Wine’’, a specialty brewed by the metal armed ape through the use of the different herbs and fruits collected on the mountain.

After drinking, not only can it enhance the physique of the drinker, it can also reinvigorate the bones. One of the main reason the metal arm ape had such tyrannical physique was in large due to this Hundred Fruit Wine.

For any martialist under the lower celestial level, this wine was extremely valuable for it was tantamount to consuming ginseng and some other super rare tonic herb. But for Ling Yue's manner of consuming so much at once, it was no different from a pig drinking it, a complete waste mostly.

For this sleep, it lasted over three days and three nights. By the time Ling Yue woke up again, she immediately jumped up and found her body covered in a thick layer of muddy dirt like stink. It was so foul that even she found it unbearable.

But at the same time, she also found her arms and legs much lighter than before. What's more, the Yuan energy in her dantian rose by big margins.

’’Can't be, fifth level of the constitutional domain?’’ Ling Yue invokes the newly acquired Yuan energy in her body. Like a rapid flood, the power pours into every inch of her veins, making her feel absolutely wonderful.

Aside from astonishment, the first thing she wanted to do was test the newfound strength. With one punch out, she releases a Lightning Burst Fist.

Compared to her usual result, this time it was more natural and unrestrained, almost like a smooth flow without hindrance.

’’Lightning Burst Fist.’’ Five blue streaks of lightning shot out and completely burned a hole into the tree stump.

Woah, five streaks, she can do five streaks now!!

Having a hard time believing her own ability, Ling Yue knew that despite this technique being a ninth grade, the lowest of the low, the other members of the Ye family usually requires five to six years of constant training before they can muster up five lightning streaks. But for her, it only took less than a month!

’’Haha, metal armed ape, I've got to thank you this time.’’ Ling Yue began to happily laugh at her own encounter. For the remaining five to six jars of wine inside the hole cave, Ling Yue happily accepts them for she had the dimensional space known as ’’Red Mist Sky’’. No matter how much there was in here, she can easily move it away by storing it inside.

Just as she was about to move the rest of the wine in there, Ling Yue suddenly overheard the furious howl of the metal armed ape.

Due to the attack Ling Yue performed earlier, the explosive sound had alarmed the ape to her location.

Seeing his own den being destroyed and his precious wine being stolen, the amount of shock this ape took was huge. Issuing out a furious roar, the metal armed ape came charging at Ling Yue in an attempt to smash her to smithereens.

’’Eh, only three days and the speed of the ape is much slower.’’ She was astonished by this. Unbeknownst to her, after drinking the Hundred Fruit Wine and having her bones reinvigorated, her strength now was day and night compared to before.

Steadying her footing, Ling Yue focuses on a blind spot and dashed towards the enemy with all intent to kill. In mere seconds, the Thunder Burst Fist she released crushed the ape's head like a watermelon being smashed with a hammer, fragile and weak.

Not even a cry or howl, the two hundred Jin headless body of the metal armed ape lost its footing and promptly fell to the floor. Blood and brain innards spilled all over the ground, indicating it can't be anymore dead than it was.

(1 Jin = 0.9 pound)

Killing the enemy with only one blow, it took a long while before she could believe what she did. Exhaling, she releases her grip.

’’The fur of this big guy is worth some money, but that meat is no good.’’ Thinking up to here, she suddenly remembered she's been stuck inside this hole for three days already, completely forgetting the baby fox inside her Red Mist Sky.


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