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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 128


Chapter 128

Chapter 128 ’’I Hear the Ghost Emperor is Very Ugly’’

Crazy! That man Wu Chong is an outright madman.

Perhaps the governor and Sister Lan wouldn't get it and would only take this as a form of provocation after his deed, but Ling Yue on the other hand only had one thought in mind after hearing the message: it's meant for her!

Using over five hundred lives as a gift, only that madman Wu Chong can pull off something so crazy.

Aside from the countless curses she's coming up with inside her head, Ling Yue also lamented the lawlessness of this world. Absolute strength speaks for all. What law and order, in front of the strong, it means nothing!

But then again, she still had to thank Wu Chong for the help. Regardless of how bloodthirsty the person was, he did help her solve the trouble at hand. Furthermore, the mountains of wealth that was once inside the vault now belongs to her. She's gotta give him points for that.

’’Ghost Emperor Wu Chong's reputation is well deserved.’’ Governor Lan had to spend a good while before he could mutter this out.

’’Ghost Emperor, who is this Ghost Emperor?’’ The scope of Ling Yue's activities remains to be on the limited side, therefore she's still new to this name.

’’Ling Yue, you've never heard of Ghost Emperor Wu Chong? He's a legendary figure in these lands. Rumor has it that his power is enough to cover the heavens itself, and that the forces he controls - also known as the Underground Palace - could topple even the strongest kingdom in the world.’’ When talking about the infamous ghost emperor, Lan Caier immediately went into gossip mode.

’’Also, I heard the ghost emperor is very ugly. A hunch back with toad skins. So, every time he meets someone, the witnesses would always either perish at the scene or be silenced by mutilation.’’ Speaking up to here, Lan Caier realized something crucial and halted her words. Instead, she started to inspect Ling Yue up and down, afraid her dear friend would suddenly drop dead indicated by the rumors.

’’Good sister, I'm fine.’’ Unlike her good friend, Ling Yue didn't think much of the rumors. If they were true, then she herself would've died three times by now.

Moreover, Wu Chong may be wearing a mask, but she's not so blind that she can't tell the man behind it was a handsome one based on the mouth and tall stature.

Regardless, those merits don't change the fact that the bastard was still a pervert and a thug in her mind.

’’Then did you meet the ghost emperor in person just now Ling Yue?’’ Lan Caier asks. Due to her nosy attitude, Lan Ying Wu promptly gave his daughter an evil glare, unhappy about the improper timing of the question.

But one thing was true among the many stories, aside from the ghost emperor's own subordinate, no other would come out unscathed once they meet him.

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’’Truth is, I didn't get a clear look. When I had sister here bring the wine over to lure Sha Kaung into drinking it, I also drank some as assurance. That's when it happened. By the time Sha Kaung fell to the ground, the voice had already disappeared from the room. Forget about seeing the man's face, I didn't even catch the corner of his sleeve.’’ Deliberating on the best answer, Ling Yue decides to keep her relationship with Wu Chong a secret.

After all, after listening to Lan Caier's description of Wu Chong, it's a definite the man wasn't a good person.

If the Mountain Sea Gang was the cancer of Glass City, then Wu Chong can only be the cancer of this world.

Having an illicit relationship with the world's number one underworld boss can't be good for herself.

At the very same moment in the sky above Glass City, a dark figure was zooming through the air at intense speed. Suddenly, the person felt his nose itching and forced a powerful sneeze.

’’Hmm, little YueYue should have received my gift by now?’’ From his amber eyes, a trace of gentleness glistens over.

Very soon, the contour of the city under him gradually fades away until its nothing more than a black dot in the horizon.

After daybreak, the governor's manor posted several announcements across the city, and soon enough, every citizen in the city had learned of the startling news.

The biggest gang in Glass City - the Mountain Sea Gang - encountered a deadly massacre last night. Around five hundred something members, including the boss Sha Kaung, were all killed overnight.

It's said that the cause of death was because Sha Kaung and his son owed the notorious organization known as the Underground Palace a huge sum of debt. Since they were unable to pay, its widely speculated that Ghost Emperor Wu Chong himself made the trip.

This giant massacre created an immense uproar in the city that lasted for several months before it gradually subsided.

Towards the demise of the Mountain Sea Gang and the retrieval of the iron bars, both the Ye family and the governor were very pleased by the situation. Aside from this, there's also another unexpected surprise for Lan Ying Wu. During his search of the vault in the aftermath, he found a large number of account books left behind inside, clear proof that the gang had operated as the bandits plaguing the waterway earlier in the years.

After reporting his findings to the court, Governor Lan then earned another huge merit to his name.

On the other hand, the Ye family also profited greatly by this outcome.

Following the appearance of the ghost emperor, all attentions were pulled away from the fact that they had lost the shipment for a brief period, meaning they wouldn't be reprimanded by the military. In the end, the delivery went successfully and due to the vacuum of power, the Ye family managed to take this opportunity to incorporate the remnant powers that once worked under the gang. In merely six months, the Ye family had completely replaced the Mountain Sea Gang as the fourth biggest factionary power in Glass City.

Nevertheless, all of these are nothing but superficial divisions of interest. Unbeknownst to the world, a certain individual had been spending her recent days busily going over her victory harvest in private.

Sitting atop of a jewelry box filled to the brim, Little Squeak was currently going over his own appearance: a bracelet on his neck, rings on his legs, and a glittering ruby necklace on his head.

Not far away, stacked into neat piles were tons of gold and silver with the occasional sighting of precious Dan pills, yellow class weapons, and martial tablets mixed inside.

No matter which of these, if brought into the public for sale, they would no doubt sell for a hefty price tag. Yet, all these rare goods were thrown on the ground like mountains of garbage.

For the average person, to move so much goods at once, it would take at least several hours using multiple people. However, for Ling Yue who had the spirit force, she only needed to invoke her mind to do it because she had the magical place known as the Red Mist Sky.

That day, after she entered the vault, Ling Yue immediately transported the goods into her dimensional space while at the same time swapped the vault's content with the iron bars.

Even till death, Sha Kaung wouldn't have believed his wealth would be on the little wrench beside him the entire time. But for the Mountain Sea Gang to have such an incredible amount of wealth was beyond our girl's expectation.

Like cleaning and classification, that alone took her over a month's to complete. Calculating everything down to the last coin, the total profit she earned from this venture equaled to a worth of a hundred and fifty thousand gold in market value.

A hundred and fifty thousand gold, just thinking of that number resulted in a smile that Ling Yue couldn't remove from her face. Even her eyes were smiling the money sign!

Looking at it this way, she had now been officially promoted to a rich woman from a peasant. It's about time she thought about how to make good use of this money.


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