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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 127


Chapter 127

Chapter 127 ’’I'm Not Small, Just Young!’’

Even till last breath, Sha Kaung's eye remains open, unable to accept his fate. Ironically, his son's body - Sha Zhan - was also lying nearby with him on the ground. A fate worthy of their deeds.

Moving up to the body, Ling Yue rummages through the dead man's possession and manages to haul out a tiny satchel laced with gold threads. Besides this, there's nothing else. No Thunder Seed, no nothing.

’’This satchel?’’ Puzzled, Ling Yue presses her spirit force into the object to investigate. To her great delight, there's a secret inside: a tiny dimensional storage space.

Stacked with dozens of things, there's around five Thunder Seed grenades, some gold, jewelry and stuff. Likely extorted out of the common folks over the years by the Mountain Sea Gang.

’’It's a treasure bag, a special storage artifact created by an alchemist.’’ Just as Ling Yue was happily figuring out the uses of the item, a dangerous yet seductive voice drifts into her ear. Finding it oddly familiar, all of her hair immediately became raised like a startled cat because she recognized the owner. Someone annoying and not welcomed in her life.

Due to Sha Kaung's weariness of the soldiers outside, the guy had intentionally reset the locks on the vault so none could come in unless they make a commotion. So why...

’’Why is it you again?!’’ She shoots around at the dreaded man behind her.

Seriously, it's so strange that I'm constantly running into this fella so often recently.

Ling Yue can be certain, this man named Wu Chong was not from here, nor does she have any information pertaining to this individual in any way.

Towards the unknown, it's only natural a human would want to exclude itself from it while also being curious at the same time.

This man is too mysterious. No matter when he appears, it's always without signal and only during life and death situations.

’’Who would be worried about a child like you who got neither bust or butt as a woman.’’ The cherry lip from this man may look very seductive and charming, but every word that jumps out of it would cause Ling Yue to grind her teeth to the point of being painful.

This damn man, why is it every time he appears there would never be anything good out of his mouth.

’’Who has no bust or butt, I just didn't hit puberty yet,’’ she subconsciously puffs up her chest to give the illusion of them being bigger.

When she was newly reborn the new her, Ling Yue's figure can only be described as malnourished. But for a while now, following her improved diet, there's been a great improvement to her stature and assets.

Now that she's deliberately raising her sizable chest - though still small - it did in fact attract the masked man's attentive gaze.

Becoming aware of the person's focus, from teasing to admiring, Ling Yue promptly felt a cold chill running down her spine. Shivering at the thought, she then remembered the previous encounter... Jolting backward instantly, she hurried covers her chest with her arms, afraid the man in front of her would suddenly transform into the big bad wolf and devour her completely this time.

Perhaps of the fresh take on her sudden reaction, the golden masked man reacts with a laugh like he's entertained by this. His loud voice creating an echoing effect inside the vault.

’’Little YueYue, you are such a perfect fit for my appetite. Pity, right now you are still too 'small'. Once you grow a bit 'bigger', I won't mind gobbling you up for good when the times come.’’ He then gave Ling Yue's chest several more peeks to assess the imminent prize.

Flushing pink red from embarrassment and anger, Ling Yue wanted to rush up and start beating the shameless bastard. Unfortunately, she also knows very well she can't for even the phoenixes weren't an opponent for this man, let alone the insignificant her.

’’You pervert...!’’ she casts a growling glare at him, trying hard to cover her breasts and bottom part like she's totally naked in front of him.

’’If not for this pervert here setting up a hole for the young Sha to fall into, you think your little plan would've went so well? Tell Lan Ying Wu that the Sha pair owes me, Wu Chong, money. I'll be taking their heads as payment for their debts.’’ In a whisk of his sleeve, the heads from both corpses instantly disappeared from sight like a magic show.

Just as she wanted to retort, the figure of this hateful man had disappeared by then, leaving only two headless corpses on the ground.

’’Ling Yue! Ling Yue! Are you all right in there?’’ Outside the vault, a series of anxious inquiries rocked the place.

After Sha Kaung took Ling Yue hostage last night, Lan Caier took the liberty to notify the Ye family of the situation while her father and his troops surrounded the estate, afraid the madman would do anything unfavorable without notice.

But then who would've guessed. Just this morning, a dark figure suddenly bypassed all the soldiers and even the governor himself to break into the vault. Afraid for her friend's safety due to the unexpected intruder, Lan Caier started to cry out from the outside in hopes of getting a reply.

Therefore, when Ling Yue came out unscathed to leave behind two headless corpses inside the vault, it came as a great surprise to those waiting.

’’What exactly is this? And that person, who is he?’’ Finding his god daughter fine and well, Lan Ying Wu was relieved by the outcome. But then, as soon as his gaze fell upon the corpses of the two, his expression promptly turned stern with worry.

In his view, Ling Yue had absolutely no chance of killing Sha Kaung with her strength.

’’It's... Wu Chong, god father, do you know this man?’’ A bit hesitant, Ling Yue eventually decided to tell the truth and repeated what the man said.

Upon hearing the name 'Wu Chong', literally every person inside the place became stoned, afraid to believe their ears. An eerie silence reigned over the vault.

’’Your grace, outside ... outside, all of the men from the Mountain Sea Gang, all of them.... They're all dead!’’ A soldier stumbles into the vault and broke the dreary atmosphere, his face both anxious and scared.

’’Say it slowly, who is killed?’’ Lan Ying Wu wrinkles his forehead into a knot for he has a bad premonition on what's coming up.

Can it be, the man responsible for killing the Sha pair is in fact that terrifying person from the rumors?

After Sha Kaung took Ling Yue hostage last night, Governor Lan had ordered his soldiers to round up every member of the Mountain Sea Gang - around five hundred something people - and placed them under lockdown in the training field. Then came this morning during the soldiers shift change. In that brief gap where there's no witnesses, every person inside that field were slaughtered, leaving none left to tell the tale.

What's more chilling was the methods used in this killing. Not a single soul excluded, every one of these people were killed with a single palm strike to the head, crushing their skulls and blowing their brains and innards away like shrapnel's. A bonified carnage field.

Quick and fast, this deed was clearly done by a single person of immense skill.

’’It's really the Ghost Emperor Wu Chong, only he can kill so many without alerting the authority.’’ Despite his long years in the battlefield, even this veteran general with much experience when it came to life and death was trembling at the senseless cruelty of the bloodshed.

’’Your grace, after the man killed everyone, he also left behind a sentence in the field saying 'a little gift, no need for thanks'.’’ After telling the last part, the informing soldier promptly turned around and started to vomit profusely.

No matter who it might be, they would no doubt react the same way like this soldier after seeing five hundred something headless corpses in a field.


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