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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 126


Chapter 126

Chapter 126 ’’Eradication of the Mountain Sea gang’’

When it became known that Ling Yue was an evil alchemist, Sha Kaung's expression promptly changed for the worse. Compared to his Mountain Sea Gang mainly comprised of thugs and thieves, the threat of an alchemist practicing the dark arts far exceeded his own.

There are no shortages of rumors pertaining to these evil cults, but the most recent one indicates that many of these evil alchemists have started to infiltrate neighboring kingdoms in order to expand their claim. Matched with the rapid rise of the Ye family in recent days, and how the girl was a capable poison user, Sha Kaung for the most part believed the story at this point.

As Ling Yue continues to spout her nonsense, she didn't forget to take notice of the changing expression on her captor's face.

’’If you don't believe me then I can take out my sect's token and equipment.’’ As she says this, Ling Yue quickly pulled out Fang Hao's badge token and the blood daggers she got from Master Lian. Whether or not these things are effective proof, she honestly doesn't know. What she does know though was that they looked very evil and gave off a dangerous vibe from first glance. The blood daggers also wreaked of blood if that helped in any way to further her story..

By now Ling Yue can acutely sense Sha Kaung's hand starting to tremble.

’’Boss Sha, do you still not believe me? Just think about it. If I wasn't an evil alchemist, then how can Governor Lan suddenly have a breakthrough when he's suffering from an old injury. Let me tell you, that man has already joined us, hence the reason why I helped him in making a breakthrough.’’ The last remark became the final straw in crushing the camel to death.

Hesitating, Sha Kaung loosened his hand to release Ling Yue. It didn't matter to him. As long as they are both inside the vault, he's confident the girl can't escape from himself.

’’Your sect truly have a way to break into the reincarnation realm, even if I'm only an upper celestial martialist?’’ He's dreamt of this since forever. This was particularly true when he witnessed Lan Ying Wu's immense strength after the governor made his breakthrough.

’’That is only natural, in fact, it's not difficult at all. My sect has a special ingredient, a wine, it will help one easily advance into the reincarnation realm once consumed. I currently have a jar stored in Lan Caier's place. As long as you drink it then you will have a breakthrough by tonight. By then, you will have nothing to fear from the governor.’’ Ling Yue's persuasive words were stirring up a storm inside Sha Kaung's heart.

However, this man's not stupid enough to believe a story based solely on a little girl's claim. To be able to helm a powerful gang inside Glass City, he's gotta have some wits to his brain.

’’Boss Sha, if you don't believe me then you can have someone go fetch the wine from the governor's estate. I will drink it with you to disperse any suspicion that you have. Sadly, due to my shallow cultivation, the benefits of the wine will likely be wasted on me.’’ Ling Yue sounded very sincere when she said the last part.

After contemplating the proposal for a while, he eventually succumbed to the temptation and had someone go fetch the wine.

Before long, Lan Caier personally stood in front of the two with the indicated jar.

’’Sha Kaung, I've brought the wine already. If you dare harm Ling Yue in any way then I will crush your entire gang at once.’’ Lan Caier hands the wine over, not forgetting to secretly wink at her good friend in the process.

Without a single word, Sha Kaung impatiently receives the wine and tore the sealing paper off knowing this was the key to his advancement.

As soon he did so, an intoxicating fragrance overwhelmed his nose and showered his eyes with a rainbow glow.

For someone whose been alive for decades already, he's honestly never seen such a miraculous wine before. If another told him right now this alcohol was meant for the deities to consume, he will certainly believe it.

’’Damn wrench, you drink some first,’’ he forcefully stuffs the jar in front of Ling Yue's face.

Giving the wine a sniff, she was relieved to know Lan Caier did in fact got her hint and brought the Rainbow Five Treasure wine over.

Picking it up, Ling Yue directly gulps a mouthful down without second thought. From her abdomen, a vigorous amount of Yuan energy began to swell out from within.

’’I feel like I'm going to have a breakthrough.’’ As she says this, Ling Yue hurriedly sat down in a meditative pose. From the air surrounding her body, a gush of dark Yin energy began to gather like she's truly making an advancement.

Watching the realistic acting of the girl before him, the thought of this being fake never once crossed Sha Kaung's mind. Who can imagine Ling Yue was in fact using this time to expel the wine through her fingertips?

It can't be blamed on Sha Kaung for this major blunder. Since Ling Yue never exposed her true strength in front of anyone, there would of course be no information apart from what she led on. To the public's eye, there should only be Ye Huang Yu whose an upper celestial martialist while Ye Gu and his sons are lower celestial martialists in the Ye family.

This girl can't be an upper celestial martialist with her young age... Yes, it must be the wine!

Finding no symptoms of poisoning either, Sha Kaung felt safe enough to try it himself. Picking up the jar, he chugged a good mouthful in one gulp.

After Sha Kaung ingested the wine, he immediately wanted to attempt a breakthrough. Sure enough, a wave of Yuan energy started to swell out like an avalanche, constantly pushing against his abdomen like it's about to burst.

’’Breakthrough, I'm finally about to have a breakthrough!’’ Sha Kaung laughs hysterically.


From the abdomen position, the sound of a sudden explosion caused him to halt any sort of laughter in that instant.

Bang Bang

More and more explosions started to reach his ears from differing segments of his body. This included his hands, foot, and even his head.

As a mere upper celestial martialist, there's no way Sha Kaung could bear the massive influx of Yuan energy created by the wine's full might. Before long, his entire being had become a lion ridden with holes due to the exploding beams of energy shooting out.

’’How could this be... reincarn... breakthrough... I will have you die with me!’’ Unable to accept his fate, Sha Kaung makes an unsightly face and attempts to approach Ling Yue to drag her into the impending explosion.

Even by this point, he can't understand why the girl would be fine after ingesting the same liquid as himself.

’’Breakthrough? You no longer have that chance.’’ Fully expelling the wine honey from her system, Ling Yue unhurriedly stands up.

From her eyes, a gleam of ruthlessness takes hold. Then in a flash, several Dragon Saliva Needles flies out and raises a howling effect from the sliced wind.

Having his head pierced with multiple needle holes, Sha Kaung gave one last unwilling and unforgiving glare at Ling Yue. Finally, this full-grown man falls down and goes limp, losing all life from his eyes in the process.


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