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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 125


Chapter 125

Chapter 125 ’’Into Danger’’

Sha Zhan originally thought he could turn things around with that attempt, but he became stumped at a single question.

’’My son, quickly say it, explain what happened, father is here to help you.’’ If they can't come up with an excuse after being caught red handed with the stolen goods, the entire Mountain Sea Gang will be finished otherwise.

’’This... These iron bars were all moved into the vault by this woman alone,’’ Sha Zhan began to stutter in his words.

In truth, he doesn't know for certainty how the wrench managed to transport the goods into the vault. After being captured, Sha Zhan was briefly interrogated by Ling Yue in order to gain knowledge of the key's whereabout. Once that's done, the sucker and his goons were then left tied to a tree under the watchful eye of Big Yellow and Little Squeak acting as their warden.

’’Preposterous! Sha Zhan, you just don't know when to give up. Do you expect me to believe a little girl like Ling Yue can single-handedly transport ten thousand iron bars by herself from the bottom of the river?! If you want to come up with a story then at least make a better one!’’ Governor Lan was so mad that he's fuming.

The news of the Mountain Sea Gang hiding the iron bars inside their vault were given to him by his daughter Lan Caier. As to why his daughter would know about this, he honestly doesn't know. Sure, he's somewhat bothered by how weird everything's panning out, but to be able to eradicate a scourge like the Mountain Sea Gang in the process, he's perfectly happy to play the role.

’’No, this woman, it's her, she must have used some evil technique to pull this off! I know, Master Lian also died by her hands last time so it must be her!’’ Turning red in his eyes after being cornered, Sha Zhan wanted to pounce at the girl to take her with him.

’’You! Poison... The poison... ’’ A painful cramp possessed his abdomen.

’’Sha Zhan, you are indeed someone without credibility. Now that you've mentioned it, the timing should be about right for the poison to take effect.’’ Ling Yue already expected someone as villainous as this boy to not keep his words;therefore, the poison she fed him never had an antidote to begin with.

’’Nooo~!’’ You bitch! Hurry, hurry and give me the antidote.’’ Sha Kaung screams at Ling Yue, his son slowly dying in his hand.

With the passing of his only child, Sha Kaung wouldn't have another heir to pass on his name, meaning the end of the Sha family line.

’’There is no antidote to this poison.’’ Ling Yue coldly throws this out.

As a poison user, there's no reason for her to come up with an antidote when they are her enemy.

Upon hearing the cold hard truth, Sha Zhan finally succumbs to the poison and falls dead on the ground by profusely vomiting blood.

’’Someone come, arrest every member of the Mountain Sea Gang!’’ Governor Lan shakes his head over the scene. He takes no joy in watching a father having to witness their child's death, but against this pair, its justly deserved in this case. As the main underground power controlling Glass City, who hasn't suffered at their hands in one form or the other. From murder to robbery, there's nothing this group haven't done over the years.

Watching Sha Zhan's body slowly going limp and cold, this doting father have finally lost it. Turning red in his eyes, Sha Kaung unleashed the full might of his power against the guards closing in on him and sent the rabbles flying. Then in astonishing speed, he leaped in front of Ling Yue and clawed at her throat to man a hostage.

’’How dare you Sha Kaung!’’ Enraged by the defiance, Lan Ying Wu unleashes his power too and explodes in flame.

As an upper celestial martialist, Sha Kaung's strength far exceeded Ling Yue's, forcing her to lose the ability to temporarily defend herself.

’’You damn wrench, you killed my only son! No one is to come over, otherwise I will drag all of you with me to the underworld!’’ The bloodthirstiness in his eyes were full of paranoia and madness.

From Sha Kaung's sleeve, two round things rolled out onto his palm.

’’Thunder Seed?’’ Getting a clear look at the objects, Lan Ying Wu immediately went white in his complexion.

The things in Sha Kaung's hand were a special type of weapon that can only be made by an alchemist specializing in forging artifacts. When unleashed, it will explode and cause devastation to everything in its nearby vicinity. For someone like Lan Ying Wu who's a reincarnation realm martialist, even he can't come out unscathed when taking this stuff head on.

Seeing how the governor has retracted his Yuan energy, Sha Kaung maniacally started laughing.

’’What, even the dignified and invincible general of Da Xia has to fear me now? What's so great about the reincarnation realm, in the end you still have to kneel before me.’’

Secretly complacent over his good judgement, Sha Kaung's been anticipating for this day to come. As someone that spent his entire life at the knife's edge, he had specifically ordered a set of these Thunder Seeds as a life saving measure despite the astronomical asking price.

Sure enough, Lan Ying Wu stopped any sudden movement after recognizing what he had.

Watching the dead body of his poor son, Sha Kaung wanted dearly to simply kill the girl in his hand. However, upon second thought, he figured the bitch might in fact know a way to break into the reincarnation realm. He can wait a bit, not like the wrench was going anywhere.

’’Ready one hundred thousand gold coins for me. Also, get me a carriage and a good coffin, fast!’’ Sha Kaung waves the Thunder Seeds around in a threatening manner.

’’Carriage and coffin is fine, but how do you expect us to ready so much gold at this hour. At the very least I will need till sunrise,’’ he knits his brow. Upon seeing there's no injury on Ling Yue other than a pale complexion, Lan Ying Wu exhales a sigh of relief.

If the girl were to become injured in the process, he honestly wouldn't know how to explain it to his wife, daughter, and the rest of the Ye family.

’’Mark my words, if things aren't ready by sunrise then I will immediately kill this girl and take the whole city with me!’’ Sha Kaung threatens everyone, his state partially drenched in madness.

No other option, Governor Lan can only retreat with his soldiers for now to leave behind Ling Yue and the criminal in the vault.

As soon as they were alone, Sha Kaung immediately started to chuckle, his eyes staring intently at Ling Yue: ’’Damn wrench, I will have you accompany my son to the grave!’’ At the mention, he's ready to give her a few slaps across the face.

’’Boss Sha, do you really want to do it? Don't you want to know where all the treasure in your vault went?’’ Ling Yue's certain the man doesn't intend to kill her right away, in fact, he won't even dare touch a hair.

Getting news of his wealth, Sha Kaung's face twitched so slightly, indicating he's tempted.

’’Where's all the treasure in the vault? Speak, otherwise I will pluck your nails off one by one until you beg for mercy. Also, I'll make sure your family can never step foot in Glass City again.’’ Self-proclaimed a ruthless and cold villain, Sha Kaung doesn't believe someone like him can't handle a fourteen-year-old wrench.

’’Boss Sha, don't be impatient, you think I can move so much gold and silver with me alone? I don't mind telling you the truth. The fact is, I'm actually an evil alchemist...’’ Ling Yue would of course not expose the whereabouts of the gold and silver. Getting an idea, she pulls out the identity of Fang Hao who had been lurking inside Governor Lan as her cover.

Speaking like it's the truth, she explains why she's been building up her relationship with the governor and that its all at the command of her sect. As for the valuables in the vault, she pinned it on some nonexistent seniors who came to move them overnight.

Partially taken in by the story, Sha Kaung started to doubt himself and found his mind unsure whether or not to make a move against this wrench.


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