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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 124


Chapter 124

Chapter 124 ’’Ransacked the Vault’’

To find Sha Zhan being so spineless and begging for mercy, both girls clearly held him in contempt. Then peering over to the other side where Big Yellow remains busy biting down at his victim's main artery, it didn't take long to understand why. Song Guang Zhi had breathed his last breath.

Waving at her friend, Little Squeak quickly rushed over to Ling Yue's side with evidence in toe.

The number of bars Sha Zhan and his men fished out of the lake tallied around a hundred, in other words, there remains to be around nine thousand something pieces at the bottom. Give or take for any missing. Fortunately for Ling Yue and Lan Caier, the iron appears to be fine thanks to the extra effort the Mountain Sea Gang took to secure the goods by using marked water proof bags.

’’Ling Yue, this is great. Since we are certain the rest is at the bottom of the river, we can call our people over to salvage the rest overnight.’’ Lan Caier cheerfully exclaimed over the averted crisis.

Now the only thought running through this little miss's head was the face everyone will make when they return with the entire missing shipment of iron. She can already see those jaws dropping.

Let's see if father and his aids will tout me as foolhardy again after this achievement!

’’Sister Lan, do you want to earn a big merit?’’ Ling Yue smiles at her dear friend.

’’Big merit, didn't we just do that? Do ten thousand iron bars not count for anything?’’ Lan Caier remains puzzled in her face.

’’Retrieving the iron bars is our duty and not a merit. However, if we can help remove a scourge for Glass City then that's different.’’ As she says this, Ling Yue then shot a glance at Sha Zhan on the ground, sending the coward shivering by the extra attention.

’’You! What are you planning to do?’’ A terrible premonition gripped his mind and the thought of getting a quick death like Song Guang Zhi didn't sound so bleak all of a sudden.

’’Nothing much, I'm just wondering what sort of fate would befall the Mountain Sea Gang if we suddenly found the iron shipment inside your home.’’ Ling Yue grins under the moonlight, causing her smile to blossom like a dazzling flower under the faint glow.

Losing his soul at that nefarious smile, Sha Zhan wanted to make a run for it when a reddish round pill gets forcefully stuffed into his mouth.

’’What did you feed me!’’ he exclaimed in panic. Sha Zhan didn't forget the fact that this dangerous girl was also a member of the alchemist association.

’’A poison concocted by me using a fire viper egg. Boss Sha, I suggest you do everything as we instruct, otherwise the only thing left for you is pain so immoral that you will wish you were dead.’’ Ling Yue may be showing a wonderous smile as she says this, but only a cold damp chill could be felt by the crowd.

Lan Caier was no exception to the surprise, ’’Oh momma, we are both born from a father and mother, yet why is Ling Yue so full of these great ideas. One after another, it's like she's farting them out like nothing!’’

Meh, no wonder father and his aids would tease me.

Immediately separating to carry out their tasks, Lan Caier was responsible for returning home to give the great news and to coordinate the timing of the arrest. Meanwhile, Ling Yue became charged with ordering Sha Zhan and his men to secretly carry out the action of 'framing' the rest of the Mountain Sea Gang.

Early next morning, a deafening number of footsteps shook the Mountain Sea Gang's base. Led by Governor Lan in his uniform, a thousand soldiers surrounded the premise.

At the current time, Sha Kaung remains soundly asleep on top of his seventh concubine's body when the commotion shook him awake. Knowing something must be wrong, this man didn't even bother dressing himself properly when he rushed out of the room.

By now the entire Mountain Sea Gang had already fell into disarray.

’’Boss, not good, Governor Lan brought a thousand soldiers with him and demands to search our place. They claim we stole the iron shipment and is hiding it somewhere here,’’ a person stumbles out of the crowd to report.

’’Lan Ying Wu again? Humph, did they not search enough the last time they were here.’’ Despite the chaotic mess, Sha Kaung didn't show an ounce of panic or surprise.

In his mind, he's certain there's nothing stored at his estate anyways. No matter how the other side searched, no evidence will show up.

’’Sha Kaung, someone reported that ten thousand iron bars are hidden inside your vault,’’ Lan Ying Wu and his entourage walks.

’’Your grace, this is clearly a false accusation. I will state this now. Your repeated harassment with your people have enraged me. If nothing shows up this time, I will bring my claim to the capital even if it kills me.’’ Sha Kaung coldly grunts, indicating his displeasure.

’’Whether or not this is a false accusation will be made clear once we check,’’ waving his hand, Lan Ying Wu signals the soldiers to rush inside.

Clearly disgruntled by the treatment, Sha Kaung wanted to stop them but couldn't. He's not foolish enough to have a direct conflict with the governor who just broke through to the reincarnation realm.

’’Report! There are nine locks placed on the vault, we are unable to break in,’’ one of the guards quickly returned with this bad news.

’’Boss Sha, I'm sure you know what to do right?’’ Governor Lan squints his eye at Sha Kaung, forcing the latter to unwilling bring out the keys into unlocking the doors.

After the last obstacle was removed, Governor Lan and the rest of the soldiers behind him all lost their voices.

With his back facing the vault, Sha Kaung remains oblivious to the cause of their silence. Annoyed and angry, he begins to speak: ’’Governor Lan, you've seen it now right? Aside from the wealth I accumulated over the years, there's nothing else inside.’’

’’Sha Kaung, I would turn around first before speaking,’’ Lan Ying Wu coldly sneered.

Hearing the confidence in the other side's voice, Sha Kaung hesitantly returns his head to be shockingly baffled by what he saw.

How can this be!

Neatly stacked inside the vault were ten thousand pieces of iron bars!

’’How can this be, it's impossible! Why are these iron bars...’’ Sha Kaung's open jaw could literally stuff a whole egg at this point.

No matter how he thought about it, this guy simply can't think of a reason why the stolen goods would be inside his vault.

Worst of all, the original gold, silver and jewelry that should've been inside were all missing!

’’Boss Sha, the question you must be asking is why are these things inside your vault and not at the bottom of the river right? To answer that, I think it's best to invite your son out here to explain.’’ At the mention, a panic-stricken voice breaks the mood.

Coming into the scene were Sha Zhan at the front along with Ling Yue and her friend Lan Caier in the back.

’’You bitch, what's the meaning of this!?’’ watching his son in disbelief, Sha Kaung curses at Ling Yue.

’’Help me governor! Help me father! Everything is all orchestrated by this bitch from the Ye family. She kidnapped me and then forced me to ingest some sort of poison. Using that as a threat, she then coerced me into finding the vault's spare key so she can transport all of the stolen goods into our home! Your grace, you must get justice for our Mountain Sea Gang!’’ Sha Zhan's a cunning one. Along the way he played the helpless fool, then upon reveal, he immediately turned the story around and bit back at his capturer.

Lan Ying Wu first looked at Ling Yue, then back at the father and son duo.

’’Oh, Sha Zhan, are you certain I'm the one who transported these goods here? If so, how did I move them alone?’’ In front of the allegation, Ling Yue not only didn't get anxious, she instead started to question the fool with a smile.


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