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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 123


Chapter 123

Chapter 123 ’’Caught Red Handed’’

At first Sha Zhan also suspected the acquisition was but a scheme set up by the governor's side, but after careful observation in the past few days, he's confident the man was as he said: a businessman.

Knowing its safe, he then loosens his guard and came looking.

Already coordinated with Ling Yue and Lan Caier before hand, the man acting as the foreign buyer will get straight to the point when Sha Zhan arrives.

’’This young master, so you are saying you have the finest Yuan Iron in the market? If so then I will take them all, but first, I want to inspect the goods.’’

’’Rest assured, who doesn't know my name in town as Boss Sha Zhan. I have a sample here for you check.’’ As he says this, Sha Zhan grabs the bar out of his pocket and places it on the table.

Unbeknownst to this foolish boy, there's a concealed little hole right behind him in the wall. Peering in on the exchange were Lan Caier and Ling Yue in the next room.

After getting a clear look of the Yuan iron bar on the table, both girls exchanged a glance, certain the metal had originated from the Ye family's forge.

’’Seventy percent, not bad. The value of this piece alone is worth twenty gold. Boss Sha, would you happen to have more of this in your possession? I can double the price if you do.’’ The foreign buyer nods his head repeatedly, appearing to be satisfied with the sample.

Likewise, Sha Zhan was also beaming with delight.

He's already made the calculations. He owes ten thousand gold in gambling debts, meaning he only needs to sell five hundred bars to make it even. Afterwards, all he needs to do was to knab several more pieces of the eighty percent grade and he be good for the coming months. Not like his father would notice anyways from the large stash they stole. That's right, he's good.

’’I do have more, but we need to wait till nightfall before fetching the rest. This matter, besides you and me, I don't want anyone else knowing about it.’’ Agreeing on a time to meet, Sha Zhan then took his leave from the inn without alarming anyone to his presence.

That night, approximately one hour after the night lamps were lit and most asleep, Sha Zhan quietly snuck back into the inn to meet the foreign businessman.

Despite his philandering personality, Sha Zhan was uncharacteristically prudent this time around. Checking the area prior to coming, he also made sure to blindfold the man before placing the guy into the carriage.

Yet, he should've done better because when they were inside the carriage and heading out, a chubby looking thing had climbed onto the roof without their knowledge.

After a brief period of traveling, the carriage eventually came to a halt at a secluded location near the riverside of the Glass River.

From the lush greenery of this area, several men hiding in wait behind the darkness sprang out at their arrival.

’’Boss Sha, I brought several of our brothers from the gang with me.’’ Among them were Song Guang Zhi.

’’My friend, what about the Yuan iron that I want?’’ The foreign buyer asks in a depressed mood over his treatment.

’’It will just be a minute. I will have it ready briefly.’’ Giving the signal to his cronies, several of the men then jumps into the water in search of something.

After a short period of diving, each men returned with a bag in hand made out of waterproof material.

Receiving one of the bags, Sha Zhan then tears an opening and out came twenty odd pieces of iron bars.

To think the very shipment everyone's been searching for were in plain sight at the bottom of the river, what a hiding spot.

So what happened was that after the Ye family took the crown in the smelting conference, Sha Kaung's been holding a serious grudge for his loss and has been plotting ever since to exact revenge. This time around, after much difficulty and much bribing, he's finally found a chance after learning when the shipment would leave for the garrison camp.

He first designed the plan to bribe the boatmen who were responsible for the ships, and then at night, he would carve a hole in the hull to sink the vessels.

To be able to become the boss of a gang of formidable size, Sha Kaung can't be an idiot. Knowing ten thousand Yuan iron bars can't be sold right away, otherwise risking exposure, he can only hide the stash inside the river until things calmed down.

By doing it this way, even if the governor flipped his entire estate around, there would be no evidence to trace back to himself.

In truth, the old weasel was correct in thinking so. If not for the leak on Sha Zhan's end, Ling Yue and the rest would never find the location of the stash even if they looked their entire life.

’’Go down and salvage some more,’’ just as Sha Zhan was at his happiest, thinking about the good times that were awaiting him, the bar in his hand suddenly went missing like something just snatched it out of his grasp.


Startled by the sound, Sha Zhan and the rest all turned to look at the source of that noise. From the roof of the carriage, there appears to be a white fluffy thing that shouldn't be there, and its making a face at them!

’’That thing is that bitch's pet!’’ Song Guang Zhi immediately recognized Little Squeak's origin.

’’Seize it, or things will be exposed!’’ Sha Zhan calls out in fright. He's been so worried about being trailed by a person that he didn't take notice of the little runt.

At first Sha Zhan and Song Guang Zhi both thought they could easily subdue the tiny fox considering their cultivation, but after several attempts, they didn't even touch his tail.

Making a leap into the air by backpedaling his legs, Little Squeak then rolled up to the bars on the ground to snatch some ammunition. He may be small, but Little Squeak got some good shooting skills. For a minute there, both men ended up spending their entire time evading the incoming bullets like clowns that they are.

’’What are you all still standing there for! Hurry and catch this little runt!’’ Sha Zha may be a martialist with better defenses than a regular person, but that doesn't mean he can't be injured. In one misstep, a giant bun was now growing out of his forehead after eating one of the flying bars.

At least he only got a bruise because his partner Song Guang Zhi didn't fare so well. Bleeding like a waterfall from getting smashed too hard, the former young master of the Song House was a total mess.

Humph, think I will be afraid just because you got the numbers!?

In the face of multiple opponents, Little Squeak courageously took them head on by making a loud whistling sound by puffing up his cheeks.

In kahoot with the noise, a shadow rapidly sprang out of the thick grasses.

Like the wind, Big Yellow ferociously pounced on Song Guang Zhi's body and bit down at the neck without hesitation.

Shocked by the turn of events, Sha Zhan then turned his gaze towards the carriage to find it already gone from sight along with the businessman. Now he knew, he's been played.

’’Let's go, we're leaving!’’ Afraid to stick around, Sha Zhan ignores the wellbeing of his partner and directed his goons to leave.

’’Boss Sha Zhan, where are you going so quickly? Did you not say you are going to roast Little Squeak on a stick?’’ A teasing voice belonging to that of a girl reaches their ear.

Coming out of hiding, Ling Yue and Lan Caier reveals themselves to the group.

Finding the governor's daughter also being present, Sha Zhan knew he's done for now. Turning ghostly white, he loses his footing and falls into a kneeling position on the ground.

’’Lady Lan, I am wrong, I confess, please have mercy on me.’’ He pleads by smashing his head against the ground repeatedly.


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