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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 120


Chapter 120

Chapter 120 ’’Ninety-Nine Paper Cranes’’

When Ling Yue left the governor's estate, she wasn't aware of the fact that her god father had already contacted her mother to discuss the matter of taking her with him to the capital.

Furthermore, it's also mainly due to this goodwill from Lan Ying Wu that she will be able to reinvent herself and carry out her plans for revenge more smoothly in the future.

Prior to arriving at Feng Shen's place, Ling Yue had also made an extra stop at the alchemist association. Coming out again, there's an extra white jade box in her hand.

’’My name is Ye Ling Yue, I would like to meet high highness the Phoenix Lord. Mr. guard, would you please inform your housekeeper of my arrival.’’ Ling Yue wanted to say some more because she wasn't so sure this would be enough to grant her an audience.

Contrary to her worries though, the guards stationed at the doorway only needed her name to clear a path without bothering to get permission from the inside.

Upon entering the residence, Ling Yue immediately became overwhelmed by how the grand the place was in its construction.

As per Lan Caier says, the Phoenix House was indeed the richest entity in North Qing. Even for a residence that's not scheduled for Feng Shen's arrival, this place was huge! Compared to the governor's estate, the scale of this mansion was at least five times that, making Lan Caier's home look small and miniscule!

Aside from the magnificent scale of its size, the atmosphere here carried with it both the uniqueness found in the north and the south, a fusion of both regions. Small bridges with running water underneath, walls made of large slabs of rock to showcase the toughness of the north, all the constructions here were clearly orchestrated by a great master architect.

As to the reason why Feng Shen would suddenly want to leave the city, it would have to do with a certain hot spring.

Several months ago, some adventurers had accidentally discovered a natural hot spring near the capital in the forested area. Intrigued by the discovery, the king of Da Xia personally instructed those down below to build a villa in that region for royal use.

And then when this king learned of Feng Shen's condition and that he had another attack, he immediately handed down a decree to allow the Phoenix Lord to use the hot spring as he pleases. This way he can gain some favors in front of this famous prince of North Qing and not look snobby as a inconsiderate ruler.

Worried for his young lord's wellbeing, Mr. Mu naturally wouldn't want to give up on this opportunity. Therefore, he kept nagging at the young lord to go visit the hot spring to help improve his condition.

Although Feng Shen himself didn't favor the idea very much, but the other party was ultimately the ruler of this kingdom, making it difficult to directly refuse the offer. No other choice, he can only depart from Glass City and head for Da Xia's capital.

At the moment he was in the middle of contemplating on how to say goodbye to Ling Yue until he was interrupted by a servant informing him of the girl's arrival.

Hearing this great news, Feng Shen's sadness and worry were instantly blown away.

’’Teacher, do I look okay today?’’ Feng Shen suddenly started to tense up.

’’You look very good young master. In fact, you've never looked better ever since you met that girl.’’ Mr. Mu deliberately makes a cough to remind his lord that he's still the host and needs to act like one. Though he says that, the old elder remains delighted over Feng Shen's recent improvement.

On several occasions, this nosy old grandpa had secretly hidden himself nearby to observe the young lord during the day. To the old man's surprise, he was shocked to find Feng Shen fiddling with a golden paper crane next to the window step, his mouth a constant smile.

This scene nearly sent Mr. Mu over the edge and caused him to cry because that's never happened before.

’’Teacher, what are you saying, Ling Yue and I are just good friends.’’ As if caught red handed, Feng Shen hurriedly explains himself in a flustered manner.

’’Young master, the thing is, have you ever thought about taking the little girl as your concubine...?’’ Mr. Mu had investigated Ling Yue's background. His finding thus far tells the girl hailed from a woman of a small merchant family living in Glass City.

Back when he overheard Ling Yue had managed to 'cure' the young lord of his illness, Mr. Mu originally thought the girl was proficient in medicine. But following his recent investigation and the reports by the guards, it's become blatantly clear to this old housekeeper that the young master only became better because he liked the girl.

That's when it dawned on this old man. The young lord was already seventeen years of age, a time where most noble males would've taken a wife and produced at least child, either with the main wife or with the concubines.

As to the reason why he never arranged for something similar in the past was in part due to the young lord's refusal and the illness. But everything's changed now. Watching the arrival of Ling Yue, it's a certainty Feng Shen wouldn't say 'no'.

Logically speaking, with Ling Yue's lowly status as a merchant's daughter, she wouldn't be worthy of being the wife of the Phoenix Lord. Luckily the girl was taken by the governor as his god daughter. This way around, she could still be regarded as a member of a military family, just enough to justify a position as a concubine.

Believing things should be so, Mr. Mu didn't second doubt the idea in the least. Yet, when he brought the plan up to Feng Shen's attention, the young man instantly had a change of face.

’’Teacher, you mustn't say something so randomly.’’ Feng Shen's word greatly puzzled the old elder.

’’Master, do you not like Miss Ye, or are you afraid the royal family will not approve of the young lady, thinking she's not a good match for you?’’

’’I... a man like I, how can I be qualified to be with someone like her. Moreover, she deserves someone better than me, someone that's not constantly ill.’’ His words carried a hint of sadness and self-condemnation.

This would be for the first time in his life that he hated fate for its injustice.

His cold illness was a deadly condition that can't be looked down upon. Not only can he not have children with his other half due to the extreme symptoms, the cold will also gradually threaten his partner's life due to the constant close contact.

Towards Ling Yue, he truly does care for her. Knowing he can't become man and wife with that girl, Feng Shen's mood quickly turned sour and fidgety.

Taking this all in from the side, Mr. Mu can only sigh.

Between their discussion, Ling Yue had already walked into the room to come face to face with Feng Shen. Their gaze interlocked that both remains oblivious to the fact that Mr. Mu had secretly snuck away.

’’Feng Shen, I heard you are leaving Glass City today. You shouldn't be like this you know. When something so important occurs, you should at the very least inform us of your departure so we can see you off.’’ Prior to her coming, Ling Yue had thought there's still some time before Feng Shen departs. But through the little discussions she picked up from the passing guards, she then learns the guy planned to leave today.

Upon getting this news, Ling Yue's inadvertently raised some waves in her heart. As much as this bothered her, she didn't think anything else of it and took it as her own form of sadness for losing a good friend.

After all, she didn't have that many friends around aside from Lan Caier. Feng Shen was her only male friend of similar age.

’’I was going to tell you today, just that I didn't know how to say it.’’ Catching the splint of reluctance in Ling Yue's eye, Feng Shen's mood inexplicably picked up knowing he will be missed.

’’If fate would permit then we will meet again. Considering your body's condition, its best you find some more experienced alchemists to have a look in the capital. Oh ya, the gifts you sent me and Lan Caier is very nice, just that I don't have anything of similar value. Here is jade box for your departure. Nothing fancy, just my form of saying thank you.’’ Not waiting for the guy to say anything else, she stuffs the jade box into Feng Shen's hand.

Who knows if it was due to Ling Yue's statement, or the fact that he touched her hand just now, but Feng Shen found his heart tingling with warmth. As for the unhappiness caused by Mr. Mu's wording earlier, all of those negative feelings were washed away at this moment.

This wasn't the first time Feng Shen had received a gift from someone else, but to receive a gift from the girl he like, this was a first!

Opening the jade box and looking inside, a flicker of light passes through his eyes at that instant.

These are... paper cranes.

Ninety-nine in total. The sizes may vary, but all were neatly folded into the shape of a crane.

’’Before I didn't know the owner of that golden crane is you. The words I wrote on it are all nonsense I made without thinking so don't take it to heart. There's ninety-nine here, which I folded myself using my spirit force. The trip to the capital of Da Xia is long. If you ever have another relapse along the way, be sure to take one of these out, they will help you.’’ What Ling Yue didn't tell the guy was that in each of these little paper cranes are a wisp of her spirit smoke.

The effects definitely can't be compared to herself treating the young man, but at the very least it should be enough to secure the trip long enough until he arrives at the destination where more experienced alchemists can help.

’’Ling Yue, thank you for your gift, I like it a lot.’’ Feng Shen holds the box dearly like he's flying through the clouds, all because he now knew Ling Yue had him in her heart.

Feng Shen doesn't know if he will have another relapse along the way to the capital, but he does know one thing for certain, he's not going to use any of these paper cranes. In his entire life, he regards this gift as the greatest present he's ever received.


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