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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 119


Chapter 119 ’’The Phoenix Lord's Gift’’

Following the event of Ling Yue becoming the governor's god daughter, it didn't take long for the relationship between both families to link up. Likewise, the governor's wife and Ye Huang Yu ended up a perfect fit and were soon good friends like their daughter. And let's not begin mentioning the part where Lan Caier would constantly invite Ling Yue over for sleepovers.

As a daughter of a military family, its expected of Lan Caier to practice martial art early in her life, hence giving the girl a solid foundation. Occasionally, this elder sister will advise Ling Yue in some places.

Like today for example. Both girls were busy practicing their martial art in the governor's training room. Sweaty and smelly, both needed some rest after the sparring match.

When Lan Caier exchanged blows with her newfound sister just now, she quickly found out how agile and responsive Ling Yue can be when using both her spirit force and martial art. Unable to resist it, she begins advising her little sister about the advantages of such attacks.

’’Dear ladies, people from the Phoenix House have sent gifts over for you two. They are currently in the main hall waiting.’’ The housekeeper hurriedly ran into the training room to report.

Ever since the banquet that night, every servant inside the governor's estate had learned about the new lady. Towards Ling Yue's status, none dared to look down at her and showed their upmost respect.

Back in the main hall, Lan Ying Wu was currently puzzled over the sudden visit. Going over all his memories, he figured the Phoenix Lord shouldn't have much correlation with his family or anyone in his command.

Looking over the visitation note;the content states the gifts are to congratulate the governor on his advancement into the reincarnation realm and to take in such a clever god daughter. Among the gifts are a yellow class weapon called the Blue Seal Shark Blade, four snowflake chargers (horse), ten wild ginsengs, thirty of the finest cloud silk of North Qing, and some of the finest jewelries one can find.

What a lineup of gifts!

Just as the governor wanted to decline the goodwill, both girls interrupt him by coming over.

’’Wow, isn't this the cloud silk that North Qing is so famous for? I heard they are worth their weight in gold and more in some cases! As expected of the richest man in North Qing, the Phoenix Lord is in a class of his own when he gets generous.’’ Lan Caier literally beamed stars out of her eyes when seeing the silk.

’’Good daughter, one mustn't take a reward when they aren't justly deserved. We can't take these gifts.’’ Governor Lan shakes his head in disapproval.

’’Of course we can accept them! Besides, these gifts aren't really for us, it's for little sister Ling Yue over there. Technically we are only benefiting by clinging onto Ling Yue's fortune. Ahaha!’’ Lan Caier repeatedly winks at her father in a gesturing manner. Her gaze constantly pointing to Ling Yue who was very embarrassed at the other end.

’’Now that we talking about it, the Phoenix Lord is about to leave Glass City. Ling Yue, why don't you go see him off when he leaves?’’ Lan Caier encouragingly buzzes around her sister like a bee.

Although Ling Yue was fuzzing up inside over Lan Caier's teasing, she's honestly worried about Feng Shen's wellbeing after recalling what happened in the marsh. She may not be able to cure the sickly individual, but at the very least she can elevate the conditions.

Don't be mistaken, she 'doesn't' have other ideas about the guy, it's just that.... after receiving a gift from someone, its only proper she go return the favor. Yes, that's right, there's no other meaning behind this, she's just going there to say goodbye and that's all!

Not bothering to dwell on the matter, she immediately left the governor's estate and went directly to the alchemist association first for some business.

When Ling Yue finally departed from their home, Lan Ying Wu instantly gave his daughter a heavy knock on the head.

’’You naughty girl, how can you use Ling Yue and the Phoenix Lord as a tease.’’ As an experienced individual who already went through this stage, how can he not understand what her daughter was implying.

’’What I said is all true. Father, it's because you weren't there, but his highness really does look at Ling Yue differently from the rest. I know Feng Shen's health is on the bad side, but his influence is enormous. With his help, it's a certainty Ling Yue and her mother will get revenge eventually.’’ Unconvinced, Lan Caier defends herself.

Even a blind person can tell by now Feng Shen liked Ling Yue. If not, then why would the guy blush randomly and hand over huge sums of money?

’’But the Phoenix Lord is still a prince of North Qing. Also, what do you know about the situation in that state? Pity, to think the great war god of North Qing, Feng Lan Cang, would have a sickly son as an heir.’’ Recalling the time when he himself exchanged blows with the former Phoenix Lord on the battlefield, Lan Ying Wu couldn't resist lamenting over the irony that fate plays on people.

Startled by her father's word, Lan Caier never heard her father evaluate another opponent in such a manner.

’’Father, is this Feng Lan Cang you are talking about really that strong, even stronger than you?’’ In her eyes, Lan Ying Wu was the strongest, an invincible general that can't be defeated in the battlefield. To find her idolized father praising another general of another state, she couldn't resist objecting.

’’How can I compare with General Feng. Even Marquise Wu, my great tutor, looks highly at that person. You just don't know. More than half the lands currently controlled by North Qing was won by Feng Lan Cang while he was still alive. If not for that incident back then where the guy and his wife met their ends in an unknown manner, then its highly likely the current ruler of North Qing would've fallen into different hands.’’ Speaking up to here, Lan Ying Wu abruptly halted his words.

North Qing's a powerful country. As a general of Da Xia, it's a felony to debate another state's internal affairs if it becomes known to the public.

Rattled by the explanation, Lan Caier now knows why her father wasn't so happy about Ling Yue's connection with Feng Shen.

’’Daughter, I want you to behave yourself in the coming days. I've already received a private letter from the Marquise and its likely I will be reinstated very soon, meaning we are returning to the capital.’’ He muses over the situation.

It's not possible to keep the fact that he's broken into the reincarnation realm at this point. The King knows and will definitely force him into service for the state. After learning of the news through the letter, Lan Ying Wu was both happy and worried.

The happy part was of course that he can return to the capital. However, this meant he would need to abandon his current lifestyle that he's grown accustomed to. Although this place was in a remote region, but things are simple here without heavy infighting for power. A relatively good place to raise a family. If he returns to the capital, the epicenter of the power struggle and scheming, it will throw him and his family directly back into the midst of that bloodbath.

’’Return to the capital? Father, then what about Ling Yue? I will miss her dearly.’’ Lan Caier sounded like she didn't want to depart.

In the capital of Da Xia, all those nobles are repulsively two faced, not a place you can make good friends. Compared to here, she's more willing to stay in Glass City and operate the Drunken Immortal with Ling Yue.

’’I also intend to let your mother and auntie Ye decide on this matter after some careful discussion. Ling Yue is already closing in on fourteen, plus she's an alchemist, she needs more to help her grow. Compared to Glass City, the capital is more suitable for her cultivation whether it be in the martial or alchemic department.’’ The implication of this was that Lan Ying Wu wishes to take Ling Yue with him back to the capital.

If Ling Yue ever wants to get justice for herself and her mother, then its unavoidable that one day she will need to return to the capital of Da Xia. But as a fledgling as she was now, a one girl force can't possibly contend with that monstrous entity known as the Hong House. That's assuming she doesn't get outside help. As the second daughter of the Lan House, a general's daughter, she will then have the opportunity to grow and become strong enough to step onto the stage where she can have say.


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