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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 118


Chapter 118 ’’To Be Close Friends’’

Waiting until Lan Caier and her mother to return, Ling Yue then went on to explain her background and the enmity between her and the Hong family.

’’How outrageous! Those from the Hong House are too shameless, to think they would treat little sister Ling Yue and her mother like so.’’ As a hot-headed girl, it didn't take much for Lan Caier to have an outburst after hearing such injustice.

The four big noble families of Da Xia are indeed prestigious on the outside, preaching filial piety and righteousness for the masses. Yet who would've thought under all that makeup, was in fact a disgusting beast of the lowest nature.

Even for the usually docile and gentle wife of the governor, this woman couldn't hold in her outrage and lashed out with her words.

As a woman, and as a mother, it doesn't take much for the governor's wife to imagine the dread and helplessness Ye Huang Yu had to face while dragging a sick baby girl through the city streets alone and injured. What willpower it must have taken to endure that kind of hardship.

’’How unexpected, to think Hong Fang is a disgrace of a man that abandons his wife and child.’’ After hearing the story panned out for him, Governor Lan also felt sympathetic.

Hong Fang, bastard son of the Hong House, a very famous official of Da Xia whose known for his proficiency in both martial art and intellect.

At thirty years of age, he readily broke through to the reincarnation realm and experienced a fire trial as his initiation test. Since then he's advanced another level and gone through a second water trial, making him a two-path reincarnation master that's fluent in both the water and fire element. To reward his great ability, the ruler of Da Xia also placed him in a powerful position as the crown prince's tutor.

As for Hong Fang's wife Zhu Ge Rou, it's widely believed that she and her husband are an affectionate pair with two daughters and one son under their wing. With that sort of track record, none could've expected the woman was in fact a despised husband stealer who only later married into the Hong House after the first wife.

’’This, did you not bring this up with the justice institute?’’ Da Xia was a state of etiquette. Since normal courts are unable to dish out punishment for those in power, a special institution of the government was created to oversee the nobility and those in a position of power.

’’Husband, now it's you who's being the fool here. The justice institute doesn't allow anyone below a sixth rank official onto their premise.’’ The governor's wife shakes her head, very disappointed in her husband's blunder.

’’No matter what, the wrong I and my mother experienced must be returned. Sister Lan, I'm sorry for keeping this from you.’’ Out of consideration for their relationship, Ling Yue didn't want to keep hiding secrets from the girl.

’’Ling Yue, you don't need to apologize. You've helped me a lot. Rest assured that I will definitely be by your side if you want to get justice from that Hong clan.’’ Lan Caier has already regarded Ling Yue as her sister and will have nothing less.

If the younger sister's been wronged then its only proper the older one comes forward to help.

’’Daughter, you mustn't be rash on this matter. Let's not forget the Marquise of the Hong family is still around. That old relic is already a six-path reincarnation master, an entity that could break into the avatar realm at any moment. Even if we disregard someone like that, the other members of the Hong House are said to be very powerful by themselves. Both you and Ling Yue must be careful and not act without a plan, otherwise it will be you two who suffers.’’ Towards her daughter's daringness to act, she as her mother didn't know how to respond.

The capital of Da Xia wasn't like Glass City here, there's many other powers stationed in that messy bowl in addition to the royal family. There's the four major noble families, the faction representing the officials of common birth, as well as the alchemist association headquarter. No matter which one of these they are talking about, it's not something either girls are capable of toppling over on their own.

’’Ling Yue, if you don't mind then go ahead and call us god mother and god father. Prior to me marrying this big loaf here, my last name is also Ye, making the two of us descendants from the same clan. From now on we are all family and Lan Caier your sister.’’ The governor's wife comes up and kindly grasps onto Ling Yue's hand.

After hearing Ling Yue's experience, the governor's wife not only had a good opinion of this fourteen-year-old girl, she also felt pity for her and desired greatly to meet this Ye Huang Yu.

Super clever, Lan Caier timed it perfectly and snatched two cups of tea from out of nowhere for Ling Yue to offer her parents.

Warmed inside her heart, Ling Yue properly kowtowed to both elders before offering the cups to complete the ceremony.

’’Haha, good daughter, this cup of tea is not enough now, you must get me ten jars of that rainbow five treasure wine!’’ Lan Ying Wu jokingly says this.

’’You shameless old drunk, you still want to drink at this point! Are you trying to scare me and your daughter to death?’’ Not giving her husband another chance to retort, she dangerously snatched one of the governor's ear and twist.

Stunned by this, Ling Yue never expected the usually docile and gentle woman to be so.....

’’Oh wife, please be gentle, our two daughters are still here.’’ Out of embarrassment, Governor Lan's face was like fire, red and cheeky as he winked at Lan Caier.

Breaking out in laughter, Lan Caier had long been accustomed to her parent's 'loving ways'. Therefore, she did as her father wanted and led Ling Yue out of the yard to leave the two alone to sort out the mess.

’’Ling Yue, don't be surprised by this. My father may look prestigious to the public, but the truth is he doesn't have much say in front of my mother. I've already sent the orders down to have the banquet arranged for tonight. After today, you will be the second daughter of the governor, and to anyone asking, you can just say you are following my mother's surname of Ye.’’ Lan Caier pats her chest like a big sister.

Becoming the governor's god daughter overnight, the sudden news of it all left the entire Ye family overjoyed, especially Ye Huang Yu who was greatly taken aback by the whole thing.

That night, she and Ye Gu and the others were all invited over to the governor's estate for the banquet.

Using the ingredients provided by Ling Yue from the Red Mist Sky, every dish was a delicacy to savor. Even after late into the night, the crowd was as lively as ever.

While the governor's side was celebrating, others weren't so well off. Mainly the Mountain Sea Gang's headquarter, it's a total gloom.

The fact that Governor Lan managed to break into the reincarnation realm had spread throughout the city by this point, and as expected, the ones to be the most depressed by this outcome can only be Sha Zhan and his father Sha Kaung.

Ever since Lan Ying Wu came to Glass City to act as its governor, the Mountain Sea Gang's been forced to retract much of its claws in order to keep themselves from being targeted. And now that the Ye family had started to encroach on their territory and status, the situation as a whole for the gang can only be called terrible.

’’Did you find out? The breakthrough of the governor is really related to that Ling Yue wench?’’ Its unsure how he managed to get the information, but Sha Kaung managed to dig the truth out of someone.

If it was a while back then there's no way he would've believed a little girl held the secret to breaking into the reincarnation realm. But ever since Song Guang Zhi told him that the wench was capable of producing a moon iron in the smelting conference, that's when he began to doubt his own judgement.

Reincarnation realm, if I can also become a master of that level then why would I need to be afraid of that governor. By then I can leave this dump and take refuge under one of the big four families in Da Xia. Maybe I can even become a general and enjoy wealth beyond my dreams!

Giving birth to a sinister plan, Sha Kaung became determined to ply the secret out of that wench. As to how he will kidnap the young girl, that's simple, the weakness lies in the Ye family.


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