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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 117


Chapter 117 ’’Confession’’

After a full two hours of this, Governor Lan continues to remain in his transitional state of advancement.

’’Sister Lan, when can the governor break into the reincarnation realm?’’ Ling Yue was also getting impatient about all the waiting. This would be her first time witnessing someone going through a change like this.

’’It's not a certainty father will advance into the next stage. At the very least, he will need to overcome a single trial before he's finished.’’ Lan Caier looked worried in her face.

There are variations in the differing stages of a martialist's cultivation. First were the nine stages of the constitutional domain, the three stages of the lower and upper celestial realm, then the Dark and Light cores of the Dan realm. Lastly, there's the six paths of the reincarnation realm.

Among them, the hardest and most crucial was breaking into the reincarnation realm from the Dan realm. If not careful, the individual might end up being heavily injured or worse, lose their life in the process.

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Unlike all of the previous levels, the reincarnation realm had one major demerit, they had to go through differing trial from the heavens. Also known as the six paths of reincarnation. What it means by this was that one of the six elements of nature: water, wood, metal, fire, earth, and lightning will form an attack to test the individual with every increase to their cultivation. If the person can survive at least one of these trials then they will be considered a true master of this level. Otherwise, the individual will be nothing more than another martialist who failed to make the cut.

’’Not only that, during the trial, any person who has nothing to do with this must keep a certain distance away from the light pillar, otherwise they will be caught in the trial and be turned to ashes.’’ Lan Caier grew tenser at the mention. Like her daughter, the governor's wife turned whiter than ever at the thought of what's to come.

By this time there's already a raging mass of flame inside that light pillar.

Among the six elements that could be invoked, Governor Lan drew the fire trial. Swallowed by flames from head to toe, he must overcome the searing heat before he can advance to new heights.

Unable to bear the sight, the governor's wife eventually fainted away due to fright.

Worried for her mother's well-being, Lan Caier orders the maids to help the madam back into the mansion and away from the horrible sight of her father's condition.

Festering with burns and blisters, Governor Lan was beyond recognition like someone that's suffering from being broiled under direct heat. His skin crackles with every miniscule movement.

Even for someone like Lan Caier whose quite courageous at all times, she's also getting her nerved rattled by the scene. Inexplicably, she grabs onto Ling Yue's hand for comfort and assurance.

Feeling a cold sensation seeping into her own from Ling Yue's hand, Lan Caier found her restless heart calming down a lot. Looking over, she finds the young girl staring at the light pillar, projecting an unspeakable desire to make that power her own.

That's the sort of desire one make's when desiring power, ’’When will I get to that point. The reincarnation realm, I must have it.’’ Ling Yue murmurs to herself subconsciously.

As expected of a true man like Lan Ying Wu. Despite the devastation inflicted on his body by the fire trial, this seasoned general never made a peep over the pain and instead takes it with determined silence.

Under the encouragement of her father's toughness and Ling Yue's soothing, Lan Caier's panic stricken attitude eventually calmed down like the fading fire elements inside the pillar.

This continued on until the very next day when the sun had fully risen in the sky.

To the surprise of Ling Yue though, when Governor Lan stepped out of the light, the damaged skin and muscles were quickly regrown without any form of medicine or outside aid. By the time this person came up to both the girls, he was like a new man. Refresh and reborn.

Not only did he look younger than ever, his stature also grew taller like an imposing statue. Its faint, but the shadows of a powerful general commanding thousands of troops in the battlefield was back!

As per the reincarnation name of this level, he's been reborn under the baptism of a flaming bath.

’’Father.’’ Seeing the lively governor standing before herself again, Lan Caier couldn't resist lunging herself into the old man's embrace. Sobbing, she cries out in tears.

For a while there, Lan Caier truly thought she's going to lose her father forever.

’’Haha, good daughter, you are so big already and you are still crying like a baby. Aren't you afraid of becoming a laughing stock in front of your friends here?’’ Lan Ying Wu laughs with his strong voice. When he turns to glance at Ling Yue, his sharp eyes hinted a deep meaning in there.

Following his injury in the battlefield, he's been doubting whether or not there's some sort of issue with his body. But until today when Ling Yue literally killed Fang Hao with her cauldron, the reasoning behind the problem finally surfaced.

He may have appeared unconscious after improperly drinking the rainbow five treasure wine the other day, but under that hood, he still retained a certain level of consciousness. Therefore, the fierce battle between Ling Yue and Fang Hao was abundantly clear to him. What perplexed him though was how did a little girl defeat an evil entity twice her strength. That's something he needs to figure out.

’’Father, if you keep teasing me then I'm going to start ignoring you.’’ Lan Caier gives her father the eye.

Grinning at the threat, Lan Ying Wu caresses his daughter's head to calm the child.

Watching the close bond between the two, Ling Yue went into a momentary trance there.

For some reason, she seems to have an aching sensation that someone also doted on her like how a paternal father would to a daughter.... Thinking up to here, she shakes her head to lose the silly idea.

’’Silly girl, what are you thinking.’’ She only had her mother's love all these years. As for the asshole father known as Hong Fang, that guy never once regarded her as his daughter, let alone perform what a father should.

’’Congratulations to uncle in breaking through to the reincarnation realm.’’ Since both girls are such close friends, Ling Yue decides to ditch the vulgar ceremonies and directly call the governor uncle instead.

’’What are you saying Ling Yue, what uncle, if not for your help then my father would never have made it through this ordeal. Father, since I and Ling Yue are hitting it off so well, why don't you take her as your god daughter? This way around, I can also have a sibling.’’ Lan Caier had always wanted a brother or sister since her childhood, but due to her father being perennially in the battlefield, the wish never came true.

This was also her biggest regret during all these years. Unexpectedly, a glimmer of hope appeared after she met Ling Yue in Glass City. The idea to become god sisters came up very early on in their relationship, but out of consideration for her parents, she didn't have the nerve to suggest it without being certain of their feelings.

But now that things have come this far, Lan Caier had more confidence in seeing through the plan.

’’Oh you... I have no problem with this matter. First go discuss this with your mother before we proceed. If she doesn't object then we can have the ceremony today to celebrate my new daughter.’’ Lan Ying Wu refreshingly agrees.

Unable to wait another second, Lan Caier immediately ran off to find her mother to leave behind the two alone.

Becoming stern upon her daughter's departure, ’’Ling Yue, I thank you for saving my life today. I only have one daughter so I hope you can be sincere with her and not hold anything back.’’ Ever since their first meeting, Lan Ying Wu can already tell the young lady wasn't so simple.

But he didn't take Ling Yue as a bad person. With a pair of eyes as clean as hers, Lan Ying Wu sincerely believes if he judges her wrong then there won't be another good person out there.

’’Uncle, this you don't need to be worried so rest assured. Although I do have plans for getting close to your house, but I will never implicate any of you in anything dangerous. I won't hold it from you. My real name is Hong Ling Yue, the eldest daughter of Hong Fang, the third son of the Hong House of Da Xia.’’ No longer concealing her background, she goes over the ordeal of her mother being expelled from that horrible house after being injured and with a baby.


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