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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 116


Chapter 116 ’’Shocking Level Up’’

But just as Fang Hao thought he's about to get away with what he wants, a shady smile of success reveals itself from Ling Yue's mouth who remains seated on the bedside.

She's been waiting for this moment. Without the evildoer leaving Governor Lan's body of his own volition, she wouldn't be able to do anything without causing more harm than good.

Raising her finger, a blinding brilliance of black shoots out from her right hand. From a fingernail size, the black object that's known to be her cauldron quickly expanded until it's the size of her fist.

Suspended in mid-air, the black light soon enveloped Fang Hao like a cobweb, sucking the soul into its body like an arachnid spider feeding on its prey.

’’Impossible, you are but a three-cauldron alchemist, how can you possibly produce a real cauldron!’’ The soul screams with horror. Unfortunately for him, he will never get an answer in which he seeks.

After consuming Fang Hao's soul, the black cauldron makes a loud burp similar to how a filled beast sounds. And since there's no other command, its circles around Ling Yue's head for another round before returning to her right hand.

Curious as to what became of the guy, Ling Yue looks inside the cauldron with her consciousness and found nothing but a pool of blood. Talk about fast digestive tracks, right? Then turning her gaze back to the cauldron in her right hand, she found that a constant glimmering glow of black covered her little toy.

Just as she was busy adoring the newfound look of her cauldron, Governor Lan issued out a low rasping moan like he's getting the biggest hangover in centuries.

Realizing this was not the time to be doing this, she hurriedly went back to attending the man. From the bloodshot red, the unhealthy coloration was fading at rapid speed.

Relieved at the sight, Ling Yue figured the governor must be returning to normal now that the extra element inside his body's been purged. For extra measures, she decides to confirm the idea by taking a pulse check. That's when a dazzling light erupted out of Lan Ying Wu's body.

The light was black and white, forming a yin and yang image so commonly known as the Tai Chi symbol. Before Ling Yue could figure out what's going on now, the light literally shot straight into the sky like a blinding pillar. Magnificent and glorious for all to see.

And since the timing of the event was late into the evening, the sudden beam overshadowed everything across the city, illuminating the entire region.

Such big movements would of course not go unnoticed. Rushing out of their homes, all of the inhabitants of the city were abuzz with talks about what's happening at the governor's home.

Over at the Phoenix mansion, Feng Shan also noticed the big commotion.

’’It seems that the governor has made a breakthrough.’’ Mr. Mu explains to his young lord from one side.

’’Lan Ying Wu is a hero among heroes. If not for Da Xia's ruler being so incompetent, a man like him would never be discarded.’’ Feng Shen squints his eyes as he watched the light pillar, his gaze deep with thoughts.

’’What happened?’’ Lan Caier and the rest charges into the room after seeing the big commotion. When the governor's wife saw the state of her husband, this middle-aged woman gasped due to shock.

That is......

’’Father, father is going to break into the Reincarnation Realm!’’ Lan Caier lost her voice after screaming that out.

Reincarnation Realm?

As someone that's never encountered a master of that caliber, Ling Yue had absolutely no clue behind the powerful meaning of that light pillar.

For every martialist out there, the move to step in the Reincarnation Realm was considered a big threshold. Both difficult to reach and hard to pass. This can be reflected in the number of people that's made it to this level in Da Xia. There's only about a hundred masters of this caliber in the kingdom.

After the appearance of the light pillar, a powerful force gradually began to form at the epicenter, indicating the beginning of the transitioning phase into the new level.

Everyone in the governor's mansion, especially Lan Caier and her mother, all knew what this meant. Out of concern and worry, none dared to make a peep at this critical moment.

The big commotion didn't just cover Glass City at this point. As the light pillar grew stronger with each passing minute, even the other cities in the nearby regions were starting to notice the illuminating effects in the sky.

Somewhere far away in a big mansion facing a wide street paved with stones, an elderly old man lay seated inside a small room deep within this residence.

Though old and covered with white hair, those eyes remain wise and sharp, something attainable only by experiencing many things in life. Yet there's not an ounce of wrinkles on that face. In fact, he looked quite handsome for someone that's of quite the age.

At this moment a series of footsteps were coming over from the outside. Two men came in from the courtyard, one wearing a silken gold robe which gave this man a very elegant style of someone wealthy and high in status. As for the second man, this person was slightly younger with a handsome face. Despite being well into his forties, he's kept up well over the years and looked no more than twenty something.

As soon as both were inside this dark unlit room, the two kneeled in unison at the elder.


This residence wasn't some random place, it was the mansion belonging to one of the big four noble families of Da Xia, the Hong Household.

As to the identity of this elder, he's none other than the infamous Marquise of Da Xia and current chief of the Hong House: Hong Qing Yun.

Regarding the two on their knees, they are his eldest son and bastard son Hong Fang.

’’That is in the direction of Glass City.’’ Hong Qing Yun's voice created an echoing effect in the unadorned room.

He may not have taken a single step out of the room, but that doesn't hinder him from knowing everything that's occurred outside.

’’Can it be... Lan Ying Wu?’’ The eldest son curls his brow.

’’I fear it can only be him, but why is that man still able to make a breakthrough?’’ The trio of sons and father ponders the question.

As the representative of the nobility faction, the Hong Household had always held absolute authority over the court. However, thirty years ago, the position of the big four became challenged when the civilian faction rose to power under the leadership of Marquise Wu.

In order to make an example of their defiance, all four of the big noble families started to collaborate and took the initiative to secretly suppress the other faction whenever possible.

This time too, the eldest son of the Hong House took the excuse of Lan Ying Wu's injury to proclaim his incompetence and forcibly ousted him to a remote place like Glass City, thus depriving the general of all his glory.

They originally thought the guy would never be able to have a comeback after this fall, so a replacement was already decided to replace Lan Ying Wu's position in court. However, before the newly appointed general belonging to the noble faction could even warm his seat, this happened.

Since Lan Ying Wu's breakthrough had made such a big commotion, there's no doubt people from Marquise Wu's side would also notice it.

If no other incident occurs during this period, it's a certainty Lan Ying Wu would be called back to the capital to be reinstated. This will inevitably affect the interests of the Hong House.

’’Have someone send a gift to Glass City as congratulation to the guy's breakthrough.’’ Hong Qing Yun declared, ending all discussions in the process.

His eldest son became a little stunned by the order, unsure what his father meant.

Isn't father not on good terms with Marquise Wu? Why would he....

’’Big brother, father means to have you send someone over there to investigate the situation regarding Lan Ying Wu's breakthrough.’’ Hong Fang explains on one side, clearly understanding what his father meant.

Making a slight cough, the eldest son didn't look well at being told by the bastard son. Giving Hong Fang an angry glare, he sweeps his sleeve when turning to leave.

Likewise, Hong Fang also left the premise after making a cold smile.

Back inside the small dark room, Hong Qing Yun heaved a heavy sigh over his two sons.

In terms of wisdom and farsight, Hong Fang exceeds his big brother by too much. I'm going to need to observe some more to decide who inherits the entire house in the future at this rate.


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