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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 115


Chapter 115 ’’There's A Person Hidden Inside His Body!’’

Within the codex left behind by Mr. Red Mist, there's plenty of mention regarding the neutralizing effects of the five elements when treating a patient. Likewise, if two opposing elements were to collide in a person's body at once, it will create a very dangerous situation where it threaten the host's life if unattended.

Fortunately for Governor Lan, due to his perennially fit body that's been honed through years of military training, the worse been avoided and his health remains intact without exploding. However, if the two opposing elements continues wreaking havoc inside of him like so, it be a matter of time before a man, as fit as he was, be unable to withstand the damage. By then, even if saved he will only be a cripple.

Under normal circumstances this would've warranted the highest level of attention, but sadly the symptoms cannot be detected unless using special means. This meant no normal healer or alchemist can detect this condition unless they knew what to look for, otherwise President Liao wouldn't have left so easily if he had known earlier. To them, Lan Ying Wu will only appear like he's overly intoxicated by the alcohol and under some life-threatening condition.

And as the creator of the rainbow five treasure wine, Ling Yue unavoidably holds some responsibility for this outcome. Therefore, she's required to help whether it be from a business standpoint or a personal standpoint considering the friendship with Lan Caier.

Infusing her spirit smoke into Governor Lan's body, the inner workings of the man reveals itself to Ling Yue like a canvas. Showing every organ and muscles like they are alive with every movement.

Aside from the gray element vying for control inside, there's also a brilliant light fighting back. This light most likely had to do with the power from the phoenix light.

Continuing her control over the spirit smoke, she eventually arrives at Governor Lan's dantian where a darkishly gold colored core awaited her.

According to what's known to the public, after a martialist surpasses the upper celestial realm, they will begin forming a core inside their dantian by condensing their Yuan energy together. This stage was known as the Dan (core) Realm.

Like the previous stages, the Dan Realm was divided into two levels: (Small) Dark Dan and (Big) Light Dan. Any further than this would mean the martialist has broken pass the Dan Realm and into the Reincarnation Realm. In Da Xia, anyone capable of becoming a Reincarnation Realm master was considered a first-rate master and was highly sought after.

(Note: Don't bother memorizing any of these stages, I will make a note whenever they pop up. Also, Dan means core in this case in case anyone doesn't know.)

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Long ago, the reasoning behind Governor Lan's tale of becoming the first ever common birth general in Da Xia was mainly due to his extraordinary talent in breaking through to the Dan Realm at thirty years of age.

Since then, the entire court had expected him to break into the Reincarnation Realm by forty. Pity though. Due to an ill-fated encounter with an evil alchemist during a battle, he had suffered a severe injury to his leg and ruined any chances of him making a breakthrough.

Because of this reasoning, the king of Da Xia secretly advised Governor Lan to leave the military and be reassigned to civil service.

When Ling Yue wanted to control her spirit smoke to investigate further into the core (Light Dan), she was greatly startled when something knocked her back like hitting a forcefield.

’’This is?’’

As if sensing her presence and taking Ling Yue as an intruder, a strange anomaly occurred where a haze of ashen grey gas appeared out of nowhere and surrounded itself around the golden core.

Somehow Ling Yue got an aching sensation this creepy and cold feeling coming off of the new substance was very familiar. It's like she's seen it before in some other place. Musing for a moment, that's when it hit her. Feng Shen! She's experienced something similar back when she treated Feng Shen's during one of his relapses.

Not being discouraged, she tried several more times in entering the core until a nefarious sounding voice interrupted her.

’’Keke, which foolish youngster dare interrupt my seclusion.’’ A frightful looking picture of a skull floats out from within the golden core.

Now this was serious indeed. To think the ashen grey mass lurking inside Governor Lan's body was in fact the remnant of an evil alchemist's soul.

This evil alchemist was named Fang Hao, hailing from an evil cult that originated from the central plains. It's been more than a year since he established himself inside this body.

In the face of defeat and imminent death at the hands of Yan Ying Wu, he had no choice but to hide his soul inside the general's core during the last moment of the battle. This way around, he can slowly regenerate his powers by sucking away at the governor's life until he's strong enough to break out and forcefully possess his host's body.

’’What evil entity are you to hide inside the governor's body. Hurry and leave this instant!’’ She yells in a commanding voice.

’’Insolent thing, you are but a three-cauldron alchemist and you dare challenge me, the great I? Out of consideration for your unique cultivation method of the spirit force, I might just spare you if you obediently hand it over.’’ Prior to losing his physical self, Fang Hao was the vice commander of his sect and a powerful fifth rank evil alchemist.

In his opinion, even if he becomes nothing but a wisp of soul, he's still more than capable of dealing with a young brat like Ling Yue who had only stepped into the doorway of spirit manipulation. Plus, after noticing the uniqueness of the girl's cultivation method, a sense of greed overtook his mind, causing him to want to take it as his own more than ever.

’’You want my spirit smoke?’’ She grunts with contempt and wills it to take on the form of a white snake. Laughing at the sight, Fang Hao ups the ante by transforming into a gray python that's several times the size of Ling Yue's creation. Then using his advantage in mass, Fang Hao opens his jaw and attempts to swallow the puny snake in one bite.

Not backing down in the slightest, the spirit snake charges head first and slams into the grey python. Entangling into a huge ball of mess, both sides continuously bites at each other with no intention of loosening up.

Fang Hao originally thought he would end this very quickly due to his massive size advantage, but that quickly came to an end after witnessing the ferocity of the tiny white snake. In one of their exchanges, the white snake literally ripped a part of his soul out.

Then after tasting the life force of the grey python, the morale of Ling Yue's tiny white snake skyrocketed. Unrelenting, it takes several more bites out of the grey python like its facing a feast.

In no time at all, Fang Hao's creation was left with nothing but scars and wounds, leaving a python on the brink of death.

Realizing he had underestimated the girl and her strange spirit smoke, Fang Hao abandons any thought of retaliating and rushes out of Governor Lan's body. His coveting eyes turn to Ling Yue's real body who was at its weakest while maintain control.

’’Little girl, master here will accept your gift. HAHA~!’’ Fang Hao flings his soul at Ling Yue's body without a second thought.


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