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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 114


Chapter 114 ’’OMG, the Wine Killed Him!’’

The commotion raised by the Rainbow Five Treasure Wine had long been expected by Ling Yue. In order to prevent further problems, she promptly covered the top with a lid.

’’Ling Yue, is this really something you created within a month's worth of time? Oh my, this is too amazing.’’ Watching the glass of wine in front of her, Lan Caier repeatedly showed off how surprise she was by Ling Yue's capability.

She noticed it already. Not only was the wine honey glistening with light, the texture was also as thick as what you would expect in a syrup, totally different from any other ordinary wine out there.

’’Haha, sister Lan, this time you've played the fool. This is wine honey, not wine. In order to drink it without problem, it must be served by first mixing it with some special rainbow water.’’ Smiling, Ling Yue then brings out the jar of rainbow water she prepared ahead of time.

Only by mixing two drops of the wine honey with ten bowls of water did Ling Yue hand off a cup to Lan Caier for savoring.

Downing one cup, Lan Caier suddenly found herself stunned with astonishment.

Oh heavens, this taste is really... she became lost for words when trying to describe the taste of this wine.

What Fairy Square's five treasure wine? Compared to this rainbow five treasure wine, that stuff is no different from plain water.

(Note: fairy square is the restaurant owned by An Ming Xia's mother.)

’’Good sister, hurry and tell me how many jars you can make in one month.’’ Lan Caier was literally beaming with light in her eyes because she knew there's nothing to fear from An Ming Xia anymore in terms of business competition.

Not only will this drink become the signature drink in the Drunken Immortal, the price will also be exorbitant when the time comes.

Though one jar of this wine honey would be plenty for a month's worth of sale, but Lan Caier had many more plans in store than simply selling it in Glass City. Her goal was the capital and many more places. After all, the royal capital was where the big money lies.

’’The wine isn't the problem. The issue is the marsh spider cores.’’ Ling Yue also had quite the confidence in this rainbow five treasure wine: ’’Not only that, I also have some relatives that can supply us with some special spirit fruits and vegetables. If we use them in our business, I'm certain the sales will become even better.’’

At the mention, she brings out the freshly picked produces she stashed to one side and hands it to her friend.

Not hesitating, Lan Caier bites down on a pear to be amazed by the flavor and texture.

Immediately patting her chest as an assurance, Lan Caier declares she will handle the supply of the spider cores in the future. From here on henceforth, Ling Yue officially becomes a shareholder in the Drunken Immortal.

And since both girls are people of action, they didn't waste time and got straight to it after deciding to collaborate.

Using her privilege as the big boss in the restaurant, Lan Caier took the initiative to procure a single jar of the wine honey from Ling Yue for her father, the governor to taste.

’’Beloved daughter, I hope you won't serve me those horse urine again like the ones you serve in your restaurant. I would rather drink boiled water than that stuff again.’’ Governor Lan didn't hold back in showing his discontent and started to grumble.

Normally this guy wouldn't act so horribly, but because he already finished the monkey wine sent over by Ling Yue recently, he's been in a foul mood ever since due to his craving for fine wine.

However, upon the reveal of the rainbow five treasure wine, Governor Lan's eye literally popped.

As an old drunkard, it doesn't take much for him to recognize a good wine when placed in front of him.

’’Father, please wait, this wine still needs to add water before...’’ Not letting his daughter finish that sentence, Governor Lan had already drowned himself in the liquid.

By the time Lan Caier wanted to stop her father, it was already too late.

In one thumping sound of the jar hitting the floor, Governor Lan quickly followed suit and fell unconscious on the ground, his face as red as a cooked shrimp.

’’Father!’’ She screams due to fright.

Back when Ling Yue served the wine to Lan Caier earlier, she only used two drops to make ten bowls. Imagine what it must be like to consume an entire jar of this wine honey. At the very least there should be well over a hundred drops in this one jar, meaning over twenty Jins worth of wine.

Turning pale and green this instant, Lan Caier was seriously worried she might have killed her father here by serving him this stuff.

Lost on what to do, Lan Caier hurriedly called for help in sending her father home for further treatment, thus raising the entire governor's house into a panic.

Despite the many doctors coming to see the governor and prescribing various medicines, Lan Ying Wu remains unconscious even by next sun rise.

No other choice, Lan Caier and her mother can only go seek the help of President Liao of the alchemist association.

Upon a simple inquiry, President Liao then learns of the cause originated from the wine honey, hence making the old man wanting to see the substance.

’’Oh no, this is the purest wine honey I've ever come across in my life. I can say this is as close to one hundred percent purity rate as it can get. If we are to detoxify your father here, we will need to seek out the brewer and ask them for help.’’ Unable to counter the extreme alcohol content, he can only give a suggestion with the hope of it making a difference.

As if catching a life line, Lan Caier dashed right out of the door and crashed through the Ye family's door like a comet.

’’Sister Lan, what happened?’’ On one side, Ling Yue was currently leading her grandfather over for wine tasting.

Upon a quick inquiry, she then learns of what the governor had done.

Due to her own experience of mistakenly taking a sip of the wine honey, Ling Yue knew very well of the danger involved. If not for the spirit smoke helping her expel the substance on the spot, she herself might've fainted away for a good while.

’’His grace is in trouble? Now this is not something small. Ling Yue, I will accompany you to the governor's place.’’ As a drunkard himself, Ye Gu knows full well the danger involved with being extremely intoxicated.

As soon as the three returned to the governor's mansion, the first sight to welcome them inside the room was a beautiful weeping woman sitting in front of the bed.

No questions asked, this middle-aged woman can only be the governor's wife.

Since this would be her first meeting with Ling Yue, its unavoidable that this middle-aged woman would have her doubts about a little girl being able to save her husband.

Not minding the look, Ling Yue hurriedly went over to check up on the governor who was exuding a pungent alcohol smell from his body.

First up was checking the pulse like any good doctor, and to her surprise, Ling Yue was taken aback by what she found. Due to her face being turned away from everyone, none in the room noticed the drastic change in her expression.

’’Sister Lan, don't worry, please go outside first while I work on your father.’’ Though unwilling, Lan Caier eventually manages to drag her mother out of the room as instructed.

’’So strange, why is there two different forces inside the governor's body? And why is these forces fighting each other and causing this blackout?’’ When Ling Yue checked the pulse earlier, she had already deduced the reasoning behind the coma was mainly related to the chaotic energies running rampant inside the governor's body.

To think the five treasure wine would stimulate the old wounds from the evil alchemist and cause a relapse.

Ling Yue didn't forget about what Lan Caier said before. Back when the governor was still in the military, he had sustained a terrible injury while fighting an evil alchemist from the central plains in one of his battles.

What Ling Yue didn't know though was that the water from the rainbow creek had partially absorbed the effects of the phoenix light, making it a natural evil warding ingredient.


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