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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 113


Chapter 113 ’’The Rainbow Five Treasure Wine’’

Little Squeak got his heart broken? What time was this, and how come she herself didn't know about it?

Ling Yue suddenly found herself stoned with paralysis.

Listening to Little Squeak's cry and moaning, she gradually got a better understanding of what's going on. To think this whole situation originated from Feng Shen...

Way back when Little Squeak first lay eyes on Feng Shen, he had already mistook the guy as a 'big sister' beauty. A possible target for a mate.

Not only did he find Feng Shen good looking, he also adored the kind-hearted nature of the guy. Therefore, during the venture into the Dream Cloud Marsh, the little fella took the opportunity to cling onto Feng Shen whenever possible in order to make a good impression for himself.

But fate was cruel. Back when Ling Yue needed to save Feng Shen from perishing, she had performed heart resuscitation by completely stripping the guy's robe.

Naturally, when Little Squeak and Lan Caier arrived at the scene, the first image would of course be Ling Yue kissing Feng Shen with most of his chest wide open.

Being undressed wasn't the issue for Little Squeak though, after all, it's his mistress doing the stripping. The problem was the flat chest! Its FLAT~!!

That's when Little Squeak learned, his perfect big sister beauty was in fact a man.

Speaking up to here, Little Squeak had gone into a state of full throttle crying, causing his face to be a total mess with snot and tears flowing left and right.

Poor Little Squeak, how can he not be hurt when the first love of his life comes to an end in such a gorgeous fashion.

Convulsively twitching in the corner of her mouth, Ling Yue had to work really hard in order to stabilize her emotions;otherwise, she might start laughing her heads off from the silliness of it all.

Based on the story, she figured the little fella must have mistakenly took Feng Shen as a woman based on that gorgeously handsome face. It honestly can't be blamed on Little Squeak though because Feng Shen did have a face that can K.O. both men and woman.

’’Little Squeak, don't be sad, its only one Feng Shen. I promise you, I will definitely help you find a bigger beauty in the future to be your wifey.’’ At the thought, Ling Yue pulls out the phoenix egg.

’’Remember this egg? This is the phoenix egg born of Ice and Fire phoenix. Considering the unparalleled appearance of those two, I'm willing to bet their child here will also be quite the good looking one. Let's do this, I will heal this egg and hatch it. If it's a boy then I will have him be your little follower. If it's a girl then I will have her become your little wife. How about it, good?’’ After her persuasion, Little Squeak finally broke away from crying and formed a brilliant smile.

There's plenty of beauty out there, and now I have little phoenix to be my wifey too, YAA~!!

Now that he's happy again, it was almost instantaneous in how fast Little Squeak forgot about the fact that just moments ago he was moping around like the world just collapsed.

Just when the mood was at its highest, Big Yellow decides to swim over out of curiosity and calls out to see what's happening.

Seeing the colorful rainbow creek and how Big Yellow was splashing around with ease, he likewise also wanted to make a cool diving pose to showcase his good mood.

Without a second thought, Little Squeak makes a dive for the water. Problem was, he seems to have forgotten something crucial: can he swim?

The answer was an obvious 'no', he can't swim.

Oh momma, I can't swim!!

Flailing around in futility, Little Squeak promptly found himself drowning as soon as he opened his mouth inside the stream.

Thank goodness Big Yellow was a loyal friend. Seeing his little boss can't swim, he dived right over to salvage the drowning fox and dragged him ashore.

Once back on land, Little Squeak promptly retreated back into Ling Yue's clothing like a frightened little bunny that's constantly trembling. After experiencing something this traumatic, it will take quite a lot for this little fur ball to overcome his fear of the water in the future.

Finding it totally hilarious, Ling Yue then turns to look at Big Yellow who was coming over to squat next to her after shaking off the excess water.

Suddenly, an unbearable comedic feeling overtook her as she broke out into laughter.

With these two treasures spending the days with her, one big and one small, Ling Yue was certain now the future won't be a boring one no matter what they did.

Since she had promised Little Squeak in healing the phoenix egg, its only proper that she start the process immediately.

The main issue with this phoenix egg was that it lacked the radiant light unique to the phoenix race and that it's been polluted by the venom from the python.

Earlier she had already tested it before and found her spirit smoke incapable of removing the venom;however, now that she's absorbed the water element into herself, thing's might be different this time around.

Among the five elements, the water element had the best healing properties of them all.

Controlling the spirit smoke insider her cauldron, Ling Yue guides it into the phoenix egg with careful precision.

In the face of the deadly poison, the new blue colored spirit smoke practically went on a rampage inside. Almost losing control herself, Ling Yue found that the new form was an absolute glutton and devoured every unwanted variable it could get its smoky hands on.

After a full hour of this and expending most of the spirit smoke available for herself to use, the green poison lines etched along the egg's surface was reduced by one-tenth of its original size.

Going by this rate, Ling Yue figured it will only take ten days before she completely cleans the poison out of the phoenix egg. By then, the little phoenix inside will be saved.

Returning the phoenix egg back into storage, she turned her attention back to what she originally came inside this place to do, and that was to unearth the Five Treasure Wine under the soil.

When Ling Yue first opened the jar, the first thing to shoot out into her face wasn't the intoxicating aroma, it was a blast of rainbow glow from the reflecting light.

Against that pungent wine smell, Little Squeak and Big Yellow were both barking out of excitement and couldn't keep still.

Not minding the reaction from the two, Ling Yue went ahead and attempted to pour herself a cup for tasting. Shockingly, the viscosity of the fluid didn't resemble anything like a wine, it's more like a honey substance, sticky and runny.

Unsure what to make of this, Ling Yue took a small sip just in case.

As careful as she was, drinking it raw was a bad idea to begin with because the intensity of this wine sent her through the roof like an exploding volcano!

Frightened by the effect, she hurriedly invoked her spirit smoke to detoxify her body by forcing some of the liquid out through her fingertips.

’’This wine, is this wine honey?’’ After popping this thought into her mind, Ling Yue's entire body began to shiver uncontrollably due to excitement.

(Note: the author really screwed up on this part. It was supposed to be 'wine head' instead of honey, but wine head in Chinese means the first batch of liquid before distillation for liquor, meaning its technically not even wine and is extremely weak in alcohol level. No other choice, I just winged it and made up the 'wine honey' name.’’

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Back when she was having a conversation with her grandfather a while ago, Ling Yue had learned from the old drunk that there existed certain wines that are called 'Wine Honey' due to their sticky viscosity. In order to consume such a wine, one must add water to dilute its potency before consumption.

As a teenage girl with a general level of acceptance for alcohol, it's lucky she had the spirit smoke to expel the wine from her body just now;otherwise, she might've really died from over intoxicating her system.

Knowing better now, Ling Yue first got some of the water from the rainbow creek and mixed it in with the wine honey. Only by doing so did she partake in the fine drink. It didn't take much, just one tiny cup and it was enough to raise her brows.

’’What a good wine.’’ Ling Yue may not be any expert when it came to wine drinking, but even she can tell this new concoction was special.

Compared to monkey wine brewed by using different fruits and refined with her spirit smoke, this new five treasure wine had another benefit, it can replenish one's Yuan energy inside their dantian.

Now this was a great find indeed, unexpected, but great.

It seems that this time she not only brewed a new type of wine, she also created the first ever rainbow wine honey in this world.

Not wasting time, Ling Yue brought the jar out from her Red Mist Sky and moved it over to Lan Caier's place. When she unsealed the mud on the lid for the first time, Lan Caier was so overwhelmed that she couldn't even keep her mouth together without drooling.

Overflowing with the unique fragrance of this wine honey, the entire Drunken Immortal became embroiled in this strange smell that drew everyone over from miles away.

Whether it be those who are drinking inside, or passing by pedestrians, none could resist coming over to investigate where the source of this intoxicating aroma was coming from.


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