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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 112


Chapter 112 ’’Red Mist Sky Level Two, Rainbow Creek’’

Does this mean Red Mist Sky just leveled up?

As a byproduct of Mr. Red Mist, an immortal alchemist, this place also has the ability to self-elevate to new heights by evolving.

This was not anything new to Ling Yue because this would technically be the second time something like this occurred, the first being the contract with Little Squeak.

What's bothering Ling Yue though was the reason behind the upgrade. Was it due to her breaking into the lower celestial realm, or is it because she absorbed the water elemental fragment?

Seeing the small river creek for the first time, Ling Yue had to rub her eyes for a moment in order to not second guess herself.

Isn't the emergence of the water creek a little too fanciful? But hearing the gurgling sound of water flowing, she knew then the sight can't be an illusion.

Not only that, Ling Yue also found that compared to before, the foggy barrier limiting her had expanded exponentially. Up to five acres of land to be exact. Also, the already abundant energy in the environment rose once again following the upgrade, something Ling Yue couldn't ask for more.

In any case, this upgrade was a good thing in every regard. At the very least it had solved her space limitation, thus allowing her to expand the herb garden like she had wanted for a while now.

Back when she snatched the seeds from Tyrant Three Fist in the alleyway, plus the new wild herbs she picked up in the Dream Cloud Marsh, Ling Yue's been aching to plant them all but held off due to the lack of space.

All in all, the extra element of this creek that ran directly through the entire area in the middle had given this somewhat stale place a livelier feel to it. A good thing for sure of course.

Coming up to the edge of the creek, Ling Yue was very pleased to find how clear and pure the water was as it reflected her figure. Upon closer inspection though, Ling Yue was shocked to find the water wasn't normal: its rainbow color!

That's when she remembered something important. Back when she was at the phoenix nest, the color of the light was exactly like this water. Going by this clue, Ling Yue can deduce the rainbow water most likely originated from the water elemental fragment she absorbed just now.

Since the phoenixes accidentally found the cauldron fragment and kept it inside their nest for a while, the elemental fragment must have ended up unconsciously absorbing part of the phoenix light from both the eggs and the parents.

By combining the mutated fragment piece and the miraculous effects of Ling Yue's spirit smoke, this one of a kind Rainbow Creek was born.

I wonder how's the taste of this water?

Unable to resist her curiosity, she comes up and took a mouthful.

Sweet and refreshing, there's not an ounce of bitterness in the taste. After taking the first drink, not only did all of her fatigue go away, her entire spirit felt rejuvenated like she's been reborn.

Can it be the water also has some special effect?

Shooting a second glance at the rainbow creek, another idea popped up in her head.

Although she only possessed this magical place for several months, there's no doubt in her mind that every fiber, every spec of soil, even the air in here are all treasures. Based on that assumption, she can say within reason that this creek was also something good.

Like for example just the taste alone could fetch a high price for this rainbow water. Now imagine using it to brew her wine or to water the plants and etc....

Just thinking about all those possibilities left her itching with excitement.

Due to there being no water source inside the dimensional space, Ling Yue had been using water she got from the outside world by transporting them herself using barrels. A total waste of time and effort.

Now that there's this rainbow creek at her disposal though, the problem with the water was solved in one go.

Without delay, she immediately pulled some of the Aloeswood seeds from one of her bags and planted it in one area.

She honestly didn't know what to expect of the water or its effects on the seedlings, but when Ling Yue poured some of the rainbow water to moisturize the soil, little buds started to pop out at rapid speed.

It's a well-known fact by now that the crops would experience faster growing time inside this dimensional space, but never was it this fast. The water definitely increased the growth rate.

Amazed by the outcome, Ling Yue promptly brought out everything and started to plant all of the seeds and plants she had in storage. Of course, everything was watered with the rainbow liquid.

Then on a second thought, Ling Yue realized something. If the water can age the crops faster than ever, what does this mean for the wine?

Although An Ming Xia left Glass City in defeat, Ling Yue still had the spider cores in hand. As a stakeholder in the Drunken Immortal, she naturally had the responsibility to come up with a steady source for their liquor supply.

Her plan was simple: combine the best of both worlds. On top of the original brewing method of the monkey wine, she will instead use the rainbow water and the poisonous herbal ingredients for the Five Treasure Wine to create a new type of wine.

Not waiting, she got straight to it and started experimenting. After many failures in mix matching various ingredients, Ling Yue eventually came down to using the spider core and several poisonous herbs and bugs that she bought from the Profit House before.

With everything set and done, all she needed to do now was to bury the jars in the ground for several days and wait.

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Wiping the sweat away from her forehead and exhaling a breath of relief, she finally left for the outside word until the expected date to unearth the jars.

Then several days later when she returned to check up on her stuff, Ling Yue's attention was drawn away by a series of cheerful playing sound caused by Big Yellow splashing around in the water.

As a mix between a wolf and a dog, the guy was naturally gifted with the ability to swim, thus making the rainbow creek his favorite swimming pool in the past few days.

Playfulness aside, the biggest attraction for Big Yellow remains to be his wounds. When he first entered the water, the benefits to aiding his injury was very obvious upon first contact. If not healing it then at least soothing the pain.

Watching Big Yellow splashing around without a care in the world, Ling Yue also felt happy over his friend's joy. There's plenty of water to go around anyways in here, it didn't matter if Big Yellow wanted take a dive once in a while.

Speaking of Big Yellow, Ling Yue soon noticed the lacking presence of Little Squeak in recent days. Ever since they returned from the Dream Cloud Marsh, even she herself had rarely seen the little troublemaker.

Where did the little fella run off to?

Looking around for signs of where he could be, Ling Yue's gaze soon fell upon Little Squeak lying on a pebble sized rock in the middle of the creek. Unlike the playful appearance of Big Yellow though, there's something off about the little fella because there's hardly any energy in him like he's facing some sort of sad ordeal.

’’Little squeak?’’ Ling Yue came over and asked.

Getting no response, Little Squeak only sent a sideway glance to acknowledge he's seen her.

Confused more than ever, Ling Yue first mused over what she can do before pulling out a roast chicken leg to wiggle in front of Little Squeak's nose.

Shockingly, the little fella still didn't give a reaction!

Now Ling Yue was in full panic mode. Never once in their time together did Little Squeak behave like so.

’’Squeak~ Squeak~’’ Unable to bear the solitude of looking at the rainbow creek, Little Squeak finally pounced into Ling Yue's bosom and started crying.

In his intermittent crying and explanation, Ling Yue then learns of why he's been so sullen thus far: he just had his heart broken from love!


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