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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 111


Chapter 111 ’’The Water Elemental Cauldron Fragment’’

Although Feng Shen repeatedly demonstrated his body was perfectly fine, Mr. Mu didn't believe it and instead called for President Liao to make a home visit anyways.

’’There's not the slightest issue with the young master body. Also, his condition seems to be better than the last time I came.’’ President Liao informs Mr. Mu after leaving the room.

’’This is strange, no Dan pills or special treatment methods, does that little girl really have that sort of skill?’’ Mr. Mu was baffled by the circumstances surrounding the whole situation.

As a loyal housekeeper who has served the Phoenix House for years and oversaw Feng Shen's growth, Mr. Mu can tell the young master was treating the young lady very differently from the rest.

Like just now for example, the young lord clearly wanted to protect the lassy.

What exactly happened inside the Dream Cloud Marsh, and what's the background of this Ye Ling Yue?

Discarding his usual affable appearance, Mr. Mu calls a guard over and hands the guy a letter: ’’Immediately go investigate the background of this Ye Ling Yue, the more detailed the better.’’

No matter her origin, the girl is still a citizen of Da Xia. For the young master's sake, I must figure out the purpose behind why this Ye Ling Yue is getting close to the young lord.

By the time Ling Yue and Lan Caier arrived at Glass City, the first thing they learned of when inquiring around was that An Ming Xia had already returned to the capital.

Forget about the contest to brew the Five Treasure Wine, even the shares surrounding the Drunken Immortal now belonged to Ling Yue due to her sudden departure.

’’How refreshing, Ling Yue, starting today you are also a shareholder of the Drunken Immortal. From now on we must become a double sword and expand the restaurant until we become the number one establishment in Da Xia.’’ Now that she's got her payback, Lan Caier couldn't get anymore happier because this would be the first time she felt this good since moving to Glass City with her father.

Unlike her friend here though, Ling Yue didn't feel as great. This was only her first step, there's still the capital city and the Hong House to overcome. That's her real purpose, not some restaurant.

After separating from Lan Caier partway into the city, Ling Yue directly returned home to go over her harvest from this adventure.

Summing everything up, this time her yield was quite numerous.

Not only did she mercilessly teach that hateful girl An Ming Xia a lesson, she also snatched the shares of the Drunken Immortal without spending a dime. Aside from these, she also got plenty of spider cores and a Phoenix Egg! No matter how she looked at it, every single one of these are priceless items or deeds that can't be achieved without great luck.

Then suddenly, she noticed something out of place among her stuff.

The object was a square shaped object, about the size of a roof tile. Based on the moss covering the surface, the thing should've faced some years in the wild.

Going over her memories, Ling Yue don't recall ever packing something like this in her baggage. Suddenly, a picture flashed across her mind.

Now she remembers, this was something she snatched while in the phoenix nest. Due to the sudden interruption of the golden horn python back when she wanted to snatch the eggs for herself, she was tossed around the huge nest and unintentionally grabbed onto this thing in an effort to steady herself.

Since the situation was very urgent, she didn't have the time of day to get a closer look, therefore she immediately tossed the item into her dimensional space without a second glance.

Now that she's looking back at the whole ordeal, this bluish black tile thingy was exactly the object she mistakenly grabbed in the heat of the moment.

’’What the hell is this thing?’’ Ling Yue flips the blue tile back and forth in confusion, unsure what to make of it.

Just as she's ready to toss it away, her cauldron suddenly issued out a 'poof' sound.

From within her right hand, a gush of spirit smoke came rushing out and directly devoured the tile piece.

In the moment when the object was sucked into her body, Ling Yue promptly felt a surge of power infusing her core like a sweltering mass.

Déjàvu? Why is this feel so similar, am I having another breakthrough?

It hasn't been all that long since she broke through to the ninth rank of the constitutional domain, to think she would have another advancement so quickly by consuming this mysterious tile.

Frightened by the possibility, she didn't hesitate and quickly sent herself into the Red Mist Sky.

As she sat in a meditative pose, the cauldron was making fast work at removing the moss and dirt off of the tile. No longer a dark blue color, a bright light unique to what they call a spirit blue was radiating off of the object's surface.

By infusing Ling Yue's body with a vast amount of power after converting that light to Yuan energy, her whole being began to change at the molecular level.

Beginning stage of the Lower Celestial Realm.... To think I would unexpectedly make a breakthrough so suddenly.

Pleasantly surprised, Ling Yue was even more shocked to find how much older her body had become. Like a bamboo shoot breaking out of the soil overnight, her skin had become whiter while her posture also grew taller and slenderer. More importantly, her assets aren't flat anymore as if she just gained several years!

She already knew the object wasn't just some ordinary item back when her cauldron first swallowed the tile piece. There was a blast of water elemental energy inside when it entered her body. Based on this fact alone, Ling Yue's certain the tile piece was the very same fragment piece mentioned by Ancestor Ye.

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She did make plans to go search for it in the Dream Cloud Marsh prior to venturing off, but due to all the stuff going on with the phoenix and Feng Shen disappearing, she had completely forgot about the plan. Fortunately for her, she came across the fragment in the phoenix nest by sheer luck;otherwise she would've had to make another run in the future.

Like many bird species out there, phoenixes would deliberately go scour the nearby terrain for shiny objects to decorate their nests. And of course, the phoenixes didn't know anything about the uses of this fragment. In their eyes, they only thought of the tile as a scrap that's abundant with ’’water elements’’, very fitting for aiding their eggs in hatching.

Looking over herself again, Ling Yue now noticed something different about the cauldron mark on her right hand. No longer a plain black, there's a watery blue pattern on it, symbolizing her cauldron now carries the capacity to utilize the water element in its power.

Then having another look at her spirit smoke inside the cauldron itself, there's a definite sign of the white smoke carrying a faint blue shade.

Unbeknownst to her still, aside from the stuff listed above, there's also another big surprise waiting for her to discover.

Just as Ling Yue was grateful for all the great things she's experiencing, an excited barking sound drifted into her ears.

Due to her extreme concentration in making a breakthrough, she had left herself completely oblivious to her surrounding and its changes.

Turning her gaze to follow the source of Big Yellow's barking, she hesitantly looked towards the distance.

To her disbelief, her Red Mist Sky suddenly had a lot more things inside and they aren't hers...


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