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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 110


Chapter 110 ’’He's Got Some Skill’’

For the first time in his life, this would be Feng Shen's closest intimate interaction with the opposite se*, hence overshadowing any fear of death he had with a indiscernible sweetness.

As Ling Yue continues to carry out her deed, she stiffens all of a sudden because she just realized the man under her had come to under their awkward positioning. What's more, she can clearly feel the abnormally fast rhythm of the guy's heartbeat. Looking down at Feng Shen's face, there's an obvious and suspicious red hue to that complexion.

’’Feng Shen, you awake?’’ Ling Yue cries out with great happiness.

This heart recovery technique really works!

A moment ago her head only cared about saving Feng Shen so the careful lining between man and woman never once crossed her mind.

Slammed with a huge sense of loss and disappointment, Feng Shen unwillingly opens his eyes to be welcomed by Ling Yue's delicate face that's dangerously close to his own. From their distance, he could even see his reflection in those meaningful crescent shaped eyes.

’’Ling Yue! What are you doing!’’ The loud exclamation of Lan Caier's voice startled both of them greatly.

Due to the sudden interruption by the girl, Ling Yue then remembers the signal she sent to everyone earlier, thus allowing this third leg to catch them both in this awkward scene.

Seeing the reaction on Lan Caier's face, Feng Shen and Ling Yue both knew instantly there's a misunderstanding here.

The blame can't be placed on Lan Caier though because their posture was simply too ambiguous.... The man's clothes were clawed open and the girl's hand was closely touching down at that smooth chest, anyone would mistake this scene as a pair of lover making out.

’’Don't be mistaken, I'm just saving him. Earlier he had another attack...’’ Just as Ling Yue wanted to explain herself, she shockingly discovered the tattoo symbols on the man's body were all gone.

’’Why isn't it there?’’ Afraid she might have hallucinated, Ling Yue rummaged through Feng Shen's chest again with her hands without prior approval from the owner.

One look down, she was shocked to find the powerful contrast between Feng Shen's body and outward appearance. Sure, the guy looked frail and weak on the outside, but he definitely had the body that's befitting a model.

Though this wasn't the first time Ling Yue saved this prince, but the last time she didn't take charge in undressing Feng Shen, it was her cousin Ye Saint.

Seeing how the girl was eyeing his body without the slightest sign of turning away, Feng Shen stiffens up like a rock as his temperature shot up like an exploding volcano.

’’Ling Yue...’’ Feeling his mouth going parch, he manages to say this while turning his head into a giant cherry.

Noticing the change in Feng Shen, plus the ambiguous gaze from Lan Caier not far away, Ling Yue jumps up like a cat having her tail stepped on.

’’How can this be, I clearly saw your body... I didn't want to.... I...’’ Ling Yue had always been very fluent in her manner of speech, but at this moment her tongue was tied. The more she tried to explain herself, the darker her forehead became.

’’If you want to see... I can show it to you in private.’’ Feng Shen stretches out his hand and brushed away the strands of stray hair hanging down her forehead.

Even if his words were to be mistaken for something illicit, Feng Shen didn't care and was very willing.

If only he didn't say something like that, but now that he did, Lan Caier directly broke out into laughter over her friend's reaction.

As for Ling Yue, she had completely lost her composure. Flailing her hands up and down, she didn't know where to hide them after se*ually harassing the entire upper half of the man under her.

Following their reunion with Feng Shen, this adventure in the Dream Cloud Marsh can finally come to an end. As to their individual experience in this trip, some were told, some were not. One thing's for certain though, Ling Yue didn't tell anyone about the phoenix egg in her possession.

As the group cheerfully left the inner segment of the marsh, it took them all morning to arrive at the outer entrance where a large group of people were waiting.

’’Thank goodness, young master, you've finally returned.’’ Old Mr. Mu and a large group of guards from the Phoenix House rushes over when they noticed Feng Shen and his friends.

Surprisingly, there's also another person that Ling Yue and her companions didn't expect to show up. Uptight and rigid, Governor Lan remains closely next to Mr. Mu as their group headed over.

Back when Feng Shen ditched his guards to sneak into the Dream Cloud Marsh with everyone, Mr. Mu had nearly fainted from the extreme shock.

In a panic, he directly barged into the governor's place and demanded the military to sweep the entire region from head to toe.

Oh poor Governor Lan, under the pressure of this old grandpa, he's been left with no choice but to gather three thousand elite troops to come running. By the time they arrived at their destination, it was already well into the second day since the kids entered the marsh, thus coinciding with the heavy fog event. No way to enter without getting lost themselves, the soldiers and the various guards from the Phoenix House can only make camp outside until things cleared up.

According to Governor Lan's explanation though, there were supposed to be another group from Marquise An's house. But due to Lady An and her men coming out much earlier from the marsh, specifically at dawn, the other party had left beforehand without waiting.

’’Too reckless, how can you not inform us prior to taking the Phoenix Lord into the marsh. If anything were to happen to his highness there will no doubt be diplomatic repercussions between both kingdoms!’’ Governor Lan beamingly reprimands his daughter.

Knowing there's no escaping this time, Lan Caier spat her tongue out due to guilt: ’’Father, I know I'm wrong, I honestly didn't expect his highness to have another relapse inside the marsh. But don't worry though, little sister Ling Yue here already cured him.’’ Her words didn't have any other meaning behind them, but that didn't apply to those that listened.

’’Wait a minute, missy, is what you say true? The young master had another attack, and it's Miss Ye here who cured him?’’ The whole reason why Mr. Mu couldn't get any sleep during this period was due to his worry of the young lord having another attack.

Not long ago when he saw Feng Shen coming out unharmed, he had mistakenly taken it as luck being on there side. Never once did he expect another attack to have occurred with that appearance because President Liao already stated this: the attacks are getting worse and the medicines aren't working anymore.

Can it be there's something extraordinary going on with this Miss Ye?

’’Of course it is true, I saw it with my own eyes. Back then his highness had already lost unconsciousness. If not for Ling Yue and her mouth to....’’ Without thinking it through, she nearly divulged the intimate 'healing method' before Ling Yue broke her off.

’’Sister Lan!’’

’’Lady Lan!’’

Out of urgency, both Ling Yue and Feng Shen cried out in unison. Startled by the outcry, Lan Caier then realizes her folly. One was an unmarried young lady, the other a noble prince. No matter which side they were talking about, it won't be good for their reputation, especially for Ling Yue who still needs to become a bride.

’’Anyways, he's fine and that's all that matters. Mr. Mu, why you asking so much anyways.?’’ Lan Caier attempts to change the topic by laughing a loud to draw their attentions away.

’’Please forgive her Mr. Mu, my daughter is still young and immature. Fortunately his highness is in good health.’’ Though he's also very curious as to what happened, Governor Lan knew better than to get nosy about the younger generation. Therefore, he decides to turn a blind eye to the obvious secret his daughter's trying to keep from him.


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