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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 11


Chapter 11 ’’Cute little gluttonous fox’’

Coming out of town, Ling Yue heads for Seven Star Mountain located on the outskirts of town, about a Li away.

(1 Li = 500 meters)

Seven Star Mountain was the biggest mountain outside of Autumn Maple Town. Reaching thousands of meters in height, it was a famed landmark in the region.

All year round, the northern part of Seven Star Mountain would not see the light of day, making it both dry and cold as a result. Aside from this, there contains a considerable amount of ore in this area which was also where the Ye family's mine was located.

Meanwhile on the opposite end in the south, rain and sunlight was abundant;therefore the number of precious herbs and wild animals calling this area home remains high despite constant poaching.

And this time, the destination Ling Yue was heading for was the southern part of the mountain.

Around somewhere at noon, she was already standing at the bottom of the mountain. Wiping the sweat off her forehead, she looks around to see a forest of towering high trees and an abundance of wild purple flowers in full bloom everywhere.

Ever since she broke through to the third stage of the constitutional domain, her hearing has improved a lot in recent days. Twitching her ears slightly, it didn't take much for her to pick up the prowling howls of the wild animals lurking inside the dangerous forest.

First things first, she opens her bag to recheck her belongings: liniment wine for bruises, a dagger, flint for a bonfire, coarse salt, some dry food rations and water.

Fresh water would be easy to manage. There are plenty of mountain streams in the forest so it wouldn't be hard to locate one when needed. The issue was the food rations;she only had three days' worth of food.

What this meant was that after three days, she will need to rely on hunting wild animals in order to sustain herself.

In no time at all, three days went by just like that.

Currently on the hillside, a violent rabbit with huge ears was currently lying in the forest ground and grazing happily at the succulent grasses.

All of a sudden, its ears twitched as if smelling something dangerous approaching.

Bending its forelimbs and pushing its hind legs, this Violent Rabbit jumps like a bullet and made a run for it.

Following suit, an agile figure from the side sprang out. With a shout, this person grabs hold of the Violent Rabbit's hind legs and presses down at the poor animal. With a heavy thump, this rabbit could no longer move as a result.

Then without delay, a thundering blue streak of lightning sinks into the Violent Rabbit's head. Going limp like its life has just been sucked out, the rabbit falls to the ground without any signs of breathing left in its body.

’’Now I can have meat for tonight's dinner.’’ Compared to Ling Yue's appearance when she first entered the mountain, her look now was a total mess. With disorderly hair and dirty clothes, the only part of her remains the same was that white delicate face of hers.

After catching the rabbit, she was smiling so hard that even her eyes were bent into a curve. When she first entered the mountain, she thought hunting something like a hare would be very simple, but after several days on her own, she realizes hunting for food wasn't as simple as she deemed it to be.

Violent rabbits were a kind of low-level herbivorous animal with a low danger level. However, this animal does have a set of powerful hind limbs, if hit, it could sometimes crush the sternum of a man in its prime.

Without much experience, she herself also nearly suffered at the hands of the Violent Rabbits before, fortunately, her hunting techniques became much more nimble in the past few days.

Skinning the Violent Rabbit down, she split the meat into two parts, one for dinner now and the other half for.... Thinking it over, she cuts the second portion into smaller pieces and enters into her dimensional space ’’Red Mist Sky’’.

Once inside, everything remains the same with only a few exceptions. On the plot of land where she originally planted the Vitality Condensing Grass, several more types of herbs were growing out of the ground.

All these herbs were found by Ling Yue in the mountain during these three days.

Ling Yue had two purposes in coming to the mountain. One was to improve her skills and increase her actual combat experience. The second was to find more precious herbs so she can transplant them into her dimensional space.

Mother's injury requires a fifth rank medicinal pill in order to cure her. Though these plants can't help her make a complete recovery, it would improve her conditions, even if a little would be worth it.

After entering into ’’Red Mist Sky’’, she brings out the precut rabbit meat and waits for the small fur ball to show itself.

Thirty minute....

An hour....

An hour and a half...

Still no signs of the little fox.

’’Still not coming out?’’ She mutters to herself, somewhat disappointed inside. In the past few days, she deliberately gathered all the spirit grasses inside this place so the little fox wouldn't have anything to eat. According to her speculation, the cute little thing should be starving by now.

Then suddenly, a disturbance came from within the white mist.

Carefully treading out of its safety zone, the small fox quickly jerked itself back several feet the moment he noticed Ling Yue's presence, its baby blue eyes filled with alarm.

’’I brought rabbit meat over, here, you can eat it.’’ Ling Yue went a step forward.

Though the small fox followed with a step back of its own, those beady looking eyes were clearly focused on the fresh rabbit meat in Ling Yue's hand, the tempting aroma constantly wafting into its nose.

Musing for a moment, Ling Yue reveals a gentle smile and places the rabbit meat next to her feet before nodding at the cute little fox.

Tipping its small little head to one side, the cute baby fox seems to be trying to understand her meaning.

’’Patience now.’’ Ling Yue roots for herself inside. Unlike last time where the small thing would bolt at the sight of her, the cute little thing at least didn't immediately escape. Perhaps with some more tries, it will come a little closer.

Turning around, she makes some space between her and the baby fox.

Once far enough, the baby fox promptly pounced at the rabbit meat. Gobbling it up with huge bites, the cutest little thing then issued a satisfying ’’Squeak’’.

Just like that, the entire half of the violent rabbit meat was consumed by the fox in no time at all.

Now that's quite the sight, didn't expect the little guy to have such an amazing appetite.

With a chubby belly, this baby fox began licking the corners of its mouth and paws. Then leisurely swaying back and forth, it heads back into the white mist.

’’That baby fox should've eaten the rabbit meat by now right?’’ After leaving ’’Red Mist Sky’’, Ling Yue's remains concerned about the condition of the baby fox.

’’Tomorrow, she will get some more rabbit meat.’’ Ling Yue tells herself this and continues to head into the depths of the mountain.


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