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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 109


Chapter 109 ’’My First Kiss Been Stolen!’’

Looking at the mess in the camp and the question surrounding Feng Shen's wellbeing, Ling Yue couldn't help but fall into remorse over her carelessness.

I'm so stupid. With that level of fog, I should've known it wouldn't be possible for Big Yellow to protect Feng Shen under those circumstances.

Just recalling that gentle smile, the warm eyes, and the way he would always shield herself from ridicule, Ling Yue's heart inherently tightened over the possibilities.

She never expected it, but through the small numbers of interactions with the guy, Ling Yue have found herself coming down with subtle feelings surpassing more than what mere friendships should carry.

Like her, Lan Caier was also very anxious right now because Feng Shen's background was too special. If it becomes known that the Phoenix Lord of North Qing was hurt or goes missing here, its unavoidable her father would be held accountable for the mess as the governor of this prefecture.

’’Let's go have a look around first. We must find Feng Shen no matter what.’’ One good news though was that the blood stains here only belonged to the wolves, meaning Feng Shen or Big Yellow weren't hurt in the fight.

At the very least, this proves both human and dog didn't sustain any critical injury prior to their departure from camp.

’’Squeak Squeak ~’’ Little Squeak squirms out of Ling Yue's bosom and points to one direction because he had the highest familiarity with Big Yellow's scent.

Following the guidance of Little Squeak, Ling Yue and Lan Caier both ran back into the swampy marsh for half an hour before they overheard a familiar barking sound in the distance. This sound was definitely that of Big Yellow's who was hailing the girls.

Back when Feng Shen disappeared right under his nose, Big Yellow also went out to search for the guy's whereabout. But no matter how he looked, Big Yellow simply couldn't pick up a scent. It was like the guy just disappeared from existence.

’’We will split up and search. Big Yellow look in the east, Sister Lan to the west, Little Squeak to the south, and I will go to the north. If any of us figures out the whereabouts of Feng Shen then raise a signal.’’ The marsh was simply too big. Unless the group splits up to search then they won't be able to locate the guy even by nightfall.

There's no way Ling Yue would forget, Feng Shen still had his illness to contend with. Worried about a possible relapse of the cold sickness, she urgently wants to find the guy before anything really bad happens.

Just like that, two beasts and two human girls separated to look for Feng Shen.

Making sure she's heading in the right direction, Ling Yue scours the terrain by heading north.

Despite searching for nearly two hours now, nothing came up, not even a trace.

Just when she wanted to despair over her futile efforts and return to base camp, a familiar sound drifted into her ears.

That is?

As if confused and unsure where to fly, a little golden paper crane was flapping around over in the distance. But when it took notice of Ling Yue's presence, it immediately flew over and anxiously touched down on Ling Yue's hand and pecked her with its beak.

’’Little crane, what are you doing here?’’ It didn't take much for Ling Yue to recognize the little thing belonged to Feng Shen.

Also, she didn't miss the changes taking place with the inanimate object.

From a common paper crane, it was starting to become conscious like a sentient being.

Obviously unusual in its demeanor, Ling Yue realizes the little thing was apparently trying to lead her away to find something.

Not hesitating, Ling Yue follows closely from behind until she came up to a muddy swamp. And at the edge, the familiar image of a man she's been searching for during all this time was there!

Croaking in her throat for a second, she cries out his name and hurriedly runs over: ’’Feng Shen!’’

With half his body immersed in the swampy lake, Feng Shen was lucky to be alive right now despite losing consciousness. Most likely thanks to the branch he clung onto after falling into the pool. As good as it was to not drown, a horrible way to die by the way, Feng Shen's condition didn't fare so well though.

When Ling Yue first lay eyes on him, she was greatly startled by his appearance. Pale as a ghost with purplish blue lips, he was worse than their first encounter at the river.

Grabbing Feng Shen's hand, Ling Yue was shocked over how cold his hands were. It was like ice without a tinge of temperature, not something you would find in a normal human.

She can already guess what had happened: Due to the drastic changes occurring in the marsh last night, Feng Shen must have ran out of the camp in search of them due to being worried. Then halfway through his search, the guy had a relapse from his cold sickness, thus turning him into this state.

Dragging Feng Shen out of the swampy pool, Ling Yue first tested for signs of life and found none.

’’No, Feng Shen, wake up please!’’ Out of urgency, she didn't think at all and directly injected her spirit smoke into the guy's body. Sadly, when she did, it was immediately repelled without any chances of entering.

Even the spirit smoke is useless?

For a moment, her brain shorted and went white.

Keep calm Ling Yue, you can do this. Maybe there's something in Mr. Red Mist's Codex.

As if catching a life line, she immediately summons the book from within her dimensional space.

After a quick read through, she finally locates a viable solution, ’’Heart Recovery Technique?’’

It was a special treatment method created by a legendary female healer that Mr. Red Mist met along his travels.

Normally Mr. Red Mist wouldn't record just any old healing technique in his codex, but this specific one was unknown to both the human realm and the realm of gods, worthy of warranting a record.

’’This...’’ After getting a clearer idea of the what's involved, Ling Yue became stunned for a moment.

Can this method really save a patient whose pulse have stopped?

Looking at the horrible complexion of Feng Shen, Ling Yue knew she didn't have anymore time.

Dragging the guy to a flatter location, she first untied his clothes to open up a working space for herself.

But when she did, she stalled for a while after seeing what's underneath.

On Feng Shen's body... though he looked frail and slender on the outside, there are numerous markings of strange origin on the chest area. Some looked like flowers with thorny vines while some looked like ferocious beast heads, either way, this was very, very wrong.

In her momentarily hesitation, Feng Shen's condition turned even worse following the darkening of the markings. It was as if the very vitality of his life was being sucked out by these strange symbols.

Knowing this was not the time to be thinking about this, Ling Yue clears her mind and bends down to work.

As her warm lips come into contact with Feng Shen's, she instantly felt like she just kissed a piece of ice.

So cold, how much chill is in this body?!

Likely feeling the invasiveness of the warmth from her, all of Feng Shen's deadly coldness poured into her in retaliation.

In that instant, all of Ling Yue's hair, eyebrow, even her body's pubic hair had become a frosty white due to the invasive nature of what's attacking her.

Reacting to this, the cauldron in her hand promptly came alive and began to suck up everything like it just came across the most delicious food out there.

Following every mouthful of Ling Yue's suction, accompanied by the cauldron's dispelling effect, the terrible condition on Feng Shen's body gradually changed for the better.

No longer a darkish blue on his lips, even his skin was taking on a better tone with each passing second. Most importantly though, the heart that had clearly stopped was beginning to thump again with life.

Then after who knows how long had passed, Feng Shen's eyelids started to tremble, a clear sign he's coming to.

Under his semi-conscious state, Feng Shen can only feel a sweet fragrance of a girl hitting him through his mouth.

’’Feng Shen, hurry and wake up,’’ an eager voice calls out to him.

Realizing the voice belonged to Ling Yue, Feng Shen was now faintly aware of the person kissing him was the girl he liked. At this moment, he had a powerful impulse to never open his eyes again so he can keep this moment going forever.


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