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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 108


Chapter 108 ’’I'm Only a Thug and a Scoundrel to You’’

Following the departure of the phoenixes, the tree in the middle of the lake likewise disappeared without any traces of it ever being there. Instead, only the natural glow of the morning sun's glow hanged over the landscape, dispersing all of the dreary dampness that made up most of the night.

It's almost like everything that has happened last night were but a dream, a total fantasy.

Issue was, whenever Ling Yue peered down at the phoenix egg in her hands, she would be quickly reminded of the truth.

While Ling Yue gets carried back ashore by the masked man like a princess, An Ming Xia was still lying on the ground trying to piece together everything. From beginning to end, she never once missed the terrifying might of the stranger who fought head on with the phoenixes. Then suddenly, a name flashed across her mind: ’’Ghost Emperor Wu Chong!’’

She should've thought of this from the start. To be able to kill eight upper celestial masters in a flash, there's only a handful of people capable of such a feat in these lands.

Ghost Emperor Wu Chong: age unknown, appearance unknown. Through his own power, he founded the underground kingdom known as the ’’Underground Palace’’, an infamous power stretching across the entire continent controlling everything from assassination to arms dealing.

Once upon time, the various kingdoms of these lands had conspired together to rid themselves of this scourge known as the Underground Palace, but when the armies marched forward to exterminate this pest, something horrifying occurred. In a single night, all of the leading generals were assassinated and had their decapitated heads sent to their respective kings the following morning.

After that incident, no kingdom in existence had the gals to contend with this underground power ever since.

But then why, why would the founder of the Underground Palace, Ghost Emperor Wu Chong, appear in this marsh all of a sudden. What's more, this infamous individual seems to be very close to that country bumpkin!

Guessing the identity of Wu Chong, An Ming Xia broke out into cold sweat over what she's done.

First was his highness the Phoenix Lord, now Ghost Emperor Wu Chong, why does all these big figures gather around this cheap woman? Despite holding a grudge and being envious of Ling Yue, she honestly didn't have the courage to go provoke the girl right now.

Back over on the other side.

After flying across the lake and basking in the morning sun, Ling Yue soon found herself standing at a clearing inside the Dream Cloud Marsh.

’’Woman, why is it every time we meet you would be in so much trouble.’’ Partially teasing, Wu Chong left Ling Yue with a sulky taste in her mouth.

Thinking about it, I do seem to always meet him in the direst of situations and needs his saving.

’’Aren't you the one at fault? Every time I meet you there's never anything good happening.’’ Ling Yue unreasonably throws the blame over to the guy.

It's as she says, both encounters never were good when meeting this masked man.

’’Call me Wu Chong.’’ Closing in, Wu Chong made it clear he won't be denied.

’’No I won't.’’ Ling Yue tilts her head in defiance. However, due to their height difference, she's being pressured back until there's no more room to move. Behind her, only a lake awaited.

’’You seriously won't?’’ From that se*y and handsome face, a bewitching smirk forms.

’’No is No!’’ Recalling their intimate interaction back in the cave, Ling Yue's neck flushed with embarrassment.

This damn man is an outright thug, no way I'm going to bother remembering his name, humph!

’’I'm going to kiss you if otherwise,’’ as he says this, Wu Chong steps even closer.

’’Wu... Chong,’’ startled, she squeezes his name out in the tiniest voice she can. Ling Yue knows, this man was a person that carries out his promise without hesitation.

’’It's too quiet, I can't hear you.’’ The hot air from his breathing knocks against Ling Yue's sanity when scraping against her ear.

’’Wu Chong.’’ Nearing the point of wanting to crush her teethes, Ling Yue splurts this out.

’’The tone is wrong.’’ Snickering deviously, Wu Chong catches her off guard and pulls Ling Yue up to his chest with an embracing arm. Seizing the moment, he pried open her mouth and forcefully merged their lips and tongues together with overwhelming dominance.

This man actually kissed me again!

Going blank in her mind, Ling Yue was stiff as a rock because she just realized she's been taken advantage of by this man again. Angered, she mercilessly bites down at Wu Chong's ill behaving tongue that's wreaking havoc in her mouth.

Try as she might though, how can her little trick go unnoticed by the evildoer. Reacting faster then she can, Wu Chong pinches her chin so she can't move them, leaving him free to savor the taste as he pleases.

’’You scoundrel, I clearly said...’’ Pouting with great frustration, Ling Yue was just about ready to go bite the guy when she was cut off with a shameless phrase: ’’I did not say I won't kiss you just because you called my name.’’ He laughs with great enjoyment.

’’You scoundrel!’’ Steaming to the point of wanting to faint, she screams with no way to vent her anger.

’’My dear Yue Yue, you will soon know that I'm not only a scoundrel, I'm also very good at being a thug. However, I will only be a scoundrel and a thug to you.’’ Touching her lips again, Wu Chong was ready to make another kiss when an abnormal movement attacked him from within.

Blasted guy... why you have to be disruptive at this time.

Retracting his hand in haste, he volleys himself into the air like a black streak of light.

’’Dear Yue Yue, you must become stronger in the future, only like that can you be worthy of being my woman.’’ Not giving Ling Yue the chance to start cursing at him from below, Wu Chong disappears from sight and left only his echoing laughter across the area.

’’Scoundrel!’’ She stamps her feet in frustration.

’’Little Squeak, how come you didn't stop that guy!’’ Irritated, Ling Yue pulls the fur ball out of her sleeve and started to interrogate the poor little thing.

’’Squeak ~ Squeak ~’’ Full of grievance, Little Squeak wanted to explain how terrifying that man was and how he didn't dare.

’’Fine, fine, I'll spare you this time.’’ Unable to take the sad sight, Ling Yue wipes her lip that's slightly swollen due to the excessively long kiss.

Finding the sky was fully bright now, she then recalls the other stuff that required her attention, ’’I wonder how Sister Lan and Feng Shen is doing.’’

Hurrying back to the base camp, Ling Yue was relieved to find Lan Caier along the road

What happened was that during her fight with the other guards, Lan Caier had taken advantage of the mist and retreated from the battle using the low visibility.

But out of worry for Ling Yue, Lan Caier didn't immediately return to the camp and instead circled around the area in search of her. Fortunately, both girls were safe and dandy and ends up encountering each other after the dispersal of the mist.

’’But now that you mentioned it, things are quite off. During this entire time, I never once encountered a single underling from that hateful woman.’’ Lan Caier states this with great surprise in her voice.

’’It doesn't matter, we better go back to the camp first.’’ Due to being so busy with the phoenix egg last night, she had forgotten about Feng Shen who was still waiting for them.

Upon arrival at their base camp, both girls were shocked to find the place a mess. Aside from the corpses of the wolves here, there's clear signs of a fierce fighting taking place here with the exception of the few that committed suicide at the nearby tree.

’’Not good, his highness is gone.’’ Not looking well, Lan Caier states this with anxiousness in her voice.

Like her friend, Ling Yue's also very worried because not only did Feng Shen disappear, she can't find any traces of Big Yellow here either.


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