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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 107


Chapter 107 ’’A Pair of Shameless CP’’

How unexpected, to think there would be a peerless master capable of using an Emperor Class technique. Even for these phoenixes, they are not courageous enough to face this power head on.

From the very beginning these phoenixes only chose this Dream Cloud Marsh as their nesting ground due to being misinformed of there being no master of formidable strength here. However, who would've guessed this small Da Xia Kingdom was also a place filled with hidden tigers lurking in the shadow.

’’Please have mercy the both of you, we concede.’’ After weighing their odds, both phoenixes now knew this man exuding a terrifying aura wasn't a foe they can fight.

They've lost their third child already, they can't lose their remaining two in the process.

’’We are willing to unconditionally gift our third child to this girl, and agree to let our child serve her for a hundred years. Also, the things from before is all a misunderstanding, it's our fault for being rash.’’ The proud and mighty phoenixes finally yields. Likewise, the black dragons entangling the parents also disappeared following the summoner's command.

Coming down from the air and landing on the nest in their human form, both birds had completely lost their momentum from before. Instead, they were jittery and nervous, solely focused on the eggs under the golden masked man's feet. In their minds, they were afraid the person would suddenly apply some pressure from any slight displeasure and cause an egg splattering tragedy.

Watching this unfold, Ling Yue can only say one thing: ’’SWEET!’’

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’’My dear Yue Yue, since when did you learn to put on air like a tiger?’’ Dipping up close to Ling Yue's neck, the golden masked man makes a flirtatious puff against her skin.

Jolting back to reality, Ling Yue then realizes she's still being carried around in the same embarrassing posture like before. Unhappy, she makes a displeasuring glare at the man.

’’But I like the way we are right now.’’ From those cherry palm lips, a dangerous smile surfaced, intoxicating for anyone with naughty thoughts.

His woman using his might to bully others, what a satisfying feeling.

’’Idiot!’’ Finding it hard to accept she's being teased, Ling Yue throws this word out due to frustration.

Watching the ’’flirting’’ gestures between the two, totally disregarding others nearby, both phoenixes wanted to cry tears of injustice because they are still wondering how they provoked this death star.

’’My friends, since we agreed to your terms, why not return the eggs to us now?’’ Watching their eggs being stepped on like a rock, fire phoenix felt like he's bleeding inside over the indignation.

Like her husband, ice phoenix also desperately wanted to rush forward to embrace her eggs.

’’What a joke, you two tarnish my reputation and think things will just slide with a casual apology?’’ After being offended, there's no way Ling Yue would let this go without retribution.

’’Then what do you want?’’ Glaring at the girl, fire phoenix wanted to breath fire at this moment.

’’Very simple, pay me for the spiritual damage incurred by me during this period. Hmm, your tears and plume feathers will do.’’ In one breath, she spewed out her demands without pause.

Little Squeak already told her, aside from the eggs, the most valuable part on a phoenix were their tears and plumes.

Moreover, if she didn't remember it wrong, one of the key ingredients in the heaven class weapon left by Ancestor Ye was a feather of a phoenix. There's no way she can miss it, the head and tail feathers on the fire phoenix was exceptionally beautiful. As for the tears, ice phoenix already showcased her ability to produce that with her waterfall of tears during her long cry. Just watching those tears go to waste was stressful enough because a phoenix tear had healing properties that can't be found anywhere else.

Regardless of the profession, mostly alchemists, they can use the tears as an ingredient in their pill creation to boost the effects by wide margins.

’’Do you hear? Hurry and do as she says, or else...’’ Slightly ticking the eggs into the air with his shoes, the golden masked man showcased his magnificent soccer skills by changing his kicking patterns repeatedly, sending both phoenixes into a panic.

Just thinking of how she's going to be separated from one of her child and that her remaining two were being kicked around without care, an ocean worth of tears leaked out with no signs of stopping.

Talk about smart. Not missing the opportunity, Little Squeak squirmed over in haste with an empty bottle and started to catch every drop without missing.

I catch, I catch, I catch-catch-catch!!

Watching his precious wife's sad appearance, though he's still angry inside, fire phoenix had no choice but to submit.

Transforming, he reverts back to his majestic bird form.

Among the phoenix race, the males tended to be more colorful in their variations, especially the plumes atop of its head that's like a rainbow. As a material, that part was the most valuable.

On a normal day, if anyone were to pluck one of their feathers, the phoenix in question will definitely go through all their means to destroy that individual out of pride, but today, this pair can only surrender under duress.

Making a solemnly sad cry of helplessness, a single head feather falls off on its own and lands onto Ling Yue's hand.


Clearly dissatisfied by the gesture, golden masked man took the liberty to help himself to the prize with irresistible force. One grab, and a whole bunch of feathers were painfully plucked off of the fire phoenix's head, leaving a huge bald spot in the middle of the poor bird.

That level of intensity, if fire phoenix wasn't a bird, he most definitely be no different from a naked chicken at this point.

Shivering from the indignation, he was both angry and ashamed of his own weakness.

Like the fire phoenix, Little Squeak also trembled over the brutality of the masked man. Dashing back over to his mistress, he squirms into Ling Yue's sleeve and refused to come out.


What a tyrant, even Ling Yue was aching inside over what the fire phoenix had to endure.

Talk about shameless, does he really take a phoenix as a chicken that he can just pluck at will?

’’Here, these three are for you. The rest I'll keep.’’ After Wu Chong carried out his evil deed, he superciliously hands Ling Yue her share without batting an eyelash. In return, she gives this man an unhappy glare.

’’We've given everything you two wanted, now hand the eggs back to us.’’ Both phoenixes were at their breaking point and were uncontrollably shivering from this.

After experiencing this encounter, it's a certainty this pair would never come to the Dream Cloud Marsh again to nest in their life.

’’Catch then’’ He may be shameless, but the golden masked man did keep his word.

Using his yuan energy to wrap around the eggs, he throws it over with perfect precision and lands them precisely in the parent's hands.

Seeing the level of control performed by this man, Ling Yue became stunned.

She already knew from their last encounter in the Seven Star Mountain that this man was heinously powerful, but to what extent, she honestly didn't know until today.

Who the hell is he, and why would he come to the Dream Cloud Marsh?

Following the gradual rise of the morning sun came the closing curtain of this huge battle. Without a doubt, the commotion of this incident will definitely draw in the locals from the nearby towns to figure out what's going on. Not wanting to stay to deal with that sort of mess, both phoenixes decides to take their leave immediately.

Just that, watching the egg in Ling Yue's hand, neither parent felt good knowing they are leaving their child in a human's hand. Issuing out one last weeping cry, the pair took to the sky and flew towards the direction of the sun in the far off distant.


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