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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 106


Chapter 106 ’’Emperor Class Martial Technique’’

’’Who are you! To kill my people, do you not know I am the daughter of Marquise An?’’ Without the protection of her guards, An Ming Xia was no different from a cripple. Temporarily lost and confused, she didn't know what to do in front of this stranger.

Originally she had thought that by reporting her background and identity, this would be enough to warrant some respect. But in the end, the only reply she got was a cold grunting sound.

’’Choose, be a corpse or scram.’’ The man's voice sounded like it's from the very depths of hell, cold and soul chilling.

This greatly startled An Ming Xia because in her view, the meaning behind those words were either she scrammed on her own or become a corpse like her guards.

In honesty, An Ming Xia did have some confidence in her own beauty, but in front of this man, her womanly charms were totally useless like she didn't even register as a person.

’’How dare you threaten me, watch how my father...’’

This woman, is she unable to understand human tongue or something?

Ghostly attired, the masked man coldly grunts and turns to face the girl.

Before she could utter another word, An Ming Xia felt the air sucked right out of her lungs as if being hit by a powerful hammer. Blown away by the invisible force, streams of blood kept pouring out of her mouth and caused quite the mess on her face.

Wanting to climb back up after crashing to the ground, An Ming Xia was frightfully shocked by the sharp pain hitting her down below. Based on her judgement by the sensation she was getting, both of her leg bones should be crushed based on how fragmented they were.

As a lower celestial martialist, she never in her life felt so miniscule until today.

Just one stare and there is this much power, so scary.... Who is he exactly?

Not giving any more attention to the rag behind him, the golden masked man elevates himself into the air without any resistance and focuses in on the hazy mist with his eyes. From those amber pupils, a flicker of anxiousness passed by like he just saw something.

Once certain of the phoenix tree's location, he stretches out his hand and released a burst of black energy that coiled around his fist like an evil dragon.

’’Emperor class technique, Nine Heaven's first move: Dispersing Rain Cloud.’’ In one punch, the air and mist in front were blown away with pure raw strength.

At that very moment, An Ming Xia felt like her very soul was shaking. Overbearing, dominant, this man was far stronger than any man she's ever met in her life.

Even her own father, was nothing in front of this person....

Following the forceful disbursement of the foggy mist, what appeared next was a circular blue lake with a towering ancient tree in the middle that radiated a rainbow light.

Despite knowing this place had to be the phoenix nest she's been searching for so long, An Ming Xia didn't have the courage to move because if she got any wild ideas now, the man up in the air will definitely crush her like an ant.

Not only did that one punch from the golden masked man shook the very marsh itself, it also caused the entire phoenix tree to shake violently from the aftershock, thus startling both Ling Yue and the phoenixes in their standoff.

Why is this aura so familiar?

When that face more dazzling than gold itself appeared in front of her, Ling Yue's mouth popped open like a giant donut, totally unable to believe her own eyes.

Similar to his mistress, Little Squeak who was crawling on Ling Yue's shoulder instantly froze. Scared beyond his wits, he promptly squirmed into her bosom and refused to come out.

’’You, how could you... be here?’’ She stammers due to shock,

Shooting a sideway glance, the golden masked man raises a devious grin, ’’Woman, we meet again.’’

While he states this, the man conveniently snatches Ling Yue off the ground and throws her over his shoulder.

Then in one tap of his foot, he and the baggage on his shoulder were shooting out like an arrow, leaving the phoenixes in the background still wondering what just happened.

’’Hand her over!’’ Seeing their prey sneaking away right under their eyes, both phoenixes couldn't stand still anymore.

Transforming into a pair of blue and red light, both of them chases closely from behind as they dashed through the sky.

Stupid human, no creature is a match for a phoenix in the sky. We are king in this domain!

Three lights intermingled back and forth above the marsh with no signs of either one coming out on top.

Making a cold sneer, the golden masked man raises his right fist again and sends an earthshattering punch out like the one he used to disperse the mist earlier.

’’Emperor class technique, Nine Heaven's second move: Twin Dragons Attack!’’ From his body, a noble and majestic aura comes forward like an explosion.

Creating a double roaring affect from the friction of his power grinding together, the overwhelming energy surrounding his fist promptly turned into two coiling dragons that looked like they wanted to destroy everything in its path. Surprisingly, compared to the might of the fire and ice of the phoenixes, the aura from the evil dragons didn't lose out in anyway.

Feeling a sudden jolt of changing scenery at the same time of the dragons' formation, Ling Yue confusingly found herself right back at the phoenix tree with no idea how moved from one place to another so quickly.

While she's busy trying to piece together what sort of technique this man used, both phoenixes were too busy dealing with the black dragons to care about her whereabouts.

’’Throw that broken egg away. If you want then you can take the two over there instead.’’ As the parents were locked in a fierce battle for their life, this cruel man makes a mockery of the whole situation by leisurely stating this.

Considering his keen senses, how can he not tell the egg in Ling Yue's hand was a damaged one.

Hearing what the man wanted to do, both the red and blue egg were frightfully startled because they didn't want to be stuck in the hands of a mere human woman.

But they aren't stupid. If their parents can't stop these people, then most certainly they themselves can't escape either.

’’I'm keeping this one.’’ Still flung over the man's shoulder, Ling Yue's posture at this moment was no different from a bag of rice, totally distasteful.

Problem was, this hateful man didn't think the same. In fact, he rather liked the pose they are in and had no plan to place Ling Yue down in the near future.

’’What about eating the two over there?’’

It was bad enough before, but now both eggs were shivering even harder than ever.

Like the eggs, Little Squeak also wanted to cry over the situation, why is this man so similar to his mistress in head. Both of them can only think about eating the eggs, why? Do they think phoenix eggs are common food that they can eat like a chicken leg?

’’No, I'm a kindhearted girl and won't stoop as low as to blame the eggs for their parents' mistake.’’ Twirling her eyes around, Ling Yue got that scheming look again on her face.

Truthfully, from a psychological point of view, she would love nothing more than to step over there and crush the eggs to pieces with her foot. However, the eggs still had their value. Best leave the crushing to a later date.

Seeing how both humans were busy discussing the methods of handing their precious babies, both phoenixes grew more anxious and could no longer focus in on their battles.

This golden masked man is totally irrational, but more importantly is his strength....

Based on the way he controls his Yuan energy, his cultivation should be well into the Gods Realm. Not only that, the technique he used right now is most likely an emperor class technique, a martial skill exceeding a first-rate martial technique!


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