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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 105


Chapter 105 ’’Haggling Terms with The Sacred Beast’’

’’A lowly human dare discuss terms with us?!’’ Enraged with scorching flames erupting out of his body, the fire phoenix sped towards Ling Yue after returning to his bird form.

’’Dearest, let her talk first.’’ Unlike her husband's bad temper, this ice phoenix seems to be more negotiable based on her expectant eyes.

’’My love, you are too...’’ Knowing this was his wife's last ounce of hope, he couldn't say no despite the urging feeling that this human girl cannot be trusted.

’’The first condition is I want to take the egg with me because the time frame needed to heal your baby is very long.’’ Based on the reaction of the phoenix egg just now, she's certain the spirit smoke will have an effect. As to the extent of that ability, Ling Yue honestly didn't know.

Unsurprisingly, this condition raised no objection by either parent because the father - fire phoenix - had already abandoned this crippled egg. If not for the mother's refusal, they wouldn't even be here discussing terms.

Besides, if both phoenixes were to continue their argument like so, the end result will be the same with only their feelings hurt. If they pass the egg to Ling Yue on the other hand, this comprise might just be the key to solving their current predicament.

’’The second condition is if I manage to hatch the egg and let your child come into this world, little phoenix must remain loyal to me for a hundred years.’’ As soon as her voice died down, fire phoenix was not willing already. Whisking his sleeve, a billowing flame like the ocean's wave was swooping over at her with terrifying speed, quickly followed by fire phoenix leading the attack.

’’Impudent human, you dare enslave a member of my phoenix race?!’’

Just as when the fire reached the halfway point of the giant nest, a burst of ice beam shot out from ice phoenix's finger and collided with her husband head on.

Almost instantaneously, both the wave of flame and fire phoenix himself were turned into a lump of ice, dropping to the ground under the weight.

’’Dear, have you gone mad? Are you really going to have our child become a slave of a mere human?!’’ Hot tempered as he was, fire phoenix eyes his wife in dissatisfaction.

’’My love, our race comes with a thousand-year lifespan, so what if we have to offer up a hundred years. That duration will be but a fleeting moment in our child's life. Take this chance and our child might still live, but if we don't.....’’ Speaking up to here, her voice choked at the alternative.

All three eggs were produced by her personally, how can she bear to give up on any of them when there's hope?

But compared to what awaited a child that's been damaged, the choice was clear when the price only amounted to a hundred years.

Twisting inside, fire phoenix flips his gaze between the poisoned egg and Ling Yue for a good while until he finally caved. No longer resisting to the suggestion, he gives in to his wife's suggestion.

’’My child will be in your care. If in the future the egg does hatch, be sure to tell my child we will be waiting at the phoenix clan's home.’’ Tearing up in her eyes, ice phoenix gives one last wishful kiss to her egg and gently hands it over to Ling Yue.

When she received the egg from the mother's hand, Ling Yue's heart was fluttering with emotion. Ling Yue knew, this wasn't just a simple egg anymore, it also represented the trust given to her by the ice phoenix.

No matter the age gap, no matter the racial background, the mindset of both women was one and the same at this moment.

Seeing the determination in his wife's heart, fire phoenix can only move aside to not obstruct the mood. Taking this opportunity, he flies over to the other corner of the nest to check up on the remaining eggs to see if there's any damage.

’’Bastard! Ice phoenix, you've been fooled! Our kids are saying this girl and that python are the same, she also came to steal our eggs! It was her who threw old three into the python's mouth, it's her, it's her!!’’ Because the eggs were laid several days ago, they are already coming close to hatching and was somewhat conscious of their surroundings by now.

Therefore, the commotion and talks of making a deal between Ling Yue and the python were completely overheard by both the red and blue egg.

Since they are without eyes and can only listen, the surviving eggs naturally mistook Ling Yue as a bad person based on the conversation.

Oh what an injustice! To be framed so horribly, how can Ling Yue not be puking inside?

One second both women were still sharing the same motherly instinct, then the next second one was gulping and the other surging in anger.

It was this woman who caused old three to become like this! And I also believed those lies and personally handed old three out! What have I done?!!!

’’Return my baby!’’ Raising a snowstorm right out of her body, ice phoenix's blue figure was like the goddess of ice, cold and pure. Only difference here was that those eyes radiated an intense urge to kill.

Like blades, countless snowflakes begun to spin like disks in the air and shot towards Ling Yue in an attempt to slice our female lead into pieces.

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’’Squeak!!’’ Not wanting to end it like this, Little Squeak persists in explaining.

But under these circumstances, how can the enraged phoenix couple be calm enough to listen?

’’Run!’’ With one wave of her hand, the blood daggers shot out to smash into the snowflake disks.

As good as Ling Yue's counter was, a wave of heat immediately followed up from behind the ice.

In the face of the double attack of fire and ice, Ling Yue became cornered. Out of urgency, she raises the egg high above her head and uttered out a threat: ’’Whoever makes a move again and I will immediately smash the egg to smithereens!’’ A total mess with char marks all over her body, even her hair had become a popsicle in the exchange. Against the unreasonableness of the phoenix couple, Ling Yue didn't care anymore and turned mean herself.

You two want to see who is meaner? Fine, if anything we can all be screwed!

Stiffening her body, Ling Yue braves herself to not back down against that intense stare.

With neither side able to get the better of the other, both parties were stuck in a stalemate.

While Ling Yue was busy with her showdown against the phoenix couple, An Ming Xia continues to wander around the marsh in search of the phoenix egg, unsure where to go for her treasure.

’’Someone come and light this place up. I don't believe I can't find the eggs after I burn this entire marsh down!’’ Ill tempered, An Ming Xia roars out in frustration.

Despite her demand, no response ever came;instead, only silence welcomed her.

Not so confident anymore, An Ming Xia hesitantly turns her head and found that the guards she brought along were no longer by her side.

’’Are you looking for them?’’ An indifferent laughter, accompanied by a ghostly figure, soon appeared in front of An Ming Xia.

Wearing a golden mask, the first impression she had of this newcomer was an unprecedented sensation of facing a crisis.

Feeling numb in her legs, she gave another careful look around her surroundings out of reflex. In her astonishment, all of her guards were dead on the ground!

Exactly the same in their manner of death, no wounds could be found on the corpses.

When did this man appear behind them, and... when did he make the killing move?

Unwilling to waste even a glance at the frightened girl, the man looks to the front where a striking light of rainbow bloomed in the far off distant.


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