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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 104


Chapter 104 ’’Save The Sick Egg’’

As a sacred beast, it was inherently more difficult for a phoenix to reproduce due to their biology. In general, it takes well over five hundred years before a single phoenix can become se*ually mature enough to mate, and even then, a pair will usually only give birth to two eggs, one female and a male.

However, the couple here was very fortunate and ended up with three eggs instead of the usual two. Originally they had planned to hatch their eggs here in the Dream Cloud Marsh before making their way home, but who've guessed that irreparable damage would incur due to their momentary negligence.

Without the radiant light unique to the phoenix race, this plain looking egg was tantamount to a stillborn in the eyes of these phoenixes.

The rainbow light wasn't just a protective layer for the egg, it also represented the inherent talent of the soon to be born fledgling. If no light, no talent, meaning the chick will either be a cripple without any strength or mentally damaged. Towards such an outcome, the phoenix race as a whole would never permit this to happen because they are a race of extreme ego.

If the adults are without flaw, then the offspring must be perfect too. Otherwise, the outcome can only mean death for anything else.

Crying out in pain, the fire phoenix's call no longer carried any grace to it, rather, it sounded solemn and sad while the ice phoenix wept by its side.

As both birds continued to exchange dialogue in a language unknown to a human, Ling Yue was starting to clue in onto the fact that they are arguing about something. As curious as she was, she didn't dare make a peep because if she did now, she knew they would immediately become aware of her existence. That was something she dearly didn't want to happen right now.

Glancing left and right, Ling Yue was just about to take this opportunity to sneak away without alarming anyone when something awful happened: Little Squeak suddenly called out!

Not missing the tiny voice, both phoenixes instantly turned their heads at the source. That's when they noticed the two intruders still lingering inside their nest.

To think they would miss the presence of a human here....

’’How are you! I'm just passing by, so please, continue and don't mind me.’’ Totally afraid of the fire phoenix blowing out another breath like it did to the python, Ling Yue awkwardly throws this out in an attempt to lower her existence.

As highly as Ling Yue thinks of herself, the phoenix couple honestly didn't pay much attention to her. Instead, their astonished eyes were solely focused on Little Squeak who was calling out to them.

Why does this little creature that looks no different from a baby fox have such a powerful pressure?

Seemingly familiar yet so distant, neither of the phoenixes here could grasp onto the reason why they were feeling this.

As to that human, she can't be a bad person if this little lord owned her.

As to the reason why they didn't notice the presence of the human girl until now, it must be related to this little one also.

By signing a soul contract between them both, Ling Yue's body naturally becomes contaminated with Little Squeak's aura, thus masking her human presence in this situation.

’’Squeak! Squeak!’’ Little Squeak started to converse with the phoenix couple using a special language even Ling Yue couldn't follow despite being capable of reading the little guy's mind.

Regardless, Ling Yue in the end manages to get a decent understanding of what their conversation revolved around. What happened was that the phoenix couple was bickering over the issue of how they would handle the poisoned egg.

As a male, the fire phoenix naturally took a tougher stance in his argument and wanted to abandon the egg, but the ice phoenix didn't. As a mother, she wanted to take her small baby back to the phoenix home and seek the old chieftain for help in saving their child.

Back and forth, neither side of their argument could gain traction, that's when Little Squeak butted in due to impatience.

’’My mistress can save this egg!’’ Little Squeak's statement scared the daylights out of Ling Yue.

In Little Squeak's view, he was certain his mistress could save this egg because the concept was the same when she saved Big Yellow from the tumor in his brain.


Little Squeak, my dear boss, bragging isn't done like that!

Unable to cry while wanting to cry, Ling Yue had a powerful impulse to knock the troublemaker on the head to make some melon balls pop.

This stupid Squeak, does he think a sacred beast like the phoenix can be compared to a street dog like Big Yellow? Sure, the spirit smoke is amazing, but that doesn't guarantee anything, and most certainly not a miracle cure!

As much as Ling Yue wanted to give Little Squeak a quick beating this instant, the phoenix couple were reacting quite differently right now.

This human can heal their precious egg?

Carefully appraising the human before it, the fire phoenix issued out a disdainful cawing sound because he's certain the girl was but an ordinary person without a spec of ability.

While the fire phoenix became angered, his wife the ice phoenix didn't think the same.

As a mother, even if the hope was minimal with this human girl, she still wanted to catch onto that glimmer without letting go.

Originally Ling Yue intended to refuse the proposal, but the moment her sight crossed with the ice phoenix's, her brain started to hurt from within.

From the depths of her consciousness, a stunningly beautiful face surfaces: ’’Ling Yue, you must survive, mother will definitely come find you one day.’’

The trance only lasted for a brief second when the face gradually blurred up. She wanted to recall the image again as soon as she came to, but when she tried, she couldn't no matter how hard she worked her brain.

’’Squeak?’’ Finding his mistress not doing so well, Little Squeak uses his small little paw to rub her leg in order to draw her attention.

Finally fully aware of her surroundings again, Ling Yue suddenly found herself unable to refuse those eyes coming off of the ice phoenix despite her wish to refuse.

’’Let me have a look at its conditions first. if I can save the egg then I will, otherwise...’’ Exhaling a forfeiting sigh, she walks up to the poisoned egg and touches it with her right hand.

Infusing her spirit smoke upon contact, the only sensation hitting her hand now was an icy cold sensation from within the egg. Without fetal movement, this egg was like a stone devoid of life.

Is there no hope....? Ling Yue lamentingly sighs.

Just when she wanted to retract her hands after giving up, a small pulse of life reached out to her, this feeling?

The wonderful sensation that cannot be described with words promptly surfaced from within her heart, this phoenix egg ... it's also not willing to give up.

Without flinching or moving, both parents eagerly stared at Ling Yue in anticipation of her diagnostic.

’’If you want me to save it then I have two conditions.’’ Ling Yue withdraws her hand and brings with her hope.

Hearing the words right out of Ling Yue's mouth, both phoenixes were startled for a second, unable to utter a single word.

In honest truth, they themselves didn't think the human would be capable of healing their egg, but now that things are like this, they couldn't be happier.

Exchanging a glance with each other, both phoenixes turned into an orb of light and retracted their feathers. In seconds, their appearances were no longer that of a bird, they are human now.

Although its well known the phoenix race are a specie of beauty and pride, but to witness the two in human form like so, Ling Yue couldn't help but pop her eyes by how stunned she was.

Tall and handsome like the fire itself, this man that's difficult to confront was the human form of the fire phoenix. While the fire phoenix gave off an aura of dominance like a king, the woman incarnation of the ice phoenix was totally different. Delicate and pure, one look and that was enough to make one want to worship her for being so noble and graceful.

It's no wonder they say fire and ice are opposing elements, these two are like the polar opposite. Nevertheless, this strong contrast in their aura only gave them a poetic sensation like something out of a picture.

Pity though, Ling Yue didn't have the time to enjoy this pleasant sight. Why? Because whatever she's about to demand will definitely incur their wrath like no other.


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