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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 100


Chapter 100 ’’Another Him’’

’’Big Yellow, attack the alpha wolf to your left.’’

In the face of this urgent situation, Feng Shen not only didn't get flustered, he instead started to give out commands.

Understanding those words, Big Yellow sharpened his fangs and instantly collided into the alpha wolf, leaving the remaining two lackeys to surround Feng Sheng in the back.

Even a wild animal will know a weakling when they see one. When choosing between the deadly Big Yellow or the human without a scant of Yuan energy, the choice was obvious.

Turning stern in his eyes, Feng Shen widens his footwork and went into stance like a true martial artist.

Does Feng Shen know how to fight?

The answer was an obvious no.

If one were to look carefully, they will realize Feng Shen didn't know any based on the lack of Yuan energy in his hands. He definitely had the hand and footwork's down though. Using only the form, he matched Big Yellow's movement and slipped through each attack like a slippery loach.

Not missing the opening created by the one on one situation, Big Yellow lures the alpha wolf into place and lunges forward at the waist area like an arrow shot out by a giant bow.

As the saying goes, copper head means a weak waist. This was a perfect description of the alpha wolf.

Howling out in excruciating pain, the alpha wolf became subdued under the strangling hold by Big Yellow's tail and body.

Seeing the chance was upon them, Feng Shen made one final dodge by swiveling to one side and swiftly pulls out a dagger gleaming a dangerous light. Then in blistering speed, he stabs the blade right into the middle of the alpha wolf's head and rips its downward, spilling both brain and blood all over the ground.

Watching the death of their leader in this exchange, the remaining two wolves instinctively stepped backwards due to fear.

Then it was at this moment a melodious chirping sound drifted over from deep within the swampy area. Like a song, all living creatures living in the marsh became startled by the suddenness of it all.

Making a grieving howl, the wolves in front of Feng Shen suddenly turned erratic. Shaking their head and moving around without aim, the two eventually focused their gaze onto a huge tree like they just saw some sort of salvation. Charging into the trunk head first, both wolves lost their breath almost instantaneously from the impact.

Seeing this strange scene, Big Yellow shivered intensely with fear in his eyes also. Then acting like the wolves, his limbs began to lose control with an obvious trembling effect while he charged towards the tree trunk not so far away.

Fortunately, before he could carry out his actions, Feng Shen suddenly grabs Big Yellow by the neck and drags him back.

Sensing the warmth permeating his body, the panic and unease from earlier promptly left his body, bringing Big Yellow back to his senses.

Raising his head, a trace of concentrated danger flickered across his eyes as he observed the oddity in the sky. What should've been nothing but darkness was contrasted by a mass of rainbow colored cloud heading towards the very depths of the swampy area in the marsh.

Unbeknownst to the rest of the world, in this instant, large numbers of wild animals living in the marsh began to commit suicide in masse that's no different from genocide.

That is......

Without premonition, an almost surreal snickering voice suddenly reached Feng Shen's ear.

’’What, are you afraid she might be in trouble?’’

Hidden within that mist, a low and overbearing voice reached out with no evidence of its location.

The voice was very magnetic, enough to make one want to commit a sinful act.

’’None of your business.’’ Tightening his forehead, Feng Shen blurted this out in an almost stubborn fashion.

Clenching his hand into a fist until crunching sounds could be heard from his knuckles, Feng Shen acted like he's struggling to make a decision at this moment.

’’Quit being stubborn with that mouth. This fog is unusual, keke, to think the legend surrounding this marsh is true.’’ There was a little banter in that voice when it stated this.

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The legend of the Dream Cloud Marsh?

Suddenly loosening his hand hidden underneath his sleeves, it can't be, this fog is actually....

Calm was now restored to the camp site, but when Big Yellow turns around to look for Feng Shen, there's no one! Confused and unsure what to do, Big Yellow barks out for any form of a reply. Try as he may like, only he remains here with no sign of the human.

Now Big Yellow was starting to get nervous. According to his mistress's order, he's to protect this man until they return, but now the person had disappeared right under his nose...

First circling around the camp site for any trail, Big Yellow eventually couldn't sit still anymore after finding no traces of a scent anywhere. Dashing into the foggy mist that now shrouds over the entire marsh, he too soon disappeared from sight.

Back before the emergence of the rainbow mass in the sky, one hour to be exact and before the attack took place in the camp, Ling Yue and Lan Caier also encountered a problematic situation of their own.

While the night deepened, both girls didn't feel much different from usual, but the fog did roll around as Feng Shen warned.

Originally Ling Yue had planned to use her spirit force to sense the surroundings to guide them through the terrain, but something she never expected occurred: the fog greatly affected her senses. From what used to be five hundred meters were now shrunk to ten meters, a dangerous situation indeed.

Under such circumstances, it's very dangerous for both of them if they encountered any ambushes along their path. Problem was, they could no longer turn back due to the fog. Inwardly, they were both regretting greatly right now for not heeding Feng Shen's advice.

Not much different from being blind, the two of them can only slowly move through the fog while watching their every step, ’’What the hell is this fog?’’

Still inside the mist, Ling Yue suddenly noticed a fluctuation of Yuan energy from the front. Not far away, the figures of An Ming Xia and her guards soon appeared in sight.

The wasp venom in An Ming Xia's body have been partially treated by now, but her swollen face remains unsightly funny by the bundle of bandages tightly wrapped around her skin.

Upon seeing Ye Ling Yue and Lan Caier from her side of the view, the anger that's just been slightly quelled instantly boiled again from deep within her heart.

’’Go, stop Lan Caier and that hillbilly, be sure to bring me that little runt too!’’ Straining red lines in her eyes, An Ming Xia loudly scolds her guards to rush out.

Splitting into two groups, two were on Lan Caier and the rest onto Ling Yue.

’’An Ming Xia, how dare you! Are you not afraid of Lord Feng's anger?’’

Two to eight, and each are upper celestial masters. There's no illusion in Lan Caier's mind, they are likely doomed today.

’’Then let your corpses go tell the Phoenix Lord!’’ An Ming Xia sneered. There's so much fog tonight and there's no one else here in the marsh. Even if she does order the killing of these two bitches, no one will know it's her as long the bodies sink into the swamp pools.

’’An Ming Xia, if you have the ability then come yourself, I'm waiting here.’’ Not making a futile effort, Ling Yue scurried to the rear without a second delay.

’’You think a lowly peasant like you is worthy of being my opponent?’’ An Ming Xia may be saying that, but her foot was already chasing after Ling Yue into the hazy mist.

In her mind, she doesn't believe with her level of skill she wouldn't be able to subdue a simple country bumpkin.

’’Lady, come back!’’

Very soon, the fighting and shouting sound in the background were all but gone, leaving only An Ming Xia chasing after Ling Yue like a cat chasing a rabbit.

Thing were going smoothly for her at first, but the further she went, the more wrong it felt for An Ming Xia.

Suddenly, Ye Ling Yue completely disappeared from her sight.

Unable to stop herself in time, An Ming Xia slammed right an object in front of her, sending her head spinning into a dizzy daze.

Due to the thickness of the fog, the visibility for everyone became extremely low. As she groped around for anything familiar, An Ming Xia suddenly touched something furry.


Right in front of her, a ferocious looking female ghost spider had jumped out.

Unlike any she came across thus far, this one was totally different. Fat in its belly like a drum, this one was several times the size of an average female ghost spider. Opening its pincer mouth, this spider makes a shrieking howl and focuses its spider eyes at the prey in front of it.


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