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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 1


001. Rebirth of the Retarded Girl

Country of Da Xia, Qiu Feng Town.

In the Ye family ancestral hall, all kinds of offerings were placed on the rectangular sandalwood-carved table. In the center of the ancestral hall was a simple and unadorned black cauldron[1]. It had a few incense sticks stabbed in it, the scented smoke curled and floated around in the air.

The door pushes open, and a small and thin figure enters.

It was a thirteen, fourteen year old young girl. Her face was only the size of the palm of a hand, her facial features were all very exquisite, though unfortunately, her hair was dishevelled, and along with a pair of sluggish eyes, it made her beauty like seem like a pearl which had been covered over with dust and dirt.

Just as the young girl arrived to the side of the table, some people suddenly scurried out.

’’Excellent, capture that thief.’’ A few loathing slaves grabbed the young girl by her hands and feet, and pressed her against the ground.

’’Wuu...wuu.’’ The young girl was frightened. She wanted to escape from those people's hands, but unfortunately, how could her strength compare with these loathing slaves of the Ye family who had begun learning martial combat since young and have already cultivated their bodies to a rank-one.

’’Ye Ling Yue, so it was you, you retarded girl. Who gave you the nerve to come and steal the offerings from the ancestral hall table.’’ The slave who was talking is Wang Gui, he was the Ye family's sixth young master, Ye Qing's trusted aide.

The one who is pressed down on the ground is Ye Qing's younger cousin, Ye Ling Yue. She may be a Miss of the Ye family, but in the Ye family, her position is even lower than servants.

Only because Ye Ling Yue is the Ye family's shame. She is mentally retarded.

’’’’ Panic filled Ye Ling Yue's pale face.

’’You still dare to quibble.’’ Wang Gui didn't give her a chance to defend herself, giving Ye Ling Yue a few slaps to her face.

Wang Gui is a practitioner of a martial combat, so with just a few slaps, Ye Ling Yue's face has already become very swollen.

Ye Ling Yue's body, like a kite that had its string cut, flew out and rammed into the cauldron which touched the floor in the ancestral hall. She let out a string of muffled noises.

’’The retarded girl isn't moving at all, don't tell me she's dead. Seeing that Ye Ling Yue hasn't moved for a long while, a few of the Ye family slaves thought she had died.

’’How can she die that easily, that retarded girl has always been beaten like this for over ten years and she still lived fine. Young master already said so too, this is called a cheap person's life is always someone who is hard to kill.’’ Wang Gui's thoughts were also just as vicious. His eyes swept around, and noticed the incense cauldron beside Ye Ling Yue.

The Ye family's ancestral hall had been bought by the Ye family's family-head over thirty years ago, this incense cauldron had been preserved in here from since then.

Wang Gui walked up to it, and pushed aside the lid of the cauldron, then grabbed a handful of incense ash.

’’You people, pry open that little retarded girl's mouth. Since she likes to steal food, I'll let her eat until she's full today.’’

The slave servants giggled. In their eyes, even a stray dog is better than Ye Ling Yue.

They held down Ye Ling Yue's hands and feet, while stuffing the incense ash of who knows how long hasn't been cleaned up for into her mouth.

The moment the incense ash had been stuffed into her mouth, there was a round object which had slid down Ye Ling Yue's throat.

Once the object had entered into her stomach, retarded girl Ye Ling Yue could only feel a burst of scorching hot pain in the dan-tian in her abdomen.

The endless amount of hotness was very hot, bone eroding and heart scorching hot, just like as if her entire being was burning until nothing remained.

It's painful. Ye Ling Yue grabbed onto her throat. There was something wanting to come out from her throat.

Until scars of blood had appeared on her neck from her grabbing, the heat had never mitigated for even a bit. Her suffering was so hard to endure, she ran towards the incense cauldron head first. Fresh blood appeared from her forehead.

’’Dammit, the little retarded girl really died?’’ Wang Gui stepped forward and looked, and found that there was no movement whatsoever from Ye Ling Yue.

The slave servants looked at each other in dismay. Now they feel the fear of their actions, the little retarded girl's position may be low and petty, and she isn't given any value of importance, but in any case, she is still an authentic Miss of the Ye family.

’’What are you still in standing there in a daze for, hurry and go find Young Master.’’ Wang Gui was panic-stricken. The few of them escaped.

In the ancestral hall, Ye Ling Yue's small little body curled up into a ball.

Waves and waves of the feeling of intense fire burning her body carried on non-stop.

’’Mother.’’ Ye Ling Yue helplessly shouted, but there was no one who responded to her.

Slowly, the feeling of scorching heat disappeared. Ye Ling Yue's five viscera and six bowels all twisted together.

Not knowing how much time had passed, in her mind, a ’’boom’’ sound appeared, like something in her dan-tian had suddenly exploded.

Her eyes -- suddenly opened. In her previously sluggish eyes, was now filled with brightness like the remaining scattered stars of dawn.

A sharp light quickly flashed across in her eyes.

What came into her eyes was a simple and unadorned but grandiose room. In the middle of the room was a rectangular table. Offerings and ancestor memorial tablets were placed upon it.

’’I, rebirthed.’’ Ye Ling Yue mumbled. She looked at her hands.

She was small and thin, and covered in scars of all kinds and sizes. This was a girl's body that had gone through and endured much hardship from bullying and humiliation.

She stood up, and attempted to recall the information belonging to this body. But due to the reason of being mentally retarded, in her brain was only some broken and fragmented memories.

It looks like she still needs some more time to adapt to this body.

Just as she turned around and was about to leave, Ye Ling Yue heard a string of ’’zizizi’’ sounds passing by her ears.

Not far off, on the old incense cauldron, the puddle of blood which Ye Ling Yue had left behind when she ran into it earlier, was currently going through a transformation.

The blood, at a clear speed the naked eyes could see, was seeping into the cauldron.

A rush of cold air scurried up from Ye Ling Yue's feet, but strong curiosity prompted her to walk up instead.

The moment her hand touched the cauldron, a strange thing happened.

Swish --

That old cauldron, which originally needed no less than two or three people to lift up, transformed into a string of black light and entered into the palm of her hand.


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