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Miniature Garden Chemister - Chapter 16


16. Hinami and Ikuru 4

Ever since I met Thia and Kiruto, my daily life has been overflowing with new things.

I was able to leave the house where I was all alone and go into a town. I also became friends with Thia. I had also been able to find out about the world around me for the first time since I got here.

’’Himami- sama the tea. Why is a mana potion replacing tea... it's such a waste.’’

’’Because it's delicious isn't it? The taste is black tea.’’

While I was preparing fruit, Ikuru prepared tea using the mana potion that I had made. Take it out of the bottle, and heat it up over the fire. This is how delicious tea is made. Ikuru said ’’ it would be impossible to taste delicious’’ but when he tried a sip, he was surprised.

’’Hey, have a taste!’’

’’...I see..!?

’’Is it not good?’’

’’...Yes, I was surprised.’’

Hey, even I was surprised after all.

’’Well... who is Hinami-sama?’’


’’Even when I lived in the forest of the lost, I can not believe it... that pharmacy skills can cultivate medicinal herbs. However, I also do not have knowledge of a pharmacist’’

Certainly, is this the so-called ’’mysterious’’ position for me right now?

It has been two years since I have come to this world. The day before yesterday was the first time I was in the forest with people. Is it ridiculous right now?

’’This house too ... the power of the magic tool is both bad and good... it's strange’’

’’It is mysterious after all’’


’’Oh nothing...’’

That's right, I need to explain to Ikuru for now. But, how should I explain?

I was brought here by God to live here!

Okay, no. Ikuru is looking back and forth around the house, so the house is unusual after all.

’’Ikuru has said that I do not know much about this world didn't you?’’


’’I lived here two years ago, and ...’’

This is useless! It just can't be explained well!

Where should I even start explaining in the first place? May I even talk about God? It's not good to speak without permission...right?

’’Calm down...’’


’’I know that there are some circumstances’’

’’Thank you very much...’’

As I drank my cup of tea, I started to calm down. It is miserable that I can not speak about myself properly.

’’And as I am a curse slave, so you do not need to strain yourself to explain?’’

’’...It's not like that’’


’’Sorry... from where I come from, there was no system like ’’curse slave’’. So... how to explain... well, it can't be explained, however I cannot treat Ikuru like a curse slave.’’

’’There is no curse slavery system... where?’’


Each word little by little, Ikuru tells that he is not good at figuring out ’’curse slaves’’. ... No, it may be that it cannot be conveyed only by the words of today.(???)

’’Well... I mean Hinami-sama treated me as an ordinary person, not as a curse slave.’’

’’Was it wrong...?’’

’’No? It was not particularly useless. Well certainly I thought that it was strange, but I can tell that Hinami-sama has no malice.’’

As Ikuru drinks tea, he puts his hand on his chin like he was thinking of something. As I watched, I shook my head.

’’Hinami-sama is special, as if you are not of this world’’


’’The face that you're making, did I hit the mark?’’


I didn't think that Ikuru would hit the mark! I ate the apple, and prepared to be misinterpreted, as I smiled somewhat.

Oh, the apple is delicious.

’’Oh, I will not inquire Hinami-sama any further, so please calm down.’’

’’Well... when I manage to explain properly, I will tell you!’’

’’Well, if Hinami-sama wants to, then that's fine.’’

’’Thank you very much!’’

There is a feeling that it is because of Ikuru's kindness, but it is alright with just this much. I also need to confirm with God if I can speak about him in the exchange diary.

Oh! But I would also like to know more about Ikuru. Can I even ask? But after all when we were speaking about me, is it polite to ask?

While eating apples and looking at the wheel, ’’what?’’ Ikuru said.

’’...Did you want to ask me anything?’’

’’Oh! Did you read my mind?’’

’’Because it's written on your face’’


Did it show on my face too much? I, I should be good at a poker face...

I feel like saying ’’please do’’ to Ikuru. This may be heard a lot! It's like this! (???)

’’Even so, I am not particularly special? The curse slave village which I lived in was an ordinary place.’’

It is not particularly an interesting talk? Ikuru tilts his head slightly doubtful. Please wait a moment. Even if Ikuru says his life is normal, is being a curse slave a normal thing, or is it not?

’’Curse slave village?’’

’’Oh, you don't know about it?’’


’’Wait a moment... I heard that Hinami-sama doesn't know much of common knowledge, but to the extent of not knowing of a curse slave village?’’

’’...If the explanation is told to a child who doesn't know at all, then I would be glad’’

How many times have I've seen Ikuru's amazed face?

’’Well then... Shall I explain <Retisurīru >(???) from the beginning?’’

’’Yes! Thank you very much!’’

Ikuru explained <Retisurīru>slowly and politely, so that I could understand.

When this world...still did not have human beings, animals, trees, and even a fertile earth.

First ’’rain’’ fell.

Next, the ’’sun’’ shone on earth.

Finally, the ’’moon’’ gently wrapped it.

The sun and the moon warmed up Earth, along with the rain that fell, small trees were born. Following it came abundant and rich nature, which birthed the goddess Retisurīru.

Retisurīru, whom was birthed from this world, was pleased with the beautiful nature.

However, she noticed that she was all alone.

Retisurīru who was lonely by herself, created animals, humans, beastmen, and spirits.

Everyone soon became friends and lived happily. And this world was named after the goddess name... <Retisurīru>.

’’...That is the origin of this world’’

’’It was the name of the goddess...!’’

’’However, this is the contents of a picture book that is told to a small child.’’

’’It's wonderful since I didn't know, it saved me!’’

’’Well, so far, this is for small children, when they have grown a little more they are taught from their parents about the curse slave system <<Curse (Shu)>>’’

The slave system <<curse >>. I heard the words, but I do not know the specific contents in detail.

When I was tilting my head, Ikuru began to take off his coat.

’’What! Ikuru what are you doing!’’

’’Because you saw earlier’’

As I said that, Ikuru's upper body is naked and looked at me. It's strange that I am more ashamed than Ikuru.

I unintentionally diverted my face to not see Ikuru's naked upper body, and Ikuru called out to me.

’’This is the <<curse>>.’’


When unconsciously looking at Ikuru, at Ikuru's heart ... there was a bruise like tattoo mimicking a flower that was emerging.

The moment I saw it, my embarrassed feelings flew away and felt chilly in its strangeness.

’’What's that......?’’

’’... Would you like to continue with the story?’’


The goddess Retisurīru lived happily with everyone in this world.

However, as the number of people living in this world increased... some people also left Retisurīru. Everyone was sad that they would eventually go away, but it wasn't better to keep extracting one food in large numbers.

For a while, the dimension of Retisurīru was visited now and then. However, everyone doubted that the time that everyone would speak with a smile would last forever.

They were so happy, however there was a large gap between Retisurīru and the others.

Yes, the big difference was life expectancy.

Retisurīru, who was born as a goddess, had no death.

As time passed, people whom she was close to died... and new ones were born, and the cycle repeats. And eventually as time passed people started to forget about Retisurīru.

A few hundred years later... a tragedy happened.

The ’’ jewel flower’’ that Retisurīru had cherished had been stolen. But who stole it? Was it a human being, a beastman... or both? Retisurīru was very surprised and was extremely sad. Tears started to overflow and didn't stop, and the world was washed away by the tears once.

And when it was noticed...Retisurīru had disappeared, and a flower was engraved on the chest of those who stole the ’’jewel flower’’.

That was a <<curse>>, it was a mark left behind by Retisurīru as a sign of her sorrow. That <<curse>>had three actions on the inscribed person.



  1. A decrease in status value
  2. Impossible to use 2 skills of attack magic
  3. An abnormal condition

Release method:

Continued devoted engagement for five years.

Initially, people engraved with the <<curse>>could not understand the meaning and left them neglected. However, this <<curse>>was inherited by a child. And when hundreds of years passed, everyone gave knowledge about the meaning of the status and state abnormalities... With this everyone cooperated and the world started to move again.

And this <<curse>>was called a slave system, and decided to go into slavery in order to release the <<curse>>.

In addition, guilds were made in order to manage a curse slave. It later became a neutral institution that also supported adventurers and grew to be an indispensable item in <Retisurīru>.

A guild managed the foundation, and the curse slave trade enters, and a middle man whom handles the contracts was made.

’’This is the origin of the world <Retisurīru>and curse slavery system’’


’’I know that this is hard to believe. The fact that a goddess exists, is absurd’’

Ikuru said it as I did not believe in the goddess... I felt sad somewhat.

’’Then...the curse slavery system is strictly 'slave'?’’

’’Well, this is what the guild had thought, but I don't have the <<curse>>. It is believed that Retisurīru event was an unforgivable event for a lone person, so <<curse>>holders are descendents of the criminal who stole the treasure of the goddess.

’’But it will disappear in five years’’

’’Yes, people who believe will also tolerate us normally, as a <<curse>>disappears when we are forgiven by Retisurīru.’’

I see...

Then the curse slavery system is quite different from what I was thinking.

Is this a testimony of the goddess's sorrow? My precious things have been stolen... I cannot forgive... but I can not suffer forever... such kindness.

I also think it's pitiful that the <<curse>>is given to a child, however I do not want to blame the goddess as I do not know the exact event.

’’That means that Ikuru also has restrictions and abnormal status due to the <<curse>>?’’

’’Yes. But because I think that the degree that the status actually decreases depends on the person, it is not known until the <<curse>>is lifted. Since magic skills can only be used to search, it seems to be true. However it is not a hindrance and so it is not a problem.’’

’’Yes, it is good that it is not a hindrance!’’

If it's an abnormal state, it will be about the body, however it is not good to ask too many questions so that there won't be a problem.

However if they are in trouble, I have to support it at full strength!


’’In five years the <<curse>>disappears, even though isn't there a lot of...curse slaves?’’

’’After all it is a descendent of a thief, do you think a person who stole from the goddess would devote himself for five years?’’

’’Oh... I would have trouble devoting myself?’’

’’Yes, that's right. If you become a curse slave, you also need to release the <<curse>>. There are people dislike the <<curse>>engraved on their chest, people who dislike the restrictions on status and attack magic, like adventurers, knights, and areas where there are a lot of demons. And people who wish to release the abnormal status. It is not uncommon to see curse holders that do not engage with people until they wish to release the curse, however that does not help reduce the curse slavery problem. The guild does not help resolve the problem, so the problem persists.’’


I am sorting out what has been explained in my head. But, the reason why curse slavery does not decrease is because there are many people who leave the <<curse>>alone.

Wait, that's right!

’’There is a curse slave village?’’

’’It is a village where the <<curse>>holders live together. People who are <<curse>>holders are managed by the Guild. Well, I can live in a town normally, however... it is troublesome to meet people who believe in the goddess. So <<curse>>holders gathered together to make a village, that's the so-called curse slave village’’

’’I see... because it was called a curse slave village, I thought that it was a terribly scary place’’

’’Well, its appearance is one of a normal village’’

Goddess and <<curse>>.

Is the goddess no longer in this world?

Or maybe... somewhere in this world?


The moment I wanted to hear more about the goddess from Ikuru, and as he tried to tell me.

But it was interrupted by the sound of my stomach...!

’’Shall we have ... rice for now?’’



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