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Meow Meow Meow - Chapter 85


Meow Meow Meow Chapter 85

Posted on March 13, 2016 Updated on March 13, 2016

Chapter 85 –You Really Won’t Regret It?

The footsteps in the snow, one could not tell who or from where by just the weight and tempo of the steps, however, it did contain a slight hesitancy.

I was a bit nervous as I stared towards the entrance, my heart thumping loudly, hoping I would see that person. Yin Zi tightly clutched onto me, his face almost white as a sheet. Wawa and Xiao Tian bit their lips and did not make a sound.

What greeted us was a woman with ordinary features wearing black brocade boots embroidered with colourful flowers and a depressing black dress…..

Yin Zi relaxed and let out a breath, he no longer held onto me, and turned towards the woman and coldly said, “Bing Wan, you placed the soul chasing powder on me?”

[TN]: Bing Wan = Ice Jade Fairy

Bing Wan nodded her head. She looked at us, and her eyes flashed the slightest anger, “Really, as expected you and that cat eloped.”

“Celestial, please appease your anger…..”Wawa hurriedly said, “We…..we didn’t elope, we just came to the mortal realm to play.”

Xiao Tian also added in, “Does it make sense for three people to elope?”

“Why? What is this?”Bing Wan paid no attention to the two of them, and just continued to stare Yin Zi, angrily asking, “I saved you from the mortal realm and brought you to the heavenly realm, because of me you turned from an ordinary bird demon to a being with one step in the realm of gods. Why did you betray me?”

“Discipline, the discipline and education you put so much focus on,”Yin Zi’s complexion slowly returned, but his face was still full of disdain, “What betrayal? I didn’t ask you to save me nor is the heavenly realm a place I like. I’m tired of that place and I want to leave.”

“Then the praises and flattery you normally express, are they lies too? You obviously… said you would treat me well…..”Bing Wan’s bitter tone echoed through the cave.

“You’ve seen bootlicking and false flattery before, haven’t you?”Yin Zi shrugged, “Don’t take the words of men too seriously.”

Bing Wan became more enraged, “What about me are you not satisfied with?”

“I don’t like reading too much, I don’t like playing the flute for you everyday, I don’t like wearing fancy clothes, I don’t like drinking honey, and I also don’t like to be shut in the garden everyday coaxing and praising Miss’face,”Yin Zi counted his fingers while he listed, and then suddenly raised his head to look at her, “Yes, my most favourite and precious things in this world are money and the gems that you think are vulgar and tacky.”

“These you could have told me about, why didn’t you say anything?”Bing Wan walked towards us, she raised her hands, and pushed me to one side. I gave Yin Zi a glance, and seeing him nod gently, I obediently stood to one side and waited.

“What use is there telling you? You would only make corrections according to what people tell you and not learn your mistakes.”Yin Zi shook his head, “Not to mention, I don’t even like you in the fisrt place. Being together with you is tiring.”

“You don’t like me…..don’t like me…..”Bing Wan’s voice carried a hint of helplessness, she suddenly pointed her fingers towards me, and sternly asked, “Then you like her?”

I took several paces back from surprise. Yin Zi unconditionally said, “I like her.”

“This cat’s character is rude and crass, its brain is not that good either, and she’s created a basket full of disgrace throughout the entire heavenly realm, she’s truly a joke that every celestial being chatters about. What is so good about her? Bi Qingshen Jun is good, Ao Yun is good, even that stupid dog beside you is good, how can she charm and seduce so many of you,”Bing Wan continued to point at, her eyes full of tears, “Is it because she’s beautiful… she can obtain anything without putting any effort? And obtain everyone’s adoration?”

“It’s not like that,”Xiao Tian blushed. He hastily added, “Miss Miao Miao… actually surprisingly simple, although her speech is quite straightforward, she is still very innocent.”He lowered his head and whispered again, “It was me who was chasing after her and bothering her…’s not her fault…..”

Wawa was also a bit angry, “Celestial Bing Wan, although our Miao Miao is a bit slow in the head, she is not as unbearable as you make her to be.”

“And why is that?”Bing Wan was unforgiving, “All of you don’t believe she’s at any fault just because she’s cute and innocent.”

“Miao Miao really is lovable,”I didn’t understand why anyone would want to question this, thus I confidently praised myself as what others have said in the past, proudly waving my tail back and forth, “Shifu said that Miao Miao is the cutest and most lovable cat in all the realms! Shifu’s words are always right!”

“Shut up……’re shameless…..”Bing Wan glared at me, her whole body shaking with anger.

Yin Zi mockingly smiled and said, “Still better than your jealous face.”

“Yes…..yes…..I’m ugly!”Two lines tears fell down her face, she sobbed, “I was born ugly! There’s so many beautiful maidens in the heavenly realm, only I am born ugly! No matter what I do I’ll always be ignored! No matter how hard I try, I’ll never beat the talented! I’ll always be overlooked! It’s not fair!”

“There’s no such thing as fair or not fair when it comes to feelings, right? You either like a person or not like a person, you can’t judge whether it’s fair or not fair.”Yin Zi said indifferently.

Xiao Tian hearing these words also nodded his head to agree. He then turned his head and gave me a depressed look. That look made me feel a bit guilty.

“But…..I like you…..”Ice Jade Fairy kept wiping her tears, “The first time I saw you, you were dressed in a white robe lying on the grass. Although you were covered in cuts and bruises, when I saw your smile, I instantly liked you…..”

Yin Zi said, “Then I can only say sorry.”

“What if…..what if I became as pretty as this cat! Would everyone also like me? Would you also like me?”Bing Wan shouted, “You are all bastards who only judge people by their appearances!”

“Aren’t you one yourself too?”Yin Zi stood up, walked towards her, and pointed to himself, “If I didn’t have the face that I have now, would you have saved me? If I wasn’t born with this face, would you have liked the petty and tacky me? Quit lying to yourself! The one that cares about outer appearances the most is you! The one that judges others about their physical appearances is also you!”Bing Wan’s became white, after a long time, she raised her head and wiped her tears away, and returned to her conceit self, “Yin Zi, do you know what kind of consequences your foolish actions have brought forth?”

“Foolish or not, I’ll decide by myself.”

“Bi Qingshen Jun of the heavenly realm is hunting you down! The only person that can save you now is me!”


“If you go back with me and swear to never leave, then I’ll help you! Otherwise, you’ll be on the chopping blocks of other demons or you can face Bi Qingshen Jun’s sword.”Bing Wan viciously said.

“There’s no need.”Yin Zi said.

“Then you’re really not afraid of death?”Bing Wan appeared confused, “With the soul chasing incense on you, I’ll be able to find you regardless!”

Yin Zi smiled, “It seems I failed to prepare properly.”

“If…..if you don’t return with me…..”Bing Wan bit her teeth and threatened, “I’ll report you to Bi Qingshen Jun and those that want to take credit for killing you!”

Yin Zi casually said, “Go ahead.”

Bing Wan threatened again, “I…..I’ll tell them to kill you!”

“I know, go ahead and tell them.”

Bing Wan angrily stomped her feet several times, walked out of the cave, turned to look back and asked, “You really won’t regret it?”

Yin Zi no longer paid any attention to her, he came over and held onto me, comforting, “Miao Miao, it’s alright.”

“But…..she seems very heartbroken…..”I hesitantly looked up, towards the outside of the cave, Bing Wan’s tears have already been frozen into ice on her cheeks.

“Don’t worry about her, just stay with me.”Yin Zi pulled me to one side and changed the subject, “I lied to you…..I’m sorry, do you want me to make you fish porridge?”

“Not hungry.”At the moment, I had no appetite, just softly said to him, “Though you lied to me, I won’t be angry at you, because you are my very best friend. I won’t let anyone hurt you.”

“I’m sorry…..I’ll never lie to you again.”Yin Zi’s voice was very gentle and determined.

“Ah…..”I raised my head up once more, but Bing Wan’s figure has already disappeared in the snow.

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