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Meow Meow Meow - Chapter 84


Meow Meow Meow Chapter 84

Posted on March 13, 2016 Updated on March 13, 2016

Chapter 84 –Miao Miao, I’m Sorry

Washed by guilt, Wawa stayed by Xiao Tian’s side to take care of him. She did not even take one step away, and when he finally woke, he gave a glance to us. Immediately following, two streams of tears rolled down his face. He then turned his face away in shame, slammed it onto the wall, and dug into the walls with his claws as if to dig a hole for himself to hide in.

Wawa repeatedly explained, “I really didn’t mean to, I thought you were just an ordinary dog. I didn’t know what that bulge was at first, and I just touched it once, no more no less!”

The more she explained herself the harder Xiao Tian slammed his head against the wall and the more his tears fell. Standing next to them, I also wanted to laugh.

Yin Zi was smiling, but his expression appeared to have cooled down soon after. He came over and asked, “Why did you come here?”

Xiao Tian appeared to have awaken from his daze, he wiped his tears, gave another glance at the three of us, and then replied, “Miss Miao Miao, how come you are here?”

The dog and the crow glared at each other for a while. Xiao Tian was the first to speak, “Miss Miao Miao disappeared three days ago, therefore Erlangshen Jun sent me to help with the search. Unfortunately, I came across a demon. I went to question him about you, but he immediately set me on fire before I had a chance to even react, fatally wounding me…..attacking from the blind spot is… I…..”

“So you lost?”I interrupted.

Xiao Tian’s face turned red, he stammered, “My… martial arts isn’t at a very high level, but I still wounded that demon’s arm.”

“How did you find us here?”Yin Zi abruptly asked, “This place is not near any human nor monster settlements, so how did you and that demon ended up here?”

Xiao Tian struggled to get up, with his nose he sniffed the air, and then walked towards Yin Zi and said, “There’s a very faint floral scent coming from your body. At Luo Sha’s place, there was this exact same scent, but because you guys traveled by flight, it took me a long time to find this location.”

“Floral scent?”Yin Zi immediately raised his arms and gave his sleeves a sniff, his face confused.

I very definitely reassured him, “There definitely is. I’ve always thought it was quite unpleasant. Wawa’s scent is a bit more pleasing.”

Wawa came over and also sniffed, “Hmm? How come I don’t smell anything?”

“Your nose is not good, the nose of a cat (dog) is the most sensitive,”Xiao Tian and I spoke at the same time. We stared at each other, he hurriedly lowered his head shyly, and I quickly shouted to emphasize my authority, “A cat’s nose is the best without doubt!”

Yin Zi’s expression changed, thinking to himself for a long time. He asked, puzzled, “Why did Erlangshen Jun order you to search for Miao Miao? Could he have ill intentions?”

“Who has ill intentions?”Xiao Tian jumped up, he gritted his teeth from the pain caused by his wounds and cursed, “This is already the second time you’ve slandered about my master, you can say whatever you want to me but you absolutely can’t smear my master’s reputation. My master is a man of indomitable spirit, say any more and I will murder you!”

“What man? Based on all those filthy and wretched things he’s done to Miao Miao*?”Yin Zi coldly sneered, “Not one person from the heavenly realm is good.”

[TN]: Throwback to Chapter 2 &3, it’s a total misunderstanding if you’ve already forgotten lol

Xiao Tian angrily glared at him and fiercely said, “You and your slander again!”

Wawa hurriedly came forward and consoled, “You guys aren’t children so stop arguing already, we can settle this by method of friendly talk…..”

“Wait a second, what kind of filthy stuff did Erlangshen Jun do to me anyways?”I was very fascinated listening to their argument, and seeing how it somehow involved myself, I asked.

Hearing my questions, Yin Zi almost fell, he glared at me like I was a fool and said, “300 years ago, Erlangshen beat you and did filthy things to you, did you forget?”

I scratched my ears, indicating that I remembered nothing.

“It… was the day you became an insane idiot…..”Yin Zi stammered, “You said Erlangshen Jun bullied you…..”

I grabbed onto my shoulders trying hard to remember.

“That day you refused to wear clothes… well as refusing to walk upright…..and also snatched roasted chicken from Bull Devil…..”Yin Zi recalled.

Roasted chicken? Oh I think I remember, I was so hungry I even fought with a dog.

Xiao Tian suddenly became embarrassed, he gently pawed the dirt on the ground. He whispered, “That day was my first meeting with you…… weren’t wearing any clothes and held onto me… I…..I wanted to take responsibility…..”

“So you were that stinking dog!”I jumped up, pointed at Xiao Tian and angrily shouted, “You’re the one who called me an evil spirit and started the fight with me, and after taking a beating you just fled.”

Xiao Tian hurriedly explained, “But you really are a monster…..”

“That appears to be the case…..”I reluctantly sat down with a sigh and generously said, “Forget it, I’m a generous and forgiving cat, I’ll be the bigger person and forget about it.”

“Wait,”Yin Zi grabbed my ear and scolded, “Explain to me more clearly about what happened that day, didn’t you say Erlangshen Jun bullied and tarnished you? What in the world happened?”

Xiao Tian then explained everything that happened that say. Clearing up all misunderstandings. I suffered an angry beating from Yin Zi, but I dared not fight back. In fact, I don’t even feel like I’m at fault…..if it wasn’t because of that dog’s stupid sneak attack, I wouldn’t have gotten into this mess ah~…..

Xiao Tian went on to explain his reason for coming here. Seeing that I’ve disappeared for 3 days, Bi Qingshen Jun has become almost mad from anxiousness. He’s gone around without sleep looking for cats, causing a ruckus in both the heavenly and mortal realm. He’s gone to comrades and friends to help with the search throughout.

“Of course…..I’m also very worried that’s why I came, although towards me, Miss Miao Miao is heartless, I can not do the same…..”In the end, Xiao Tian was a bit sad.

Wawa went over to him and comforted, “Don’t worry, Lord Xiao Tian is a good person, Miao Miao is the stupid cat that will never understand when someone means well. You haven’t suffered the most from her, she’s long since casted away Immortal Mo’lin’s good will away…..and not just once or twice.”Having spoken, she then glared at me fiercely, making me extremely scared.

Yin Zi did not pay any attention to us, he just sat down, sniffed his sleeve once more, and murmured, “Floral scent… must’ve been a trap by that stinking woman, she never trusted me after all.”

“You should just go back and confess your crimes to Bi Qingshen Jun.”Xiao Tian suddenly said to Yin Zi, “Perhaps you can die a less painful death.”

“Confess to what crime? Guilty of what?”Yin Zi coldly laughed, “He stole her from me first.”

“Miao Miao does not belong to you.”Xiao Tian advised, “Bi Qingshen Jun is about to go crazy looking for her, he has ordered all available soldiers in the heavenly realm to help with the search and upon sight, you will be killed. If I wasn’t injured, I would’ve hacked you to death you shameless thieving bastard.”

“Who is the actual one that’s shameless?”Yin Zi screamed, “Miao Miao and I passed our days happily at Luoying Mountain, until he casually came by and took her away.”

“But even so, you shouldn’t use such shameless methods. Miss Miao Miao doesn’t want to leave Bi Qingshen Jun, can’t you see the two are in love, why are you making things difficult for them?”Xiao Tian shouted back.

“What? In love? He’s the number one general in the heavenly realm, would he go against the ridicule of others just to marry Miao Miao who is just an ordinary cat demon as his wife? Even if he really likes her, she can only be a concubine, isn’t that just giving Miao Miao more pain in the future?”Yin Zi hid his face with his hands, and appeared as if he was in agony, “I can’t…..I can’t let her experience this pain, she is my most important and most precious person!”

“Yin Zi…..I don’t understand what you’re talking about…..”I listened to their conversation, but I didn’t quite understand, so I hastily asked, “Why does Shifu want to take me as a concubine? Why would I be in pain? Why does he want to kill you? Why are you sad? Why…..”

I had a thousand more why’s I wanted to ask, but because Yin Zi face was bathed in tears, my heart had finally understood something.

“You lied to me? Right?”I asked cautiously.

Yin Zi was sat on the ground, his head buried between his knees. His mouth repeatedly saying, “I’m sorry…..Miao Miao, I’m sorry…..”

I grabbed onto his clothes, my mind was a mess, my body felt weak and I didn’t know what to say.

The snow and cold wind blowing into the cave appeared colder and colder. The sound of faint footsteps appeared from the distance…..

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