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Meow Meow Meow - Chapter 130


Chapter 130 - The Worries Of A Father

’’Don't you think so too? To attend a good school requires more than one or two silvers, and a growing child must eat good food.....’’ Xiang Qing worked hard to calculate all the costs and expenses, becoming more and more troubled, ’’Perhaps I should have my fortune and Feng Shui looked at.’’

’’That mouth of yours never says anything good. Fortune telling is a bunch of lies eighty percent of the time.’’ Fourth Senior Brother sat down, poured a cup of cold tea, and downed it in one gulp, ’’Do you really want to marry a widow and become a step father?’’

’’Marry!’’ Xiang Qing unconditionally replied, ’’As long as she's willing to marry me, I'll marry her!’’

I was elated and happily rubbed against Xiang Qing's arms several times. Xiao Mao who was on the ground only gave a few haughty glances towards us, his face full of disdain.

’’But.....’’ Xiang Qing's topic of discussion changed once more, causing me to become worried, ’’I was without a father since young and I don't have any experiences being one. Miao Miao's child is quite old, do you think he'll listen to a father like me?’’

If Xiao Mao dare not listen, then I'll beat him flatten! I licked my paws and made up my mind.

Fourth Senior Brother had an expression that seemed to want to laugh, ’’You haven't even gotten married yet, and you're thinking about how to be a good father? Isn't it a bit too fast? You should first exchange mutual feelings before considering such things.’’

’’You're right.’’ Xiang Qing very carefully nodded, ’’I must establish my dignity as a father first.’’

’’Hey, hey, where have you thought to again?’’

I completely relaxed as I heard his words. Xiao Mao's eyes that stared at Xiang Qing were cold and indifferent for a moment, whether or not it was an illusion, I didn't know.

I didn't want to think anymore. I joyfully dragged him back, ready to report the discovery of this exciting news to Yin Zi so that he could begin the wedding preparations. This time no matter if it's the torturous coronet or anything else, I will endure, no excuses.

Hearing the news, Yin Zi and the others were also very happy. They instructed me to patiently sit and wait as Xiang Qing would be coming to propose marriage soon. In the evening, however, Xiang Qing didn't come, and instead Mu Yun Lan arrived at our doors.

She hesitantly circled around outside our doors for a long time. I only listened to her intermittent footsteps. Eventually, I grew impatient and opened the doors. I viciously stared at the person who had ill intentions and wanted to curse Shifu, angrily asking, ’’What did you come here for?’’

Mu Yun Lan appeared to have been shocked by the tone of my voice. She glanced left and right before nervously asking, ’’I've come to find Miss Yin Zi.’’

’’Find Yin Zi for what?’’ Did she want to curse Yin Zi as well? The alarm within my heart was stirring aloud as I tried to figure out this woman's intentions.

’’Nothing.’’ Mu Yun Lan closed her mouth and turned to leave.

You say, isn't this person a tad strange? Arriving at our doors because of nothing. Like myself, did she also have the habit of taking walks after a meal?

As I was preparing to close the doors, Yin Zi got up and followed after her. He leaned against the railing and said, ’’If you have something you want to tell me, then say it directly.’’

Mu Yun Lan finally halted her paces. She slowly turned around, and with a grimacing expression, she loudly asked, ’’You can't treat Seventh Senior Brother that way!’’

Yin Zi fell to the ground with 'bang'.

Mu Yun Lan appeared to have gathered some courage, she hurriedly approached Yin Zi and attacked him with a bombardment of questions, ’’Since you don't like Seventh Senior Brother, then don't give him any hope. Although his background is quite ordinary, he has a kind and gentle nature. There isn't a better man! How can you rely on your beauty to play with his feelings? Too shameless!’’

’’Him and I.....we don't have any relationship.....’’ Yin Zi helplessly denied, ’’I've made my intentions clear to him, I just hope he leaves me alone.’’

’’Not only have you played with Seventh Senior Brother's feelings, and now you're targeting Sixth Senior Brother! You've even placed Miao Miao who's a widow beside him, you're clearly making use of his honesty so he would take responsibility! This was your plan from the start! Shameless!’’ Mu Yun Lan's entire face was fuming with anger as she spoke all of Yin Zi's evil doings and unforgivable acts.

’’Who's shameless?’’ Yin Zi was nearly frustrated to death.

Hearing this person talk about Xiang Qing, I immediately walked outside to protect Yin Zi. I loudly scolded, ’’Xiang Qing belongs to me! What does that have to do with Yin Zi? You're speaking nonsense! You just want to stir up feelings between me and Yin Zi!’’

Mu Yun Lan continued unhappily, ’’That fool Xiang Qing liking you, I don't care. But for Yin Zi to seduce Seventh Senior Brother and then dump him, that I absolute can not forgive!’’

’’When have I ever seduced men! I don't like men!’’ Yin Zi's anger finally exploded.

The atmosphere around us suddenly became quiet, Mu Yun Lan pointed his fingers at Yin Zi and said, ’’ like women?’’

’’So what if I like women?’’ Yin Zi angrily took a step forward.

Mu Yun Lan hastened to step away, ’’You deranged maniac, get away from me.’’

’’How am I deranged?’’ Yin Zi was in shock.

Xiao Mao came over and interrupted, ’’If a woman liking another woman isn't insane, then what are you?’’

’’Heavens! My innocence ah!’’ Tears had run down his cheeks upon this realization, he returned to his room to pack his belongings, ’’I want to return to Hua Residence, I don't want to stay here any longer pretending to be a woman.’’

This shock really was too big of a blow for him, I could only let him be. Perhaps polishing his gems can heal his wounded soul. For the time being, Jian Nan can impersonate him and accompany me here while I wait for Xiang Qing that fool to propose marriage.

Jian Nan was very willing to do this task. He changed his appearance into that of Yin Zi's, sat against the bed and lazily wave his hand, and said, ’’Lord Yin Zi, please have a safe journey.’’

’’Lord my ass! Do you think you're in a brothel?’’ Yin Zi threw the pillow at him, and then quickly reminded me, ’’In front of Xiao Mao, you must be careful with your words and actions, don't be a bad influence.’’

’’What is a brothel?’’ I asked curiously.

Xiao Mao attentively replied, ’’It's a place with many pretty sisters and delicious food.’’

’’Wait a second, Xiao Mao you've been there before?’’ Yin Zi furiously rolled up his sleeves as he approached.

Xiao Mao hurriedly gave an excuse, ’’It was Uncle Ao Yun who brought me there.....’’

Before he could even finish his sentence, Yin Zi gave him a vicious knock on the head. Seeing my own child in pain, I scolded him, ’’Isn't it just looking at beautiful girls and eating delicious food, that isn't a big deal anyway, so how could you hit Xiao Mao?’’

’’Do you want to explain the details of a brothel with Mother?’’ Xiao Mao proudly replied. Yin Zi didn't speak, and only glared at him before turning around to leave.

Recently, this crow's temper has become more and more strange. I really can't understand him at all. Maybe I really shouldn't force him to pretend to be a woman any longer. If he really developed some mental illness, I'd be uneasy. I must pay more attention in the future.

As I thought hard about how I should comfort Yin Zi, the sound of hesitant steps arrived at the door. I suddenly heard the voice of Xiang Qing, so I quickly hurried over to open the doors. I grabbed hold of his hands and said, ’’You came.’’

’’En.....’’ Xiang Qing looked at my hands, and then turned to look at Xiao Mao beside us, he firmly said, ’’I've come to talk with your child, please believe me.....I will definitely become a good husband.’’


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