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Apocalypse Meltdown - Chapter 296


Chapter 296: Don’t Let the Rain Soak My Mom

Li Yi and Wei An stood agape as they had an eerie feeling that something was wrong with Chu Han's mother .

When they walked closer, they could clearly see that on Yuan Xiye's back was a row of holes, as if a machine had drilled it, extending to her vertebra . The holes were large and dark red liquid was dripping from them, drenching Yuan Xiye's clothes .

Li Yi and Wei An were thunderstruck, and they were afraid of saying anything . They looked at Chu Han but averted their eyes as soon as they did and stepped back . Chu Han had such an inexplicably dark and angry expression that nobody could look at him without feeling their scalp tingle .  

Chu Han was on the verge of exploding .

Nobody dared to make the slightest sound and just followed Chu Han with solemn expression out of Chen Xing .

Ding Siyao, who had not spoken ever since he had entered the lab, was at the side . He stayed close to Chu Han silently as if he had forgotten how to speak . He had failed his escort and protection mission, and the person he was supposed to protect had been tortured to such an extent .

It was the first mission he had failed to complete ever since he became an operative . He felt humiliated, angry and guilty . At the same time, he felt sorry for Chu Han . Ding Siyao could not forgive himself . But there was no way he would leave . He knew what Chu Han wanted to do, which was in perfect line with his thought- the inhumane lab had to be destroyed!

Four people were running through the long corridor silently and only their rapid and heavy footsteps could be heard . They were not trying to hide anymore . In and out of Chen Xing were 5,000 zombies, hundreds of hybrids as well as inhuman researcher . If Yuan Xiye died, they would all have to accompany her to the grave!

Chu Han's high-key action aroused the attention of Chen Xing's personnel, who then pressed on the alarm button to notify everyone inside the building . Following that, countless hurried footsteps sounded behind Chu Han and the others . A group of immoral and fake soldiers ran behind them with guns in hand as well as black-robed people . As for the researchers in white lab coats, they kept yelling maniacally .  

"Block them!"

"Yuan Xiye! They tookYuan Xiye!"

"Stop! Don't shoot! Yuan Xiye is an important test subject! You can't kill her!"

"Yuan Xiye is the only one who has lasted three days . We may succeed, don't shoot!"

"Chase them! They are almost out!"

As the group of people kept yelling, Ding Siyao, who wanted to use his gun and splatter their brains, was bewildered . Their enemies would not shoot at them because of Yuan Xiye, so he sped up . Their chances to win would increase if the other side had qualms . It was not the time to be impulsive!

Li Yi and Wei An were surprised but didn't gave much thought/ Chu Han sprinted again toward Chen Xing's gate .

Since they could not shoot at Chu Han, they followed him .

When Chu Han heard that his own mother had gone through this inhumane torture for three days straight, his eyes turned bloodshot, and he bit his lips so hard that a little blood flowed . He could hardly suppress his bloodlust and anger . If not for his mother on his back, he would already have jumped and slaughtered everyone present .

Three days, that's what the three blue lines on her door indicated! They had been torturing his mom for three days!

'The only one who could go through it for three days? Beasts! You dared? I'll f*cking kill you all!'

Chu Han's killing intent skyrocketed as the one who they kept referring as a test subject was his mother!

Chu Han tried his very best to keep being rational and suppress his raging feelings . He kept running and brought his phase-3 speed to the limits . He ran so fast that left far behind Li Yi and the other two . In front of them was a densely-packed group of zombies, which seemed to be under orders not to attack Chu Han . The group of black-robed people was following behind steadily as their target was Yuan Xiye .

In their eyes, she was a priceless treasure, and the success or failure of the most important experiment in the branch relied on her . They could not let the experiment fail! 

Chu Han was boiling inside but bore with it . He had only one thought in his mind . He had to take his mother away from that dirty and that he would let nobody hurt her ever again! again!

Ding Siyao, Li Yi, and Wei An were chasing after Chu Han with the fastest speed . Meanwhile, they were confused as to why Chu Han had yet to kill someone .

Would he spare them? No way in hell!

He would slaughter them all, but he would not let the dirty blood stain his mom . There was no doubt that the people chasing them would die miserably .

Soon, four people left Chen Xing, and Chu Han chose the way with the least obstacles . It was already dark outside .


A rumbling thunder lit the sky, and its deafening sound stunned everyone to the point they stopped in their tracks .

Chu Han was the only one who did not stop . He carried his mom and rushed to the end of the street in order to dump a group of zombies and hybrids .

Groups of controlled zombies would occasionally appear to hinder Chu Han's path . He had to be careful when bypassing them because he was carrying Yuan Xiye with him .

Suddenly, Yuan Xiye, who was lying prone on Chu Han's shoulder, coughed out a mouthful of dark red blood on Chu Han's clothes . Chu Han was anxious as his mom would continue coughing if he kept running .

Yuan Xiye was still breathing, but she was extremely weak . Although Chu Han's mom was alive, he knew that she would die soon so he could not make her feel uncomfortable .

Chu Han stopped and stood at the center of the street, and soon, zombies started surrounding him from every direction .

The thunders were ceaseless, with each one louder than the previous one, indicating that a rainstorm was about to hit at any moment . The clouds were thick and dark, almost depressing .  

Li Yi and Wei An were gasping for breath while chasing after Chu Han . It was a miracle that a phase-1 and phase-2 evolutionaries could keep up with Chu Han, even though there was a great distance between them . Ding Siyao, who was a phase-3 evolutionary, had it better . When he saw that Chu Han had stopped, he found a high place and assumed a sniping position . Ding Siyao's sniper rifle was right in front of him, ready to help Chu Han in the next instant . After witnessing Chu Han's battle style, Ding Siyao knew what he had to do .

The zombies and hybrids from the back started getting closer, letting out roars of excitement . Chu Han's face darkened . He placed his mother on a high place at the end of the street carefully, and then ripped apart the tent from a shop .  

Li Yi and Wei An may not know what Chu Han was planning on doing, but they still got closer to help . At that moment, Chu Han passed the tent to them .

Due to the dimly lit area, they could not see his expression, but his voice sounded hoarse, "Don't let the rain soak my mom . "


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