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Max Level Newbie - Chapter 120


Chapter 120

He had been worried that the Devil's army would not come until February of the next year, but the anxiety was gone.

With less burden on his mind, Vulcan operated the Thunder God's Might and headed to Shinchon joyfully.

He didn't think he would hide himself.

It was impossible to stop the Devil's army without being seen by anyone anyway.

Unless it is 'Kim Jae-hyuk, an ordinary young man living in the Republic of Korea, has the power that ought to be in a hero movie', it didn't matter what articles or news would come out the following day.

He thought it would be rather funny.

'Wish a movie about me could be made,'

Vulcan, who continued childish imaginations, flew into the sky, giggling to himself.

Obviously, he felt more at ease than he had been in Asgard.

His present life was similar to that of a office worker who would enjoy a Friday evening after finishing the day's work.

As there was nothing that would weigh on his mind, most of his thoughts flowed into the positive side, and when it was too much positive, those thoughts became childish.

It may be said that the mental age was too low for a person, who was near 300 years old, but Vulcan did not think so.

'I have spent 280 of 300 only fighting, so I'm still in my twenties,'

He didn't look aged like a mummy, but he was still fresh in appearance.

Thinking that he would live young until the moment he died, he finished his flight.

He then straddled the streets and stood in front of a red periscope in Shinchon U-plex square as if nothing had happened.

Vulcan, who stood like a steel tower in the Demon Duke's set.

Although it was Halloween, he looked remarkably unique.

Looking at him, a lot of young people, who were walking on the Shichon streets, exchanged a word with each other.

’’Wow... Awesome...'

’’Oh, genji? Lionheart? Or another game's character...'

’’Didn't you say you don't play a game?’’

’’Ah... well, no, I mean...'


’’How much would that suit cost?’’

Many people gave their attention, then went their way, and there were quite many gathered to watch Vulcan's armor.

Those who made round circles and surrounded Vulcan.

Receiving a hail of photo shoots, Vulcan smiled slightly inside his armet.


Like that, Vulcan, who was standing quietly for a time, gently lifted his hand.

He then, using his wind magic, blew the people all over the place.


’’Uhgh! What the!’’


’’Shit, what the hell was it? What just happened?’’

Although, by the delicate control of Vulcan, they landed safely, but couldn't calm themselves down easily.

Looking at one another, they look dumbfounded as if they didn't understand what had just happened.

Nonchalantly, he cut off a large space from the outside with his shield magic.

The shield was shining in blue,instead of transparent.

It was because he was concerned that the public would see the forthcoming massacre and be mentally shocked.

Those who had seen it started taking pictures like mad, but Vulcan didn't care about it anymore.

Now they would appear in a little while.

Hundreds of years ago, they were hateful bastards that devastated his home.

To prevent the ground from from being damaged, Vulcan spelled another shield magic and casted the Fire Field on it.

Looking at the burning frames without firewood, Vulcan thought to himself.

'It's now all set,'

Vulcan, who leaned against the red periscope with his arms folded.

Without even think about unsheathing his sword, he kept eyes forward.

He looked relaxed but his eyes were full of anger.

The space that his eyes had pointed to, became distorted like a whirlpool, and soon turned into a bobbing, black dimensional door.

Like the one of the Light inside Darkness that he had seen in Act 2.

He mumbled to himself, very quietly.

'Bring it on,'


The next morning.

Kim Ha-young, who woke up, grabbed her smartphone and connected to the SNS.

While swiping the latest updates of her acquaintances, various animal videos, and adult advertisements, she found a video.

A page titled 'In Shichon yesterday. Not a movie. Hundreds of people saw this!'.

She clicked on the thumbnail that looked like a scene from a movie, followed by a CGI feast.

’’Ooooah! Is this for real? Dad! Check this out!’’


Then, a sound from the living room caught her attention.

The sound came from a wall-mounted TV.

A news channel was showing the same video that she was watching earlier.

'Unidentified alien in Shinchon street at 1:00 am on November 1'

She stood dumbfounded as if she couldn't grasp the situation, then went to the room and looked at her smartphone.

There were a lot of comments.


In addition to the SNS, there were articles and related reactions to all kinds of portal sites.

After checking them, she them, she quickly ran to Vulcan's room.

Kwang kwang kwang!

’’Open it’’


As soon as Vulcan, who was half awake and half asleep, opened the door, she pulled her phone to him.


’’... this what?’’

’’Is this real? You went to Shinchon yesterday! Did you see this?’’

’’Ah... not sure what you are talking about... ’’

Rubbing his eyes, Vulcan yawned big and said nonchalantly.

’’You didn't see the devilman?’’


Vulcan asked back.

’’Devilman! People call this... alien Devilman,’’


Vulcan smirked with a dumbfounded look.

Of course, what he had done yesterday was unordinary but he was surprised that people already nicknamed him.

Maybe, it was because he looked like a devil in the Demon Duke's set.

After saying he had not seen it, he closed his door, then laid down in bed again.

'Devilman? What a tacky name,'

Vulcan pulled out his smartphone and checked comments.

In some game-related communities, there were those who called him Devil Skin Genji, instead of Devilman.

After spending 30 minutes surfing the internet, Vulcan plugged his phone into the charger and fell back to sleep again.

It might be a great story for the people of Earth, but it was nothing to him.

Not for the sake of fame.

He had no choice but to be seen as it was cumbersome to cover up his identity completely and stop the Devil's army.

The 'Sinchon Halloween'event, which became a hot topic for a while, remained the best mystery of the 21st century, and in January 2017, he entered the military as he had wanted.

The military life was much more comfortable than he had thought.

Sure thing.

Vulcan, who was able to adapt to the hellish and irrational military of '80s.

For him, who had such a strong body and mental like steel, the army of 2017, in which the motive dwelling system was established, was like camping for one year and nine months.

He completed his job thoroughly, with no difficulty.

Many NCOs watched him with startled eyes.

Vulcan also received a proposal to work in the military after discharge from military service.

But he didn't want to.

The military life was just not difficult for him and had no value to him.

At that time, he was so tired of living in Asgard that he only thought about eating, sleeping and resting.

As he was in a place where movement was limited, he thought a lot and was worried about his future.

He was not worried about living because of the gold bullion that Jake gave him, but only playing and eating were not what he wanted.

'What should I do... I can't use my magic and sword skills here, Earth...'

However, he didn't want to be an office worker like ordinary people.

Vulcan had some difficulty in interpersonal relations.

He didn't have enough confidence to work overtime at night and to curry favour with bosses.

His concerns continued through his military service.

He was also devoted to exploring his career, rather than enjoying military vacation.

After spending a long time thinking, he was discharged from military service and returned to his home. He then spent some quality time with his family.

What he started from the next day was, 'writing a novel'.


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