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Master Devil Don’t Kiss Me - Chapter 342


Chapter 342

Brother, I Did Not Find the Book, But...

Translated by nightcache

Edited and proofread by newbienoona

Baffled, An Chuxia shakes her head . When she readies herself to search for the manhua, her phone vibrates in her pocket . Pulling out the phone, the screen displays Han Qilu as the caller .

Currently... overseas, it's probably very late at night . What kind of person calls in the middle of the night, when they're supposed to be sleeping!

An Chuxia rolls her eyes and resentfully says, ’’What now?’’ She was is ready to burst .

On the other side, Han Qilu sneers as he the tosses and turns . This person still treats him poorly whether it's face-to-face or in [phone] contact . Except... . during that time . During that time, she was pretending . Her motive was to go bowling . He knows there isn't any fun in bowling .

’’I wanted ask what you what are doing . Are you this short-tempered when answering a call?’’ He had calculated the time accurately before calling, and this time just happens to be the time she usually eats lunch .

An Chuxia crouches down carefully, looking at each book, while not forgetting to rain several obscenities into the phone . ’’Dude, I was busy for half of the day, so is having a temper abnormal?’’

Curling the corner of his mouth, Han Qilu's tone turns gloomy . ’’What are you busy with?’’

The exam period is over . It is reasonable to say the time after exams are the most leisurely . Listening her tone, it seems as if tomorrow is the college entrance exam, and right right now it is tiresome [to be distracted] .

Perceiving a difference in the master devil's tone, she stops cursing;instead, she says unhappily, ’’Finding a book . If you're fed and brimming with idleness whilst being in America, then I welcome you back for us to search together . ’’

’’Find a book? What book are you looking for?’’ Han Qilu is confused .

Coincidentally, she flips over a book in her hand, and on the cover, it writes: Brother did not blow smoke, but loneliness .

She blurts out without thinking, ’’Brother, I am not looking for a book, but loneliness... . ’’

’’Loneliness?’’ There is a light laughter on the other side . An Chuxia suddenly imagines the devil's light laughter on his devastating beautiful appearance, and for a moment, she gulps .

If only she is as beautiful as Han Qilu Han Qilu . T-T

’’You mean you want your husband to abandon this place and the project to wait upon my small wife?’’

An Chuxia's hand shakes while holding the phone, letting the device clutter to the floor .

Fortunately, her eyes and hand were quick . Her hand pushes the phone away before it hits the floor . The phone flies right across, landing on the second shelf from the bottom .

’’F**k!’’ She's startled;she runs to retrieve her phone . She inspects the device and finds no damage . Who says the crash resistance on an Apple phone isn't good? It's all speculation!

’’What happened?’’ Han Qilu's worried voice comes through the phone .

She's about to reply when her eyes catch sight of a light blue manhua . The book cover is quite old, and a part of it part of it is beginning to peel . She quickly opens the cover, and the first page is blank except for an area with a confident autograph .

’’Actually!’’ She vivaciously bounces up while holding the book and randomly says into the phone . ’’Qilu! This is the first time I've found you to be cute! Simply, just love you to death! That's all, Bye-Bye!’’

Not adding anymore, she hangs up the phone and runs out of the library with the manhua .

Would Ling Hanyu is still be at the boulevard? She runs toward the direction with much exuberance .

On the other side of the world, the corner of Han Qilu's lips, curl . Although he didn't understand why she was excited, his heartbeat speeds up at her words: 'simply just, love you to death . '

This damn girl... .


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