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Master Devil Don’t Kiss Me - Chapter 290


Chapter 290

Basa Li's delicate face distorts in anger.

She didn't care about Han Qilu's life when she didn't know about his existence. But now that she has fallen in love with his cold, gentle, strange... personality, she started loving all of him. She wants to know more about his past.

But An Chuxia insists on withholding information, and now she's angry. Taking a deep breath, she asks, trembling. ’’You really won't tell me?’’

’’Yes,’’ An Chuxia answers firmly. She vividly remembers asking about her and the cynical expression she was greeted with.

She still recalls clearly how Xiao Mingluo seriously told her, ’’It doesn't matter who told you, but you should never mention this name to anyone. She is a taboo.’’

She prides herself on being trustworthy. Despite Basa Li's threats, she won't mention her name because it's a taboo.

’’Very well,’’ Basa Li presses her lower lip. She looks like she's going to spray An Chuxia with fire. In the end, she reluctantly withdraws her gaze and steps out in her high heels. An Chuxia hears her footsteps get softer as she leaves. An Chuxia sighs and attempts to to walk out of the bathroom, only to find that the door does not open despite putting her weight on it.

’’F**K!’’ she curses Basa Li for locking her in the toilet! The second exam starts soon. What can she do?

She tries her best to bang on the door and yell to get anyone's attention, in hopes of a passerby. But despite her efforts, no one comes. The bathroom is located in a remote are, and this is why she chose this toilet. It is convenient, but not used by many. But based on based on today's events, this toilet has become inconvenient!

What was that old saying again? Oh yeah! A single slip may cause everlasting sorrow.

’’Is there anyone there? Someone?’’ An Chuxia bangs herself against the door several times before finally conceding and sliding down on the floor. Then, she sits.

The Stein custodians are dedicated. The floor is neither dirty, nor wet.

Then, she remembers she has her cell phone. She quickly bends her knees and pulls out the device.

’’Fortunately... .’’ She turns on her device, and it blinks for a few moments. The corner of her device says her device says her battery is running low.

’’No! Don't play me like this!’’ An Chuxia's face turns red in panic. She searches her contact list, but not fast enough to contact someone before the screen goes black.

She tries to turn on the device multiple times, but no matter how hard she tries, the screen remains dark. It has no power. She wants to smash her cell phone badly, but instead, she shoves it back into her pocket. She wishes to be more insolent.

In the end, it's not the phone's fault this happened, but hers.


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