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Master Devil Don’t Kiss Me - Chapter 289


Chapter 289

Han Qilu's First Lover

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by greenapple

Once she is done with her composition, tears roll down her face. Fortunately, the students around her are still answering questions, and the examiner is sitting at the end of the classroom, far enough not to notice her. She wipes her tears hurriedly before turning over her paper to check her work.

The examination bell rings, and the first afternoon test comes to an end. While waiting for the next test, the examiner tells them to use the facilities quickly. She didn't forget what Basa Li said to her. Come find me once the first exam is over.

She's thinking about whether to meet up with her, when she runs into her in the restroom. This doesn't seem to be a coincidence. Basa Li came to look for her on her own.

With her back facing the stalls, she hears Basa Li's voice from one of the stalls. An Chuxia lifts her head slowly. They are the only two people in the bathroom. An Chuxia is about to ask her a question when Basa Li aggressively asks, ’’I want to ask you a question, and I hope you can answer me.’’

She leans her face closer to hers. ’’If ’’If you don't answer, I might have a way for someone else to tell me. Don't make me work harder.’’

An Chuxia hates people who beat around the bush. She looks up and turns to Basa Li. With much indifference, she turns the faucet on. The sound of the water flowing mixes with Chuxia's voice. ’’Just ask me what you want to know, and I'll tell you. After all, I have nothing against you.’’

Basa Li finds it ridiculous to listen to An Chuxia since she hates her. An Chuxia feels the same about Basa Li. The only difference is An Chuxia doesn't want to want to be enemies with Basa Li. She doesn't want to be enemies with anyone.

Basa Li doesn't say a thing as she assesses An Chuxia's cool demeanor. Then, she bluntly asks, ’’What I want to know is: who is Han Qilu's first love? Are you the one?’’

An Chuxia's breathing suddenly becomes irregular. Her thoughts fill with Xiang Mankuai. In Han Qilu's heart, can she even have a spot when it's filled by her? Otherwise, when she asked him why he didn't participate in last year's field trip, he wouldn't have shown an expression filled with heartache.

If only for a moment, she saw him distressed saw him distressed and sad.

Assessing Chuxia's silence, Basa Li is convinced she knows Han Qilu's first love, and it's not An Chuxia.

In any case, she must know who his first love is, what she looks like, what her name is, and where she is now.

’’Why aren't you answering? You must know. Tell me!’’ Basa Li's voice seems urgent.

An Chuxia closes her eyes and holds her breath. When she opens them, she looks at Basa Li. Her once-cool eyes aren't calm anymore. The corner of her mouth tugs as she says lightly, ’’I'm sorry. The subject is taboo. I can't tell you.’’


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