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Masked Knight - Chapter 95


Chapter 95: Rebellion

Rody frowned. Initially, he just wanted to teach the other guy a lesson and forget about it.

However, Trey had tried to humiliate Jojo's sister. It meant death for him. Jojo's sister was Her

Highness, the Empress. To disgrace the Royal Family could only mean death.

Trey laughed coldly and said, ’’Do not speak nonsense! Get them!’’

A dozen of Trey's subordinates swarmed their opponents. The eight Wolf Fang soldiers moved

up and stopped them. There was the sound of swords clashing followed by a few screams of

agony as two of Trey's subordinates dropped dead.

Rody's subordinates were all bloodthirsty warriors who had fought in the Northwest region.

When they fought, they showed no mercy. They did not even blink when they killed. Although

Trey had more subordinates, after losing two of his men, the others were afraid to step forward.

Trey was furious. He was the tyrant of West Hill City and had never met anyone who dared to

oppose him. He promised his subordinates a large reward, and they once again rushed forward.

Rody squinted his eyes as he stood at Jojo's side to protect her. He did not fight at all. However.

there were two people who thought of taking advantage of the situation. They tried to attempt a

sneak attack on him and Jojo. With a kick, Rody sent them flying.

The screams continued as blood flew all over the place. Most of Trey's subordinates were dead

and only about three of them remained. On the other hand, Rody's subordinates only received

light injuries. The scimitars in their hands were stained with blood and they looked

murderously at Trey.

Trey was so frightened that he knelt down. One of the Wolf Fang soldier went up and dragged

Trey up to Rody. Trey's whole body was weak as he laid on the ground, trembling.

Suddenly, there was the sound of a whistle and a group of public security soldiers separated the

crowd and rushed in.

Trey was relieved and his face once again lit up. ’’Boy, this time, you are dead!’’ He then raised

his head and shouted to the public security soldiers, ’’You fools! Quickly, come and save me!’’

The captain saw that Trey was captured and waved his hands to call his men. He held a sword in

his hand and moved towards Rody.

Rody was stern and he shouted, ’’Get lost!’’ Rody had commanded thousands of soldiers before

and his voice was imposing. The captain was surprised and stopped. He was afraid to move


’’You are all public security! How can you indiscriminately arrest people?’’ Rody's face was


The captain's face turned red as he shouted, ’’Nonsense! You carried weapons on the street and

murdered people! That is a capital offense!’’

Jojo laughed happily. ’’His subordinates carried weapons too! Isn't that a capital offense as well?

The laws of the Empire state that other than soldiers and warriors, others are not allowed to

carry weapons! If you want to talk about murder, they were the ones who attacked first. Why

aren't you catching them?’’

The captain's face sank as he replied, ’’Nonsense! You dare offend Master Trey! You are asking

for death! Arrest them!’’ The public security soldiers all pulled out their swords and surrounded


They were not like Trey's unruly subordinates. They were public security soldiers and were well

trained. With overwhelming numbers, they surrounded Rody and his group of people.

Rody frowned. ’’Is this how the West Hill City's public security does things? Is this how your

garrison commander controls you?’’ Jojo felt odd and looked at Rody.

The captain ferociously replied, ’’From the way you talk, you must be a country bumpkin! The

West Hill City is the capital of the Westwood province! The whole of Westwood does not have

any garrison. How could there be a garrison commander? We, the public security soldiers, obey

the instructions of the assistant governor! Mister Trey is the younger brother of the assistant

governor. If you want to live, put down your weapons obediently and release Mister Trey!’’

Rody snorted. He looked at Trey, who was at his feet and lightly asked, ’’You are the younger

brother of the assistant governor?’’

Trey thought that Rody was afraid and loudly shouted, ’’That's right! Quickly release me!

Otherwise, don't think you can leave West Hill City alive!’’ He tried to get up only to get kicked

down by a Wolf Fang soldier.

Rody coldly replied, ’’Even the assistant governor should not hide the truth! West Hill City is the

capital city of Westwood province. How could the governor here allow you to commit such an


The captain became impatient and shouted loudly, ’’West Hill City does not have a governor!

Quickly release Mister Trey!’’

Jojo secretly pulled Rody aside and quietly asked, ’’Seth, do you really not know or are you

pretending not to know to play tricks on them? When was there a governor in Westwood

province? Don't they all answer to you?’’

’’They answer to me?’’ Rody was stunned.

Even though they were surrounded by the public security soldiers , Jojo was relaxed. She pulled

Rody's hands and smiled. ’’Just now, I said that you have changed, but now, you are being crafty

again! The entire Westwood province is the Tulip Family's territory. You, as the Duke of the

Tulip Family, will certainly have the final say! If the Westwood province belongs to the Tulip

Family, how can there be a governor? The taxes of the Westwood province all go to the Tulip

Family! The public security, the assistant governor and all the officials here are paid by the

Tulip Family. In a way, these people are all your subordinates.’’

The moment Rody heard this, his expression became weird. He did not know whether to laugh

or to cry.

This is actually the Tulip Family's territory.

When Rody became an impostor, he might have been told about such matters. However, he did

not really understand it then. Even though someone told him about it occasionally, he would

immediately forget.

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Seeing Rody's strange expression, the captain could wait no longer. His men all intimidated

Rody as they waved their swords and slowly advanced. The captain was sweating profusely. If

anything happened to Trey, he would definitely lose his job and maybe even his life.

Jojo laughed and said, ’’How is it? My dear duke, isn't mingling with the people incognito really


Rody shook his head. Just as he was about to open his mouth to tell the other party his identity,

there was an uproar among the crowd standing at a distance. Suddenly, someone shouted

loudly, ’’His Excellency, the Assistant Governor, has arrived!’’

Hundreds of soldiers surrounded the public square with the crowd in the middle. A group of

local soldiers holding lances separated the crowd and entered the middle. A team of cavalrymen

then opened the way. They were followed by a man on a black horse. It was a middle-aged man

in an Imperial Officer's uniform. His appearance was also similar to Trey.

Jojo curled her lips and softly whispered, ’’He is merely an assistant governor but he has so

many soldiers accompanying him. Such arrogance! Even the military minister in the Imperial

Capital doesn't have that many soldiers.’’

The man shouted angrily, ’’Who dares to capture my brother? Are you all good for nothing?’’

The soldiers gave way for the man to go in front. His face was full of anger until he saw Rody.

His arrogant expression turned pale and his forehead started to sweat. He quickly got down his

horse and ran towards Rody. He then knelt in front of Rody and spoke with a trembling voice,

’’Your Excellency the Duke! This subordinate of yours did not know that you were here! Your

subordinate should be punished!’’

Rody was startled for a moment, ’’You know me?’’

The assistant governor smiled and replied, ’’I met Your Excellency the Duke and Miss Nicole at

the Imperial Capital last year! Have you forgotten?’’

After replying Rody, the assistant governor stood up and turned around before shouting.

’’Quickly, put away your weapons! Do not be rude to the duke! Do you want to die?’’

Rody laughed coldly. ’’Rude? Your brother had been very rude much earlier!’’

That assistant governor sweated profusely. He saw his brother on the ground. He went up to

him and cruelly kicked him as he cursed, ’’Idiot, you actually dared to offend His Excellency the

Duke! Quickly get up and beg His Excellency for mercy!’’

Trey almost fainted but managed to get up and kowtowed as he trembled. However, Jojo coldly

said, ’’Begging for mercy is not enough. He humiliated me and my sister. He is definitely not

going to escape execution. I look at you, and you do not look like a good person! Your brother

here was so arrogant. This must also be because of your support!’’

The assistant governor turned pale. His eyes gave off an ominous glint. He did not know Jojo's

identity but thought that she was the duke's lover.

The duke, with his status, scolding me is enough. How dare a little girl like you scold me as


Rody was aware of the other party's expression and sneered. ’’I will take your brother away. You

stay back to disperse the crowd and go to the military camp outside the city to admit your


Trey was so scared that he could barely move his body. He could only cry out, ’’Brother, save

me!’’ After that, his eyes rolled up and he fainted.

The assistant governor's heart trembled. He knew that the duke had already been offended in

the incident and was afraid that he could not save his post. He had also committed a lot of evil

acts in the West Hill City. Acts that would be enough to cause him to be beheaded at least a

dozen times. If the duke found out, he would definitely be dead. In addition, even if his brother

was not a good person, how could he just watch his own brother, whom he grew up with, die?

His brother knew too much and he was being taken away. In case his brother accidentally let

anything slip, he would be doomed!

He looked around at the other party and only saw eight guards. Even if they were powerful, they

were outnumbered by his own hundreds of subordinates.

Although the public square had a lot of ordinary citizens, the outside of the square was guarded

by his trusted subordinates. The several hundred soldiers with him, were all paid by him. He

thought he might as well just go all out to get rid of the duke! Moreover, the duke had also

secretly entered the city. Although there were hundreds of ordinary citizens, the assistant

governor planned to kill them all and leave no witnesses. After that, he would concoct a story

about how the duke got killed by robbers. Then, he would take a few prisoners from the prison

as scapegoats to execute. In the West Hill City, he was the most powerful. Even, if the higher

authorities sent people over to investigate, no one would dare to say much with him in charge.

As such, there would be no case.

Even if the emperor finally pursued the case, there would be no evidence and witnesses. At

most, it would be a crime of negligence. The duke had himself to blame because he secretly

sneaked out unguarded. If that was insufficient, he could also turn one of the public security

soldiers into a scapegoat.

Thinking of that, his eyes turned merciless. He slowly stood up and stepped a few steps back

before saying, ’’Your Excellency the Duke, my brother offended you but it is not a death

sentence. Just beat him up and forget about it.’’

Jojo shouted back, ’’Nonsense! Who do you think you are? You dare plead mercy for him?’’

At this point, it was time to stop giving face to the other party. Rody's subordinates wanted to

drag Trey away. The assistant governor observed with a hesitant face and finally gritted his

teeth. He decided that fighting was better than waiting for his death. Waving his hand, he

ordered his subordinates to block Rody's way.

Rody turned cold. He turned and looked at the assistant governor. He asked, ’’What are you

trying to do?’’

The assistant governor secretly ordered his trusted subordinate next to him to leave the public

square. He was to order the subordinates outside the public square to seal all the entrances of

the public square. After that, nobody would be allowed to leave the public square alive.

The assistant governor looked at Rody and said, ’’Your Excellency the Duke, you forced me to do

this! I did not want to do this! As the saying goes, you should always leave a way out for your

opponents! You did not give me a way out so I am forced to do this! Hmph!’’

He signaled with his eyes and his cavalrymen started to approach Rody. They pointed their

lances at Rody and those with him.

Rody frowned and loudly shouted, ’’I am the Duke of the Tulip Family! You dare raise your hand

against me! Are you not afraid of being guilty of rebelling?’’

The soldiers were startled and hesitated for a moment. After that, they heard the assistant

governor shout back, ’’Do not speak nonsense! Kill this kid! Leave no survivors! If they escape,

we will all be dead!’’

The assistant governor then shouted louder, ’’Brothers, today we will kill this kid! We must not

leave a single one alive! After that, everyone will be safe! Everyone will also be rewarded with

100 gold coins!’’

A few of his trusted subordinates quickly gave the orders. The soldiers were all the assistant

governor's bodyguards. They did not have any governor in the Westwood province . The Tulip

Family also usually never bothered about the place. The local army were all under the command

of the assistant governor. Although he faced a deficit in paying their salary, it was better than

leaving the local garrison in chaos. However, he made hundreds of those soldiers his own

private soldiers. Although they wore the uniform of the Imperial Army, they only listened to the

assistant governor. They had followed the overlord and had gotten used to his domineering

ways. They were like his private army. When they heard that they would be rewarded, they

stopped hesitating and started to advance. Others who were still hesitating also moved forward

when they saw the majority doing so.

Seeing that the other side had surrounded him aggressively, Rody's heart tensed.

The eight Wolf Fang soldiers were also discouraged. Although they were brave, they still felt

nervous when they faced hundreds of opponents. They felt that their deaths would not be very

important. However, if the duke was harmed, the Wolf Fang pride would be tarnished.

The eight soldiers pulled out their scimitars but were forced by their opponents to step back.

At a distance, there were also soldiers who took out their weapons and surrounded the crowd of

ordinary citizens. The citizens were frightened and they thought of running away. However,

they were defenseless when they saw the gleaming swords in front of them. They were not

brave enough to resist.

Rody took out his scimitar and told his subordinates. ’’Right after this, I want you to protect

Miss Jojo! When you find the chance, run back to the military camp!’’ Jojo looked fearful, but she

was moved when she saw Rody's resolute face as he stood in front to protect her. She thought

to herself:

Even if I died here today, I would die together with him. It's worth it!


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