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Masked Knight - Chapter 90


Chapter 90: Reshape Origin

Seeing that Muse was still being vigilant, Andy shook his head and said, ’’Looks like this kid was

right in calling you an idiot. If I really wanted to harm you, would I even help you regain your

magic? I just want to save him... If he dies, I will lose my last remaining friend.’’

Muse found his words to be reasonable and finally put away her hands and extinguished the

fireballs. However, she still stared at Andy.

Andy shrugged which made Muse feel weird.

The skeleton actually shrugged.

It was something she had never seen before.

’’Let me tell you again, I do not have a mortal body. My current body is made out of refined

crystallized energy. All of my energy comes from my body itself. The more I use it, the weaker I

will become. When the energy is used up, I am finished. That is why although I know how to use

the ultimate healing spell, I am unable to use it. If I use it, I will die... Although I quite like this

kid, I will not exchange my life for his.’’ After that, Andy laughed. His figure looked peculiar

when he laughed. ’’However, if it is you, I am sure you will be willing to exchange your life for


Muse's face turned red and she coldly replied, ’’What nonsense are you talking about? I will save

him and that's it!’’

Andy moved out of the way, a few steps back towards the door. Muse stood in front of Rody and

carefully inspected him. She sighed and then she slowly opened her arms, closed her eyes and

chanted a spell.

A ray of milky, white light seemed to descend from heaven. The ray passed through the room's

ceiling and shrouded Rody's body. After that, his body started to change...

First, the clothes he wore started to tear and it revealed his strong body. After that, there was a

soft sound and his ear muffs disappeared. A pair of long ears extended through his hair.

Fortunately, Muse had her eyes closed as she concentrated on chanting the spell. Otherwise, she

would have definitely screamed if she saw them.

Rody's muscles started to tremble. It appeared as though the muscles under his skin were

flowing like water. They gradually inflated and his skin began to crack, revealing a bloody look.

However, within the light beam, not a single drop of blood was spilled.

Gradually, all the skin on Rody's body cracked from head to toe. It revealed a bloodied and

scarred body. However, the cracked skin quickly vanished in a puff of smoke and it was soon

replaced with new skin that rapidly formed under the light.

The hair on his head along with his scalp disintegrated and scattered away. But immediately, a

new scalp and golden hair grew out. In just a moment, the golden hair had grown so long that it

almost flowed down the bedside. However, the hair was a bit strange. For a moment, it was

golden. After that, it glowed black and then it changed back to gold. It seemed very unstable.

The strangest thing was Rody's ears. His original pointy ears slowly changed form. It became

smaller and shorter until they were like that of a normal person's. However, as soon as they

became normal, the ears would grow back a little. There was also a faint gray light coming from

Rody's head which seemed to compete with the golden light. His ears kept growing longer and

then shorter non-stop.

Muse was sweating profusely and she had turned pale. Suddenly, she heard Andy shout, ’’Stop!

Stop, that's enough! You don't need to continue anymore! Stop, quickly!’’

Muse relaxed and the beam of light disappeared.

She looked at Rody again and saw that his body had fully regenerated and all his wounds had

disappeared without a trace. His golden hair almost touched the ground and his face gave off a

gentle radiance. Then she glanced down and saw Rody's naked body. Muse screamed as she

immediately turned her head away and closed her eyes. Her cheeks were red.

Andy laughed mischievously. He then approached them and slowly whispered to himself,

’’Luckily, I stopped her in time. Otherwise, the 'God's Smile'would have come off and revealed

his original face... his Yin Yang face. If that happens, he won't be able to meet with people any


Andy ignored Muse's blushing face and stood in front of Rody. He stretched his finger and a

small flame appeared. He then gently pointed at Rody's forehead until the small flame was

injected into Rody's body. After that, Andy laughed. ’’Alright, it is finally done. You reshaped his

body and I injected a little bit of spiritual power to help him collect his scattered fighting

energy. As long as he slowly cultivates himself, he will slowly recover. This kid is really lucky.

He has a high-level magician and a high-level sorceress to help him.’’

Muse's eyes were still closed as she said, ’’Don't say any more. You... Quickly cover up his body!’’

She waited a long time but did not receive a reply from the skeleton. Muse could not help but

opened her eyes to find the room empty except for Rody and herself. The skeleton had


While she was in a daze, she heard a noise from outside the room.

That night, Sieg could not stop worrying about the duke. When it was dawn, he rushed over to

see him and was stunned to find the scene before him. His personally selected elites were all

lying down across the yard outside the duke's room. All of them were lethargic and they could

not wake up no matter how hard Sieg kicked them.

Sieg was shocked and he immediately rushed towards the room. However, about 10 steps away

from the room, Sieg seemed to hit an invisible wall. Sieg tried to bump against the wall several

times but found that he could not move forward. Alarmed and angry, he mobilized a large group

of soldiers and even alerted Reuben.

The magicians of the Northwest Legion also tried several times to get past the wall but found

that the whole room was sealed off by a powerful spell. They tried to figure it out for a very long

time but they still could not break through the invisible wall.

By then, a large group of soldiers and magicians had assembled. However, no matter what spell

they used, the invisible wall continued to block the way. Reuben was furious as his soldiers

were of a higher grade compared to Sieg's. He used his fighting energy and charged at the

invisible wall. There was a loud thump and the soldiers watched helplessly as the Northwest

Legion's Regiment Commander bounced off and collapsed against another wall.

As they helped the flustered Reuben back on his feet, a white ray of light appeared from the sky.

The light seemed to appear from the clouds and directly passed through the roof of the


Everyone was stunned by that spectacular sight. Even Jojo who came barefooted after hearing

the news was stunned.

Everyone was still in a daze when the ray of light finally disappeared and a figure came out of

the duke's room. The figure wore a full set of the Imperial Army's cavalry armor.

Sieg was alarmed and he questioned the figure. However, the figure ignored him. Reuben then

ordered the archers to shoot arrows at the figure but the arrows could not penetrate the

invisible wall. All the arrows fell to the ground.

The figure in armor then laughed. He slowly became transparent. He then disappeared into thin

air in front of everyone.

The irritated Reuben then used all of his fighting energy and charged towards the invisible wall

regardless of the people blocking him. There was a sound of an explosion as the wall suddenly

disappeared without a trace. Reuben was unable to stop himself in time and smashed through

the door of the duke's room. The door shattered.

Sieg was the fastest to respond. He was the first to rush in but the moment he entered the

room, he was dumbfounded.

He saw that the duke had woken up and quickly wrapped himself in a blanket. However, Sieg

had already seen it all. Under the sheets, the duke was naked.

The beautiful woman who came back with the duke stood by his bed looking flushed, helpless

and speechless. Sieg did not know when but the woman had already put on a black robe.

Rody's face was flushed. He did not know what happened. He looked stupidly at Muse, Sieg, and

Reuben who was still lying down on the floor. He did not understand why they were there. He

did not know why Reuben crashed into the door and also why he was naked.

After a moment, Rody slowly opened his mouth and said, ’’I just woke up... you all...’’

Sieg suddenly helped Reuben up from the ground and quickly walked out the door. He stopped

in front of the door and faced the soldiers who were prepared to rush in. He shouted, ’’Fall back!

Fall back! No one is allowed to come closer!’’

All the soldiers immediately stopped but Jojo did not care. She ran barefooted towards the door.

Sieg and Reuben had the same thought and quickly blocked her from going further. Jojo glanced

at Sieg and Reuben's strange expressions and ignored them as she forced herself past them.

Reuben and Sieg did not dare to obstruct the noblewoman and could only move aside. However,

they could see the helpless smile on each other's face and knew that there would be big

problems coming soon.

Jojo ran inside and saw Rody wrapped in blanket, looking embarrassed. After that, she saw the

black-robed woman standing at his bedside. Her heart almost stopped. Her eyes were red and

tears started to flow.

Rody was also surprised when he saw Jojo. If Rody was afraid of any woman, it would be Miss

Jojo. That was because of her special identity as Seth's old lover. In front of her, Rody felt like he

was walking on a tightrope. If he was not careful, his real identity would be exposed.

Before Rody could speak, Jojo already opened her mouth and spoke in an ill-mannered tone.

’’Seth, what is the meaning of this?’’

Rody had collected his thoughts but before he could answer her, Muse calmly said, ’’Nothing. I

only helped to treat his injuries.’’ When Muse saw the beautiful woman with grief in her eyes

and Rody's face, she felt pain and resentment.

’’Treatment? What kind of treatment would need him to take off his clothes?’’ Jojo was flustered.

Muse did not spare her a glance. She laughed coldly and then spoke to Rody, ’’Put on your

clothes first. I will wait to speak to you.’’ After that, she walked towards the door and said,


Her magic had returned and her every move gave off a faint yet powerful magical presence. Jojo

felt a chill behind her back and involuntarily stepped back.

Muse ignored the other people and walked out of the door. She saw that the yard was full of

soldiers and she walked back to her own room.

After Muse went out, Jojo went towards Rody's bedside and stomped her feet. ’’Seth! You! I was

worried about you but...!’’ Her tears flowed as she spoke.

Rody was confused. He did not know what had just happened. He then said, ’’You need to go out


Jojo heard his indifferent tone and felt wronged. She could not stop her tears from flowing.

Rody looked at her and sighed as he whispered, ’’Miss Jojo, I still need to put on my clothes!’’

Jojo glared fiercely at Rody and coldly said, ’’What are you afraid of? It's not like I have never

seen it before!’’ After that, she turned around and walked out. Her heart was filled with pain and

grief. Ignoring the others, she ran away without stopping.

Sieg and Reuben were standing in the yard. They felt that the duke was just as formidable in

capturing the hearts of women as he was in fighting. When they saw another beautiful woman

by his side, they smiled wryly. They saw that the duke was awake and looked healthy. Although

what happened earlier was strange, as long as the duke was alright, he would be able to tell

them about it later.

After that, Sieg heard the duke call from inside the room, ’’Commander Sieg!’’

Sieg immediately replied loudly, ’’ Your subordinate is present!’’

’’Order everyone outside to withdraw! Without... without my orders, no one can enter!’’

Sieg immediately gave the order for the soldiers to line up. After that, the soldiers were sent

back to their respective posts, leaving only a dozen soldiers guarding outside the room.

While Reuben and Sieg were sending away the remaining people, they heard the duke call out

again, ’’Commander Sieg!’’

There was a moment of silence before the duke continued to speak. However, his voice sounded

like a helpless and forced laugh.

’’Ask someone to send me some clothes.’’


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