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Masked Knight - Chapter 81


Chapter 81: Changing Roles

Muse knew that several people were approaching him and they were about to greet him with

the sharp ends of their swords. He opened his eyes wide and his glare was as sharp as a knife.

Suddenly, he threw a small crystal on the ground.

The sound of the crystal breaking was heard. A blood red fog immediately appeared and started

to spread. Their metal armor instantaneously burst into flames when they came into contact

with the red fog. They immediately shouted and jumped.

Bia was quick and immediately leaped a few steps back. He saw the flames covering his

subordinates becoming more vigorous and heard their agonizing screams.

’’Hmph, 'burning crystals'?’’ Bia coldly said, ’’Your Excellency, do you think a 'burning crystal'

will save your life? I have 2,000 knights here. All my subordinates will obey my orders! If I were

to order them to take off their metal armor and dispose of their metal weapons, your 'burning

crystal' will be useless! Without sorcery, you are just an ordinary person! My soldiers will be

able to strangle you to death! At this moment, I do not have any archers! If I did, I would order

them to shoot 1,000 arrows to kill you!’’

Muse secretly gritted his teeth and looked at Bia who was standing far away. He said, ’’You

actually reminded me. Do you actually think I would only bring a small 'burning crystal'?’’

After that, Muse pulled out an egg-sized blood red crystal from his sleeve. Clenching his teeth,

he smashed the crystal onto the ground. It was not easy to refine this 'burning crystal'. The

materials needed to create it were expensive and difficult to find. Muse had spent two years on

the Roland Continent to refine two of such crystals. He would feel remorse if he had to use both

right now.

After the crystal broke, a bigger blood red fog started to spread out. The fog spread over a 10-

meter radius and it spread faster than the previous one. Bia shouted and ran but he was too

slow. His armor had touched the red fog and immediately started to combust. Fortunately, Bia

was quick enough to remove his armor and he threw it away. After that, Bia rolled on the

ground to extinguish the flames on his body.

Bia cursed as he looked at Muse standing safely inside the red fog. He did not have a bow and

arrow so he picked up a sword from the ground and threw it inside the fog.

Muse instinctively tried to dodge but failed because his body was too weak due to the poisoning.

He was not able to avoid the sword and it managed to pierce his shoulder. Bia was a high

ranking knight who could use a lot of strength. The sword not only pierced Muse's shoulder but

also nailed him to the ground.

The fog started to burn the metal sword and the flame started to spread towards Muse. Muse

was desperate and could care less about the pain. He gripped the hilt and screamed as he pulled

out the sword. He then threw the sword far away. He beat his clothes to put out the remaining

flames on his body. Fortunately, he was wearing a black leather robe which would not burn up

in the fog. The blood on his shoulder continued to ooze but he could not do anything.

Muse was a sorcerer. He had never felt that kind of pain before. The pain brought tears to his

eyes but he knew that it was a matter of life and death. He took out a small crystal stone for

sorcery and quickly sketched a magic circle on the ground with it. He looked at the Duke of the

Tulip Family for a moment. Gritting his teeth, he sketched a larger circle and made sure that

Rody was also in it.

When Muse bent down, his injury made him feel dizzy. However, he knew that the red fog

would only hold for a while and would soon disappear. He had to act quickly.

Bia and a group of people were outside the red fog cursing endlessly. A few cavalrymen had

started to take off their equipment and prepared to rush in. Unfortunately, the Roland cavalry's

equipment was all excellent. Not only were their armor made of metal but even their swords,

daggers, and even wrist braces were completely made of metal. It was not easy to remove

everything in a short time. Just removing their armor already took up plenty of time.

Muse was indeed worthy to be called the Roland Continent's top sorcerer, the Black Veiled

Temple Saint. He quickly drew a magical hexagram pattern with the magic crystal. After that,

he took out a silver bottle, unscrewed the lid and drank the magical holy water in it.

Muse knew that after he drank the holy water, he would be able to suppress the effects of the

red dragon blood and would temporarily be able to use magic. However, the effect of the poison

would be stronger in the future. He could not be bothered about the consequences then as he

was in a life-threatening situation.

After that, he exerted himself and emitted a pale white light from his hands. The light seeped

into the magic circle and the hexagram began to emit light. At that moment, the cavalrymen

had just finished taking off all their armor and had rushed into the red fog. Before they could

reach the front of the hexagram, there was a sudden burst of strong light, forcing the

cavalrymen to close their eyes. The strong light shrouded the entire hexagram and suddenly

disappeared with a muffled sound. Not only had the hexagram disappeared, Muse and the Duke

of the Tulip Family had also disappeared without a trace.

Bia rushed in and looked at the magic circle. As a high ranking knight of the Roland Continent

and leader of the group, he was more knowledgeable and immediately shouted, ’’No need to look

at it anymore! This is spatial transfer magic! He has just been poisoned with the red dragon

blood and still lacks magical power! This magic circle could not have taken him very far!

Dispatch the troops and search the area! We must find him! I want him dead or alive!’’ His

subordinates started to shout and a few groups immediately spread out to search.

Tens of miles away, there was a silent forest. Suddenly, a bright light flashed by and a few

warblers in the trees flew away out of fear. When the light disappeared, two people appeared in

its place.

Muse was totally weak on the ground when he felt his body tremble. The pain from his injury

woke him up. Turning his head, he saw a pair of blue eyes looking at him. Muse was startled

and he screamed. He wanted to jump up but the pain in his shoulder prevented him from doing


Muse and Rody were lying down side by side, facing each other. ’’You're awake?’’ Muse tried to

sound calm but he could not.

Rody smiled wryly, ’’I woke up a long time ago but I could not open my eyes. However, I could

hear all that was happening the past few days.’’ Muse was seized with terror as he heard Rody's

words. Rody slowly continued, ’’You do not need to be surprised. I became like this after my

serious injuries. While I was not able to move, my mind was conscious.’’

Muse gritted his teeth and asked, ’’Can you move right now?’’

’’No.’’ Rody sighed. His eyes showed that he felt anxious. ’’Right now, only my mouth can move

and my eyes can see. However, the rest of my body still does not have energy. I cannot even lift

a finger. I am afraid that both of us are in trouble.’’

’’You are ridiculing me!’’ Muse became angry.

’’Hehe,’’ Rody laughed and did not speak further. After looking at Muse for a while he said, ’’I did

not expect your subordinates to betray you. I guess you are not much of a leader.’’

Muse reclined his head a little and shouted angrily, ’’So what? When I regain my magic, I will go

back and kill them! Since you cannot move anyway, it seems that you are destined to be my


’’Not necessarily.’’ Rody laughed and calmly said, ’’I may as well let you know that my injuries

were caused by using too much fighting energy when I fought against your cavalry. Because of

that, I could not move for 10 days. However, I will recover quickly after 10 days. On the other

hand, you drank red dragon blood and currently you are also seriously injured. You do not have

magic right now. I don't think it will be easy for you to completely recover from it. Hehe, which

one of us will be the prisoner is yet to be seen.’’

Muse wanted to refute but he was indeed in a difficult position. As a leader, it was a disgrace

that his subordinates betrayed him. It was partly why he could not refute Rody's words. He

slowly sat up and saw that his shoulder was still bleeding. He could not use magic. Not knowing

how to deal with the wound, he quickly covered the wound with his hand but winced the

moment he touched it.

’’If you touch the wound that way, it will get infected and you will die quickly,’’ Rody could not

move but he advised Muse when he saw what he did. ’’Don't tell me you do not know how to

clean your wound with water and then bandage it?’’

Muse froze for a moment. He was a noble in the Roland Continent and a large group of servants

would always help him with everything. When he encountered any problems, he could solve it

with his terrifying power. As a result, there were very few things in the world that he could not

accomplish. In the past, he would just use a healing spell. That was why he did not know

anything about dressing wounds or infections. Even if he had an understanding of it, he would

not know how to actually do it.

Rody looked at him and sighed before he said, ’’Forget it. I will be able to move soon. Since you

did not kill me and even remembered to take me with you when you escaped, I will help you to

bandage it.’’ Rody said it out of goodwill but the moment Muse heard it, he cried out in alarm,

’’No!’’ He immediately retreated far away.

’’In that case, it is up to you,’’ Rody said nonchalantly. ’’After all, your pain is none of my

business. However, since we have escaped, they will definitely be searching for us. We can't be

sure if we will recover in time before they find us. We might get caught and die together.’’

Muse snorted coldly and it triggered his wound. He took a deep breath. The pain from his

shoulder was so intense that he felt dizzy. He grew up in the Temple ever since he was young.

In the Roland Continent, he was the successor of the 'Saint'title which was also the most

powerful position in the Temple. He was someone far above the masses with people constantly

serving him. He had never experienced such a bitter feeling before. His cold and detached

feelings had long disappeared. The pain was so severe that it brought tears to his eyes again.

They were silent for a moment. Rody, who had been lying on the ground took a deep breath and

tried to sit up. Talking to himself, he sighed and said, ’’Damn, Old Mark was not lying. Not being

able to move for 10 days is really boring.’’

Once his body could move, his strength gradually returned. The injuries on his body had already

been cured by Muse's magic. The 10 days of paralysis was an after effect of using the powerful

gem. Now that 10 days had passed, he had started to recover fast.

’’So, do you want to bandage that wound? You will die if you continue to bleed that much.’’ Rody

looked at Muse and mocked him, ’’I don't believe that you are not afraid of death. Hehe, what

kind of Saint are you? Are you immortal?’’

Muse saw that Rody could already move. He vigilantly kept his distance and said, ’’No need!’’

Rody slowly stood up and stretched his waist. Although he still felt weak he could already move.

Giving Muse a glance, he suddenly laughed and said, ’’Looks like you are my prisoner. You made

me feel so miserable the other day but today, you have made a fool of yourself.’’

Those words made Muse feel ashamed and resentful. His body trembled and his shoulder

wound hurt even more. Before Muse could take a deep breath, he fainted.

Rody sighed, frowned and glanced at Muse who was on the ground. Then he murmured, ’’That's

enough I guess. Since you saved my life, I will also save yours. However, this person is very

strange. I must definitely bring him back to Watt Fortress for questioning. The people of the

Roland Continent actually came here to cause trouble. It looks like things in the Northwest are

getting more complicated. He is also a high-ranking sorcerer. According to the information left

behind by Dandong, it may be possible for him to get rid of these long ears...’’

Rody was thinking to himself as he leaned over to look at Muse. He saw the black veil and felt

curious. He was about to remove the veil when he suddenly stopped.

Forget it. There must be a reason why this person does not want to show his face

Rody originally had what was known as a Yin Yang face. He used to be ridiculed for his

appearance. When he was younger, he also used to cover his face in fear of others seeing it. As a

result, he hesitated and did not remove Muse's veil. It was not because Rody was turning soft.

He was just being empathetic of another person's sore spot.

Muse was unconscious on the ground. One of his hands tightly held the wound on his shoulder.

He was wearing gloves and they were covered in dirt. Rody moved his hand away and removed

the gloves, revealing a small fair hand with slender fingers. Rody frowned. ’’This sorcerer is too

weak. His hands are like that of a woman. No wonder he could not endure the pain.’’

Although Rody felt suspicious, he continued. He tore off Muse's black robes and inner clothes

which revealed very fair and delicate skin. He saw that the badly mangled wound on his

shoulder was still oozing blood.

Rody took a deep breath. He felt that the gap between the clothes was still too small to allow

him to bandage the injury. He tore away more clothing from the shoulder. However, when he

was half way through, Rody stopped. He was shocked as he looked at the scene before him.

He was staring at a pair of breasts...

’’Gosh, she's a woman!’’ Rody jumped back in shock as if he got cut by a knife.


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